Monday, April 12, 2010

Janet: Up In The Air Over Los Angeles

"I did not suspect anything until about 2 hours before we took off. My husband Steve had arranged the flight as a birthday and anniversary surprise and he had kept it completely hush-hush. Then he got the confirmation phone call about the departure time while I was sitting next to him."

"Steve hired Adventure Helicopter Tours to celebrate our special weekend.
Our birthdays and our anniversary happen on three consecutive days at the end of March. And I did not organize it that way so that it would be only a one-event-production! When we got married I was a teacher in a rough part of Chicago and I had no idea I would end up in the event industry in Los Angeles."

"Flying over our city was a beautiful experience. We had the perfectly clear Spring day. Here a view of Hollywood including our client Starwood's new W Hotel."

"It was the first time I got this overview of Downtown. We work here a lot but you never get to see it so serenely calm from the air."

"As usual, I could not help myself. Landing spots everywhere. Now that's an idea for a really impressive grand entrance to an event!"

Janet Elkins

Copyright all photos: Steve Elkins, March 2010.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Invite from Melissa: Come On Down To Our Hood!

By the time this gets published, I will be "Down Under" with my husband and daughter visiting our Australian family and friends. But rest assured, I will be back on April 12th.

While talking with some business friends recently, I realized that many of you rarely visit our offices. It probably seems like an industrial area, our offices are part of a large warehouse building. Actually, you'd be amazed at the attractions around here! I was when I started at EventWorks five years ago.

So let me take you on a tour of my favorite places.

You are seeing correctly! Meet our neighbors from down the street: El Fig Stables. 2000 horses and lots of urban cowboys. El Fig has been here since the 50ties, long before gangs and crime gave South Central a bad name. The stables rescue many young people from street life. You'd never expect this in the hood but according to Keyon, the young cowboy in the photos, there are three ranches around here! I just love the aspect of rural Wild West in the middle of the city. What a beautiful surprise!

Most important to me, though: FOOD! I am a self-confessed foodie. We usually don't have time for long lunches so we take turns running off to get take-out. The guys all love Fabulous Burger No. 11 on Gardena Blvd. They do make everything fresh from good ingredients. I love their French fries. They are crisp and not greasy and spiced with a secret seasoning salt.
We all shop with a passion at Guiliano's Delicatessen. Everything is delicious and their bread rolls are outstanding.

Some of our business friends and vendors are right around the corner. Here our friends Jason and Rodney Carr from Softline. The brothers started the textile business 10 years ago and supply us with amazing looking linens. According to Rodney the company grew from a little shop with two brothers to a large warehouse complex with 90 employees because they a) really love what they do b) offer great product at great prices (we can confirm that part) and c) treat their employees really well so the company is young, hip, cool and stable. They do a great job at showing their merchandise online but we can just hop over there and have a look at the linens in person. And in the process of preparing my faves-in-the-hood list I found out that Rodney did not know Guiliano's, yet, even though he loves Italian food.

Last but not least my shopping tip: Z Gallery's Outlet! Up to 70 per cent off their furniture and decorative items! Hardly anybody knows! Open only Tuesday -Friday from Noon to 4PM and Saturday 11AM to 3PM.

Click all the links and come visit! I'll take you on a tour of the hood.