Thursday, July 28, 2011

How We Turned A Designer Dream Into Production Reality

We have all been there. It's concept time and we are dreaming. We have amazing ideas, wonderful drawings, great renderings .... and then reality hits. Something gets in the way of that original vision.
That's why Kate Brack and Katie Rogers came back so happy from a recent production at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas! For once, all elements fell into place! Their dreams turned into reality.

Kate Brack:  “The client went to extraordinary lengths to give us creative freedom for this event. Whatever it took to make the vision into a reality, they were behind us 100%. From the beginning they supported and trusted our direction. As a result, our process gave them the confidence that from concept to opening night we would achieve their dream. It truly was the extraordinary working partnership between our team, our client and our vendors that made this event an overall success!”

Here the images that tell the story:

Bubble, the center bar.



Al Dente, Italian Restaurant


Katie Rogers: "This evening was an important event for our clients, and with this in mind they really gave us the right tools to make this happen.  Once the overall design and “theme” was agreed upon, we had close to nine months to make this happen.  The bulk of this was spent in the planning stages, so it really afforded us the opportunity to “get it right”.  Numerous renderings and floor plans were created, and we were able to really research and source our materials and we weren’t forced to use “Plan B product” because of wait times caused by unavailability." 

Chocolat, the dessert restaurant.



Rare: the steakhouse.
Rendering (named Prime):

(we renamed it because we learned that a competing venue actually has a restaurant named Prime)

Katie and Kate send a big THANK YOU to all their wonderful collaborators who helped them turn their dream into reality. And they are - drumroll please: 

·         Classic Party Rentals (Maureen Harkness)

·         Brandex Media Solutions (Nathaniel McDiarmid)

·         DesignWright, Inc. (Tamlyn Wright)

·         Pitbulls & Posies (Amber Moon)

·         Visions Lighting (Todd Roberts)

·         Quest Drape

·         Dazian Rentals

·         Mandalay Bay Sales and Catering Staff (Stacey Rowland and Linda Paterson)

And last but not least: Lure, the seafood restaurant.


Thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Congratulations to Chris! Beautiful Work With Starwood In NYC and San Francisco!

Chris Gerstenblatt recently returned from two successful productions with fantastic photo material we are happy to share.
Event 1 - The Starwood Pow Wow Reception at the Westin St. Francis Hotel (Alexandria Room) -was showcasing Starwood Hotel's ability to host several themed events at any of their properties:

On the evening of May 23rd, EventWorks produced a planners edge theme party for international clients attending the Pow Wow Conference sponsored by Starwood Hotels and Resorts. There were Premiere This!, Spa-ception, and Sing Along with Sushi. Each area was specifically designed with these concepts in mind for the guests to experience activities and theme parties that can be hosted at any Starwood Hotel and Resort.

Starwood on Planner's Edge on their own website:  
Planner's Edge on-site events eliminate the need for outside transportation and event planning. That means you as the planner have more time to focus on the meeting and stay within your meeting's over-all budget. It also means your attendees have more time to network with each other, or simply take some time back to relax. Lastly, by keeping your group at one location you'll reduce the carbon footprint of your event and have a positive impact on our environment. What a great way to be green and enjoy a fun event.  

Event 2:
We are happy to say that a new technology we are using -  iSHADOW - worked wonderfully!

The event: a private hosted event at the Blue Fin Restaurant on the 2nd Floor in the W Times Square Hotel. The space was transformed from a dining room into a sleek, modern ultra-lounge with linen-less chrome tables, lounge furniture, votive candles, floral, and the new technology called iSHADOW which allows the embedding of video effects into many aspects of decor, from dance floors to table tops. This video element incorporated the nine Starwood Brand Hotels and displayed them on the modern Wave Wall. The unique aspect of this technology is that it is motion-sensor-activated so when guests walked up and down the stairs, the brand logos appeared and then disappeared from the wall. 

Our Thanks to Chris for all the hard work and great success!

"My thanks go to
Westin St. Francis Banquets Team
Classic Party Rentals – San Francisco
DJ Matt Cornwall
for the Starwood Pow Wow 2011 – Westin St. Francis

W Times Square
Blue Fin Restaurant
Taylor Creative - Decor
Ovando, Inc. - Floral
for the Starwood NYU Event.     

And Thank YOU ALL for visiting the whole album!

Starwood with Chris Gerstenblatt