Monday, September 24, 2012

So Many Birthdays - So Many Different Songs

Dear Friends,

It's amazing we get anything done in September, considering all the birthdays. Finishing up the month is blogger Marion who celebrated hers this past Thursday. And yes, she finds it awkward to write about her own birthday and she realizes how much stress it is to select a song!
Marion: "Thinking I'd honor the fresh music scene in the old country, I selected a German dancehall band from Berlin and then as backup a German rapper, Thankfully, DJ Matt noticed the English cuss words among the German lyrics early on. So, back to the drawing board and I decided to pick a tune by bluesman Albert Collins. Back in my younger days in Europe, I road-managed bands during my student years. Gwen and Albert Collins became good friends and invited me to come visit them in L.A.  I never left California! I spent several years with Albert Collins and the Icebreakers. I miss the great musicians many of whom since have joined the great Jam in Heaven and I am eternally grateful for the amazing shows!"

"The Iceman. The Master of the Telecaster. A blistering, soulful guitarist and brilliant performer.
Although he is no longer with us... it has been nearly 13 years now - he will always be one of my very favorite blues artists. His wry humor, his piercing solos, his consummate showmanship... the unique tuning and complete control he had without using a pick... the ice cold sound of Albert Collins was one of a kind! With the biggest bluesiest Happy Birthday I can sway , I sock it to you my dear Marion!!" xoxoo~ DJ Matt Cornwall

Happy belated Birthday from all of us!
And now, please, back to work :-)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ted! Here is Your Song!

Dear Friends,

Ted Bowers likes to concentrate on the latest technology but we did see him rocking out to EWF during our Hooray L.A. event last April. So it comes as no surprise that Ted has a birthday song wish. We love the combination of music and wry humor - very "Ted"!
Ted: "I always live for today and look forward to tomorrow, but on my birthday I like to look back and today I’m reflecting back on several decades of Rap music!"

"What Spin magazine once described as a "rapidly becoming Time-Life collection called 'house paaarrrrtaaaay," I'd like to describe Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's "History of Rap" as stamina, wit, talent, talent, a dash more talent, poise, brains, muscle, savvy schtick and really Broadway seaworthy! Who's with me? "The History of Rap" the Musical, starring those two… (I will now patiently wait for my check in the mail and also celebrate the Birthday of Ted Bowers and rejoice in his excellent music selection! Word YO !" : ) ~ DJ Matt Cornwall

Ted, we wish you all a wonderful time on September 19th! Celebrate!
Very Happy Birthday!
From everyone at EventWorks

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Birthday Month at EventWorks! Happy Wishes to Luis Monge!

Dear Friends,

Thanks to Michael Alvarado's attention and kindness, we just found out that our floral designer Luis Monge - known as simply Monge around our offices - is celebrating his birthday today! Thankfully, Monge confessed to having a song going around in his head and on "repeat" setting on his playlist: Sabre Dance by Khachaturian. Monge, we are very happy to play it for you today!

"Happy Birthday to my dear friend MONGE! …. make no mistake… Monge's scintillating birthday selection of what is now in the highest of ranks in my book called "cartoon classics" is almost as fierce, feisty and fabulous as his own talents!! …everybody Saber Dance!"  : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

From all of your friends at EventWorks: Happy Birthday!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wishing Our Brynne Price a Very Happy Birthday This Week!

Dear Friends!

Let's hear it for our event coordinator Brynne Price who will celebrate her birthday this coming Friday!
It's an EventWorks tradition that the birthday person of the week gets to chose a song.
Brynne: "Okay, well, asking me to choose a favorite song is like asking me to pick between my children.  My favorite band IN THE WORLD EVER is Switchfoot but I can’t bear to pick one song over another, so for the sake of simplicity, I will go with an oldie but a goodie – Drive by Incubus – because I am seeing them live along with Linkin Park the day after my birthday :-) "

"I dedicate this Birthday jam to one of the sweetest gals in the event biz! I'm not surprised by her excellent choice of songs, as I have long been a big fan of Incubus, and in particular, this song. This is one band that never manages to let down, mainly due to their highly skilled talent as musicians and performers, utilizing elements from a variety of styles and genres including alternative rock, funk, jazz, metal, techno, trip hop and more. Rock on Brynne!"
: ) DJ Matt Cornwall

Indeed, Rock On! Brynne, we wish you a Happy Birthday and a wonderful time at the concert!

And a happy short week to all!