Monday, January 28, 2013

Two Free Downloads For Your International Playlist!

Dear Friends,

We are searching globally for new gems and Matt has located a new talent with the promising name "Argo" in the less prominent Baltic nation of Estonia. His music is hauntingly beautiful and Argo offers two songs for free!

"Argo Vals is a young educated musician from Ahja, Polva Country, Estonia and an artist that deserves much attention. He has recently released a 2-track "album" with free downloads on BandCamp that is some of the best new music I've heard in quite some time. It has truly captivated and left me awe-struck. It is a hybrid of film soundtrack and modern composition with just enough edginess to qualify it as a form of popular music and both at once mesmerizing and fascinating ." ~ DJ  Matt Cornwall

Aloha from Oahu,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King!

Dear Friends,

We are happy to celebrate MLK Day and to remember the pastor and civil rights leader who truly changed our country through peaceful protest.
DJ Matt found a song to honor the moment and get you moving this Monday morning!

"I felt it entirely befitting to celebrate MLK day with a poignant powerful, funky, soul fueled musical blast from the past from legendary "T.S.O.P" (true sounds of Philadelphia) singer Billy Paul (of the seminal 70's famous hit  "Me and Mrs. Jones." )
This is his rendition from 1976 of the Paul McCartney and The Wings song "Let 'em in" that he uses as a metaphor for ending Racism. He cites many important African American leaders including quotes from Martin Luther King Jr. It's a beautiful tribute to such an amazingly gifted loving visionary and leader, and it may just have you do the hustle!~ "
 DJ Matt Cornwall

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Music: Artist You Need To Know!

Dear Friends.

Thanks to DJ Matt we are staying informed about new artists and new trends - yes, he gets out more than most of us do, and to hipper places as well! :-)
Please check out new artist Alison Valentine!

"I've been dj'ing some really great events recently, including an eco-friendly, solar powered fashion show for up and coming young designers out of Los Angeles, at the Pacific Electric Lofts in Downtown Los Angeles. One of the producers of the show had a brilliant last minute idea of pairing me with a very talented singer and friend of his from NYC, Alison Valentine, to sing over a music track she had just made while I dj'd; the result was truly magical, and I predict big things coming up for Ms. Valentine. I've included a track of hers making lots of waves at the moment, including the attention of Madonna, Adam Levine and Lady GaGa : )"  ~ DJ Matt Cornwall 

Matt is currently DJ'ing a public retro dance "Can You DiG It" party every Friday night at DiGS in Palm Springs! Come and dance, no matter what shape you are in.

Wishing you a great week!

Monday, January 7, 2013

HAPPY 2013! Starting With A New POP SENSATION

Dear Friends!

Gangnam Style is so last year! We are happy to report that DJ Matt Cornwall has discovered the latest viral video sensation, this time emanating from London.
Here's to 2013's first hit: One Pound Fish.

"ONE POUND Fish is a new internet video that might give the web sensation "Gangnam Style" a run for its money. It's for a song called "One Pound Fish" and its unlikely star is a 31-year-old Pakistani man simply selling fish in Queen's Market in London. Prompted by his boss to sell more fish by yelling at potential customers to lure them in, Shahaid Nazir came up with a simple little ditty which he sang daily, and pretty soon, people began knowing him by his song and began flocking to his fish stall! It wasn't long before someone filmed him singing, and put up a youtube video. From there, it caught on like wild-fire, complete with a DJ remixing his song, a full fledged studio backed music video and now a record deal. If you don't already know the almighty powers of social media, take a gander, and here's to the start of prosperous, adventurous and who- knows -what- can -happen magic for 2013!"
Happy New Year everyone!  DJ Matt Cornwall

Best Wishes for a Prosperous, Successful and most of all Healthy 2013!