Monday, February 1, 2010

Touch Down! The Best SuperBowl Experience Thanks To Plan-It.

The Touch Down Dance

We love to include exciting experiences in events that involve the guests at a higher level. Why just stand there and watch if you can actually participate and experience an event as your own activity! Our friends at Plan-It Interactive are in touch with their inner child. They have the best ideas and the best equipment to create a virtual play world.
SuperBowl is upon us. All guys are indulging their inner Peyton Manning. So how do we create the best football experience without actually becoming Quarterbacks?

Jason Soporito: "We had enormous success with our Virtual Field Goal Kicking Game for a booth at the NFL Experience. Fans could not get enough of it and it was played for a full week before the real game. Players kicked the ball into the field and sensors were reading speed, velocity and trajectory to let you know how well you scored. The environment we created allowed fans of all ages to participate which was important because football is loved by men and women of all ages. With thousands of people attending the event we really needed something that created fun and excitement for everyone…even those who just watched."

Jason: "Here is another picture of the Touchdown Celebration Competition we created. We recorded each participant’s touchdown performance while we had commentators there discussing the dance moves, making jokes and getting crowd feedback. We used the monitors to replay each participant’s touchdown dance and question them on some hilarious moves. This was another activity that was great for all ages and offered fun for those participating or watching!"

The Field Goal

Plan-It offers an enormous variety of interactive gaming options that allow the creation of an interactive and fun atmosphere for any event.
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Have fun on Sunday, February 7!

All Photo Copyrights: Plan-It Interactive.