Monday, February 27, 2012

We Bow To Ũber-DJ David Guetta. Over 74 Million Views On YouTube.

Dear Friends,

We asked DJ Matt Cornwall to chose something straight from the heart to start off the Post-Oscar Week (that's the Hollywood Calendar for you). We wanted to know which video/song really rocks our DJ's world. Here is Matt's homage to colleague DJ David Guetta.

"Two years ago, DJ producer David Guetta started a musical revolution, doing something that was rarely seen up until that point;  taking big bright bold electro dance beats that made him famous and recruiting current hip-hop, pop and R&B artists to sing and rap over them. The result has been nothing short of the French DJ amassing a veritable musical anthemic  empire reaching all corners of the world. "Without You " has above and beyond  garnered its position as the Jewel in a very loaded polished crown, by keeping a perfect synergy between eloquent sentiment and fiery jubilation.

 All hail the DJ !"  ; ) - DJ Matt Cornwall 

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Monday, February 20, 2012

EventWorks Lets The Good Times Roll

Chèrs Amis,

It's time to really get down and party! Mardi Gras is upon us. As an event production company we really owe N'Awlins a big "merci" for inspiring us. We cannot think of any city that has a better handle on how to spontaneously have a good time. It seems it's in the Bayou DNA to cook, dance and party all night long and turn every street, house and living room into a rockin' and rollin' event space.
So put on your dancing shoes! You can't sit through this one!

"I love this video...... particularly because it's shot on a regular  
old consumer hand held camera, which makes it feel like you're right  
there in the great indefatigable French Quarter of New Orleans  
sizzling with life! This is the real deal... The Rebirth Brass Band  
was formed as a brass band in New Orleans in 1982, in the "Treme"  
neighborhood, now being popularized by the show of the same name.
Rebirth is known for combining traditional New Orleans brass band  
music, including the New Orleans tradition of second line with funk,  
jazz, soul and hip-hop. Throw your  hands in the air, and swing those  
Mardi Gras beads like ya just don't care ! " ; ) dj matt cornwall

Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Monday, February 13, 2012

From EventWorks With Love.........

Dear Friends,

Valentine is all around us and we took a moment to reflect on the true meaning of this celebration of love, besides the obvious positive commercial impact on the flower and greeting card industries.
We are thankful for all the great friendships we have with You; our clients, collaborators, and co-workers. We have known and worked with many of you for many years and we want to just say: We appreciate your trust in our work and most of all your friendship.
DJ Matt Cornwall has selected a special song that is going out to all friends in celebration of love and friendship.

 "As a DJ and Musicologist, I'm always on the lookout for songs and/or music that has a distinct, original, and truly authenticated sound, which often gets lost or overshadowed by the mighty mainstream music machine industry and it's often narrow margins for who does or doesn't get put in rotation and played over and over.

Singer Songwriter "Bright Eyes" helps us genuinely celebrate this Valentine's day in his own unique way, and with a very sweet and moving video piece that simply and lovingly shows the beauty of love in all it's many splendor : ) ~ DJ Matt Cornwall

From all of us to you: Happy Valentine!

Monday, February 6, 2012

We Have A Guest: Jon Michaels' Monday Selection: Jason Mraz

Dear Friends,
Finally, rest assured, our relentless begging for votes is over! Yes, we hear your sigh of relief.
This week’s Monday Music selection was actually chosen by our dear friend and esteemed colleague Jon Michaels. We had the chance to chat a few weeks ago and Jon mentioned artist, traveler and surfer Jason Mraz. 

Jon: “The World As I See It speaks to me about finding new perspectives and finding the beauty in our surroundings, both nature and humanity. “
What a beautiful thought to start off the week and the month of February.
Jason Mraz dedicated “The World As I See It” as the theme song for his global “In Search Of Incredible” Campaign that invited fans worldwide to submit incredible stories of courage, perseverance and triumph over hard times. 

DJ Matt Cornwall: "I've always been very appreciative of the works of Jason Mraz. We've gone from seeing him wow us his with his laidback wordplay, to quirky fun song stylings,  to encouraging fidelity and romance through the worldwide sensation, "I'm Yours." While all of that was going on, he was always quietly in the background reminding us that it is indeed a wonderful life : ) . 
His latest single, "World As I See It," is the theme song to the Search for Incredible campaign (an international campaign that encourages people to submit imagery and media of things they find life changing and incredible.)  The song that accompanies this is like a soaring aural chicken soup for the soul, as Jason prompts us to see so many inspiring things in the world if we just look close enough. It's also a keen meditation/observation on, and of how our world can be the person we love, and the good things in that person can be equally as remarkable. It's all set to an easy paced, beautiful strumming guitar with Jason ably keeping the melody on track and a rather uplifting gliding chorus.  My hats off to Mr. Mraz as usual, for inspiring us with all that is good, and not reflecting back to us, the negative and a haplessness with which to respond : )." 

About Jon Michaels: Jon grew up around the industry and is now partner and vice president of Extraordinary Events, long time friend and fan of Eventworks. 
As we are of EE.

Thank you for reading and listening!
Happy Monday!