Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guess Who at EW Knows Most About "Numero Uno" - Boxing's Next Big Fight!

Yes, that’s Jennifer Okamura at Olvera Street’s Kiosko Stage this past Sunday during Golden Boy Promotions’ Fan Rally for Juan Manuel Marquez’s upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., an event produced by EventWorks.
Jenni: “Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight Marquez. He said that he would only come out of retirement to fight “the best”. Mayweather retired at 38-0 – the undisputed pound for pound champion in his league. Marquez is being touted as “Numero Uno” out of Mexico. They are calling this fight Number One – Number Uno.”

Jennifer met Golden Boy Promotions a year ago during a large press conference to promote Oscar’s fight against Steve Forbes in Carson, CA.
“We were called to help with the large media event at the Biltmore Hotel. We basically took over the hotel and put up enormous signage for the press conference. We also created a custom carpet for Oscar to walk in. I met Golden Boys’ P.R. person, Monica, and we became good friends.”

It turned out that both women share more than an unsuspected passion for boxing, they also both graduated from USC’s Annenberg School Of Communications.
Jenni: “It’s true what they say about USC. It does create a bond between us alumni.”
Jennifer has been handling all the Golden Boy Promotions press conferences and events since May 2008.
“The Fan Rally last Sunday was pretty much an anniversary.”
EventWorks took care of the stage, all video and audio for Sunday’s fan event as well as Monday’s press conference at CafĂ© Pinot in Los Angeles. Again providing stage, barricades, press riser, pool feed and other audio and video services.
“On Sunday, it was only Juan Manuel Marquez who came out to the fan
event. He took great care to sign
autographs and take photos. It was a great fiesta. There were mariachi bands. Fans told us they drove for hours to meet Marquez.
Oscar de la Hoya came to the press conference on Monday. They are moving on to New York and London to promote the fight.”

Fight time is July 18th 2009, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Need tips from Jenni? Call or email her at EventWorks.
“Oscar wins either way! Golden Boy Promotions has a stake in both fighters,”