Monday, February 24, 2014

SEARCH Foundation: Ending the Month of Love with A Little Help for Our Friends

Dear Friends,

It's almost time to store our Hearts and Roses decor items as February draws to a close. Before it's over we wanted to remind you of the very deserving mission of our industry's SEARCH Foundation.

Kelly Dolan, SEARCH First Vice-Chairperson and Donations Committee Chairwoman, wrote this very informative piece for Special Events on June 18, 2013.

Those familiar with the SEARCH Foundation know that this non-profit organization which supports special event professionals confronted with a catastrophic occurrence, is the only charitable foundation dedicated to the special events industry and its people. “We are truly the Red-Cross of this industry,” says Kelly Dolan, SEARCH First Vice-Chairperson and Donations Committee Chairwoman for the past four years. “I have seen applications for funding from weather related loss including floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. We also process applications for those who are experiencing serious illness or injury which prevents them from working or running their business.” Often these funds are crucial in helping people get back on their feet. “We are absolutely honored to be able to give back to this amazing industry in such an impactful way”. In the 15 years since the SEARCH Foundation has been founded, it has distributed over $250,332.00 to event professionals in crisis. So how do you know if you, a loved one or colleague is qualified to apply? 
Anyone in the special events industry is eligible for a SEARCH Foundation grant, whether they are a planner, supplier, individual or business. All applications remain confidential – even to the SEARCH committee members who review the applications. “ Over the years event professionals have been extremely generous with their time and financial support to help us continue our mission but we cannot help those in need unless they apply” urges Dolan.
If you find yourself in a crisis, or know an event professional who needs help, simply go to the website: and click on “request assistance” to download the detailed directions and application. After the application is received, it is reviewed by a group of SEARCH committee members who determine the amount of the grant. The maximum grant per person per year is $5,000. There are three easy steps and you will receive a decision within 30 days of the application review process. It’s as simple as that."

I have been a "Friend of SEARCH" for many years and I personally know event pros who would not be able to be healthy, hard working individuals today without the assistance from SEARCH. But we cannot do this without donations from our friends and supporters in this industry.

It only takes a couple of minutes to make a pledge. Many levels are available to suit your personal situation! Please see the online form by clicking here:

Thank YOU!
With love,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sources of Inspiration - Right Outside Our Front Door!

Dear Friends,

Event Solutions recently asked us to share two specific event related moments of inspiration. How do we get ideas? Why do we run with a certain design or feel for an event?
Of course, the next in-office lunch conversation turned introspective. Where does inspiration come from?
In our case it's our home base, Los Angeles. There is so much creative energy in this metropolis, so much innovation and so many cultural melting pots going on that nothing ever remains the same. 140 languages are spoken in L.A. households, it is the most diverse city in the world - and we profit! A trip around the globe is literally just a day drive on our clogged highways.

Really up-and-coming and hot is K-Town, Koreatown. We knew something was up when the globe trotting Anthony Bourdain showed up here with his camera team recently. Late night dining, clubbing and drinking, and a fresh music scene inspired - much like the food - by the mix of Asian and Latino residents provides lots of entertainment - and ideas.

DJ Matt Cornwall selected Far East Movement's Turn Up The Love as Song of the Week!

Matt: "Hit Makers “Far East Movement” are from this small neighborhood. They first started out playing in parking lots and little clubs here and have since gone on to become international pop stars!"

Janet: "I love to explore our ethnic neighborhoods on weekends. Within a 15 minute drive from my home I have Chinese pagodas, an important Thai Wat, outstanding Latino Mural Art and the largest Armenian community. L.A. traffic can be exasperating but our city is never boring!"

Monday, February 10, 2014

All Things Valentine - Decor and Music

Dear Friends,

It's that week of the year many men amongst our acquaintances dread the most: St. Valentine's! How do you impress your beloved without just getting a supermarket heart-shaped box of candy?
Our design team comes to the rescue!

Kate Brack: "Luxe out this year and surprise your valentine sweet heart with a sexy bouquet in a hand selected container. You will woo him or her with your thoughtfulness by choosing a keepsake vessel that will endure long after the stunning blooms have expired. Bring your container to your favorite florist and have them create a bouquet specific to your lovers style. We selected a container that can be used as a hurricane for an intimate dinner centerpiece or decorative accent around the house. All and all, it's a win, win!"

Next, put on the most romantic, seductive, sensual song and the mood is set!
Janet loves "All of Me".

DJ Matt Cornwall: “John Legend is a classy guy. Though mainly considered R&B, his music has a unique style all it’s own, one which certainly makes him stand out considerably amongst his peers in the genre. I think this is so because his songs possess a kind of rarified eloquence and poise . He writes straight forward tender and touching love songs yet manages to do so without coming off as schmaltzy or trite.  
We dedicate his song “All of Me” to all the lovers out there who give all of yourselves to one another… may you be the best of each others love - today and always.”

Janet: "Last word from one event pro to the others: we are all infamous for always being connected to our cell phones. We will need to take a break from them Friday night! It will be hard but we can do it!"

Wishing you well and may you enjoy the moment!

Monday, February 3, 2014

In Loving Memory of Pete Seeger!

Dear Friends,

The news of Pete Seeger's passing at the age of 94 on January 27th triggered many thoughts and conservations here at EventWorks. Everyone has wonderful memories related to some of the most powerful songs of our days. What a life! We all know what a song can do to move, motivate, stimulate, encourage and heal.
He was a man who never lost sight of his convictions - starting with his support of American involvement in the Second World War to fight Hitler, spanning decades of the Civil Rights Movement and ending with Occupy Wall Street!
Whether you agreed with his politics or not, you cannot deny the enduring power of "Turn, Turn, Turn", "If I Had A Hammer" and "We Shall Overcome".

"Music is my life. My livelihood comes from playing it, creating it and writing about it… it has always been my greatest love affair, my muse, my best friend, my healer and I think it is so because so much of it gives us immediate direct access to harmony.
Pete Seeger knew intrinsically the great power of music in the form of a uniquely authentic deeply personal connection to it through the use of song and songwriting. Often I used to not know the words to songs mainly because I was too busy feeling the sheer force of the music itself, but Pete Seeger and the advent of Folk music and the singer-songwriter movement changed that for me, and for much of the world by showing us that one individual can make a difference with something as simple, yet extraordinarily effective, as a song. I thank you Pete Seeger. May the rest of your journey be as sweet as your music!"  DJ Matt Cornwall

I cannot imagine my life without this soundtrack of American Folk Music. It's power has endured for decades and so many moments in our lives are linked to Pete Seeger's songs.

I am thankful for the music he leaves behind.
I was reminded of so many event memories involving powerful music this week!