Friday, December 20, 2013

Saying It With Music: Happy Holidays!

"Happy Holidays to everyone! I know that many of you use Spotify at work or at home to listen to music, so I created a Spotify "there's something for everyone" Christmas / holiday playlist for you to play throughout the holidays….

This and some eggnog and you're good to go!"
ho ho ho yo! Seasons Greetings! : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

We concur. We have all picked our favorite songs - let us know yours!

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Event Report: The Unveiling of the Pacific Ballroom in Long Beach

Dear Friends,

Since we were the lucky first to produce an event in the new Pacific Ballroom in Long Beach, we thought we share experience and thoughts with you. After all, many asked us privately already: "How did you like working in the new arena?" The answer in a nutshell: it was a great experience in a great location.

Creative Director Greg Holford: "The best part was working with the people at Long Beach. Their passion for the project; their support of us throughout the project. Although it was amazing to launch the arena, I will remember most of all the amazing people of the Long Beach staff."

Here some images of our decor, shot by Nadine Froger Photography.

Janet Elkins: "I concur with Greg! The team from Long Beach was so passionate about all the technology invested in the arena and "doing it right ".  We shared the goal to create an event the guests will talk about for a long time."

Director of Event and Floral Design Kate Brack: "One of the greatest aspects of working at the Long Beach arena is that you don't feel like you're in a convention center. The lobby, Bogarts and the arena give planners, designers and attendees the opportunity to have an elevated experience within a convention center setting without the hassle or expense of booking a different location/venue. The upgrades to the arena give the space endless possibilities and from a design standpoint, this is a gold mine!"

Ted Bowers: "From a technical point of view I have to mention the ceiling. Being able to lower it to within arm's reach enabled us to install the lighting spheres in a little over 3 hours. It usually takes 12 hours."

We hope to be working here again soon!

Wishing you a happy start to your work week!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Live from Texas: REO Speedwagon

Ladieeees and Gentleman - Live from Texas, a little later this week: REO Speedwagon!

We are really happy to get a chance to work with this iconic American band.
Our guests are the Heartland salesforce of a large American corporation and the event location is a large city in Texas,
Ted Bowers and Greg Holford agreed, this crowd will love a classic rock band.
Some research confirmed our thoughts. Even though REO hits date back to the 70ties and 80ties, Pollstar told us, that REO still rank amongst the Top Grossing 20 Tours for 2013 and sell out consistently. With dates booked well into the middle of next year, they pack their venues and are considered "one of the best live acts around".
In short, they deliver an amazing show and are a true crowd pleaser for all ages.

REO just uploaded this little known song that will inspire our guests to persevere through ups and downs in their business world: "Roll with The Changes".

"REO Speedwagon conjures such great memories of my youth in the late 70's early 80's, mainly being at the beach in the summer and hearing theirs song blasting on everyone's transistor radios. I love that they are still playing, simply because they are hands down a great kick ass good time rock & roll band and a powerful one at that, as anyone who's ever seen them live can attest to. I've always loved how big bright and bold their sound is. According to Wikipedia, the band's name comes from the name of a truck made in 1915 by the REO motor car company…who knew?! Keep on rollin ; ) " DJ Matt Cornwall

Wishing you a wonderful week!


Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrating the Holidays in FIESTA Style!

Dear Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Holiday weekend

We are yet again revving up for an event: our very own company holiday party tonight.
Since Los Angeles is the most international metropolitan area in the world, we followed global influences by choosing the favorite Mexican restaurant of a good German friend as the location for our fiesta.
DJ Matt selected the appropriate music!

"I'm not sure if Janet and the good folks of EventWorks know that Mexican food happens to be my favorite so I am extra excited to celebrate with them tonight at their annual Holiday party! To help us with the fiesta, I'm importing some fun, flavorful sounds from Mexico's new music makers, Nortec Collective and Fussible and their lively, spirited "Tijuana Sound Machine!"
Felices Fiestas!"  : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

Wishing you all an equally fun week!

Saludos desde Los Angeles!


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