Monday, October 26, 2015

Event Report: A Summer in San Francisco Bay

We are happy to share a new sizzle reel - Thanks to our wonderful client! - of our month long production in Alameda Harbor.

This event took place six times - the finale to a Chinese incentive travel program that visited the San Francisco Bay Area in May and June 2015.

The location: aircraft carrier museum USS Hornet in Alameda Bay.

We turned this historic Navy ship into a safe and memorable, spectacular event space and presented the more than 10,000 guests with a customized 4-hour gala program of non-stop action.

The series celebrated 20 years of company history, served as a launching campaign for a new product, and concluded with an exciting preview of the 2016 Incentive Destination: Bali.

The USS Hornet production included
  •     military fly-bys to honor the location.
  •     iconic historic characters added to the entertainment.
  •     the real USS Hornet Band welcoming the guests.
  •     a Canada-based Chinese star and an American who sings in Mandarin!
  •     a customized live choreography of the Chinese super dance hit "Little Apple".
  •     900 Alaskan crabs sourced directly from the fleet of "The Deadliest Catch".
  •     the aircraft carrier surrounded with close proximity fireworks.
  •     Special accommodations were made for the youngest group. We created a completely custom-branded Electric Journey.
Our friend and client allowed us to share this video of the event series.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you to Bert and his incredible team - Chi Chi, Phoebe and Rebecca -with whom we spent five wonderful weeks in San Francisco. We are glad you liked the North Face outlet just as much as we did!

And Thank You to our amazing, hardworking L..A. and San Francisco team:
Marie R., Scott Z., Rick T.,  Rick J., Dianne J., Doug J., Eddie M., Christa J., Jonny B., Eileen C., Wanting, Jim A., Todd R., Solomon R., Jon M., Elaine B., John B., Richard E.,  Pattie., Stephanie., Peter B., Dina R., Rebecca M., Isobel, Sean F., Susan G., Murray S., David F.,  Ron L.,  Robyn, Mickey, Zack, Asher.

And of course to the EW team of Ted, Kristen, GRH, Max, Carolyn, Leo, Edwin, Juan, Nick and Brook

Thank you for all your kind and professional work.

We would like to dedicate this acknowledgement to our friend and colleague Bob Walker.

Thank you for watching!

Warm regards,


Monday, October 19, 2015

Event Report from Sweet Home Chicago

You can get Janet out of Chicago but you don't get Chicago out of Janet! The American College of Trail Lawyers Conference took place recently in Janet's hometown. We had a wonderful time with longtime clients and friends - and lots of deep dish pizza!

Oh Home Sweet Home! We were really looking forward to getting a chance to celebrate the city with our very own Taste of Chicago.

We started and ended our week in Chicago with a crew dinner at Lou Malnatis' Pizzeria.
We met  friends Paula Marks and Michele Montgomery Giczewski at Gino's East for more deep dish pizza!

Ted and I were very happy to join our client and friend Dennis Maggi and wife Michelle for the best corned beef at Manny's Deli and I had a chance to have a lovely Michigan Avenue lunch with Chicago's Kathy Miller.
I caught up on all things Chi-Town with The One and Only Empress of Schmooze Audrey Gordon in Greek Town for some incredible ouzo wine and spanakopitas.
Last but not least, running into former EventWorks colleague Kristen Radakovich was truly a bonus.

We did work!
Our gorgeous location: The Field Museum.
Dave Calzaretta/Magnificent Events provided top tier local entertainment acts. MagEvents' Brett Ihde worked with us on site and took this photo.

Every evening featured it's own distinct entertainment.
Light jazz, a high energy cover dance band and - of course- the finest in Chicago Blues!

We are back in California and I am taking a break from pizza but I am happy to share great music!
Please enjoy the Matthew Skolar Band!

Thank you for indulging my moment of nostalgia!

Warm regards,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Report with Music! We Let The Good Times Roll

Les Bons Temps rolled in Southern California last week - we had the pleasure of creating design and florals for a series of occasions. 2000 guests for two breakfasts, two lunches and two Galas - we brought Black and White Elegance and 1930's New Orleans Jazz style to the evening events.
Director of Floral Design Kate Brack worked with our wonderfully creative new client to define the look and feel for the two day event. It was essential to create floral that stayed fresh and could be repurposed for several occasions.
Consequently, the breakfast, lunch and meeting decor consisted of succulents.
Floral artist Rebecca Motus and her team went to work.
"We used 5 varieties of organic materials, succulents, green dianthus, lotus pods , textured greenery, orchids. The decor took over 750 stems of black succulents called aeonium  arboreum Schwarzkopf commonly called black beauty or blushing beauty succulents. We added over 550 stems of aeonium green hybrid and over 1,500 stems of green dianthus and 560 stems of lotus pods. Almost 300 preserved boxwood spheres in different sizes, 400 blooms of white phaeleonopsis orchids, 850 stems of white lisianthus, 350 stems of white hydrangea."

Preparation and production on all of these items took about a week and a half with a full staff of five floral designers under Rebecca's guidance.
We produced 185 organic green arrangements for the breakfast and lunch,
85 sleek black and white arrangements for the dinner and almost 300 preserved boxwood spheres in different sizes , 4", 6", 8", 16", 22". 

White, black and green floral in black and white cylinders worked well for the overall look and they still looked fresh by the end of the second day! The final night transported guests from Anaheim to the Big Easy.

The client wanted to promote "Togetherness" and they had selected the theme and the band: an amazing 19-piece 1930s New Orleans Orchestra and Cabaret Show.
We had to include branding in decor and provide the right setting for the show.
We customized the center bar and added the company logo to our living boxwood bar. 

Napoleon Lounge settings framed the dance floor. 

Evergreen topiaries, lanterns and hanging baskets evoked the atmosphere of Congo Square. 

We are happy to say that our client loved the results - so much they shared on Facebook.
Our DJ Lee Dyson started off the evening with a motivational custom mix to promote "Togetherness". 

This song list will motivate your team this week!

Turn up the volume! 

 DJ Lee Dyson

 Thank you to my amazing team for turning this vision into reality!

Warm regards,


Monday, October 5, 2015

Well Deserved! Hollywood Celebrates Kool and the Gang!

We are feeling fan jitters!

Kool and the Gang will receive their well-deserved Star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard this week!

We are in the mood for a "Celebration"!

As we heard the good news announcing the October 8th ceremony, we could not help but reminisce about the countless events we worked with this iconic Celebration band.
The press release is an eye opener! They are celebrating 50 - FIFTY! - years on stage and they are still the hardest working band in the event industry. All of you who have experienced the guest response to Kool and The Gang understand why. It is simply impossible not to be infected by the pure joy of their performance and music. If you want to ensure a full dance floor, play "Celebration". This party anthem has survived on top of the list for four decades!
So we hope to put some pep into your step on Monday morning!

 If you happen to be in Hollywood, catch the ceremony:

Thursday, October 8th
7065 Hollywood Blvd, corner of Sycamore.
Robert "Kool" Bell, Ronald Khalis Bell, Dennis "DT" Thomas and George Brown will be in attendance.

Now Get Down On It!

Warm regards!