Monday, December 21, 2015

Best Wishes from Your Friends at EventWorks

Best Wishes,

Janet, Ted, Selena, Kate, Max, Dee, Brynne, Kristen, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Marcelo, Greg and Marion

Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Most. Customized. Private. Event. Ever!

We were so honored to be involved in the production of an important private family event with a philanthropic element for a very dear client recently.

We had a lot of fun creating and executing a detailed, completely customized affair for 250 guests.

The Concept:
A Carnival Reception followed by a Basketball Dinner Party.

The 90-minute Reception took place in two large red-and-white tents that were erected in the patio area of the venue.
We provided eight fun and inter-active carnival games and five booths, stocked with authentic carnival prizes.
An iPad caricaturists and a British iPad magician provided entertainment.

Kristen Rensch: "The client had created an event name and logo and all 250 guests were addressed in a very personal manner. Everyone received customized party favors!
At check-in all guests received a branded cloth bag with handmade name tags so that they could store their carnival prizes.
Our booths were stacked with a large variety of colorful plush animals, including 300 event branded and custom produced teddy bears!
Branded coat check tags were handed out to winners of the jumbo-sized plush animals so that they could pick them up easily just before leaving the party.
All young guests received branded and customized basketball team socks to take home."

 "We served a variety of locally sourced and popular snacks, all packaged and presented on customized displays like this popcorn table. Children could create their own custom flavored beverage at a soda bar. A wood-fire pizza truck served mini pizzas in custom boxes. A dim sum cart and a variety of passed hors d'oeuvres completed the reception offerings. All cups were custom designed with the event branding!"

 "As the reception concluded, guests were ushered towards the customized "Hall of Mirrors" that was designed to disguise the ballroom interior. As the passageway was opened and guests entered, the 5000 square foot Basketball-themed ballroom was revealed. We had created a 90' by 90' wooden dance floor with custom graphics that looked like a basketball court."

"We displayed custom basketball jerseys with the Guest of Honor's name and favorite number, decorated tables with basketball centerpieces and hired the Harlem Hoopster Trio for entertainment. Seating arrangements featured custom throw pillows. Dinner consisted of a fully customized menu displayed on five buffets that all received sports-themed treatments. Lighting and signage matched. And dessert cookies were branded! Table numbers were displayed on foam fingers. All wait and event staffers wear custom t-shirt uniforms. All guests received more party favors: custom t-shirts, branded rubber bracelets, LED glow sticks, sun glasses and a take-out box of mini-donuts."

 "It was a lot of fun to help bring together such a fun, colorful event. We were especially touched by the fact that the private family celebration also served as a fundraiser for disadvantaged local children and youth. Collection bins were stationed throughout the event and guests were asked to bring a donation in lieu of gifts! All the branded items and furnishings will be repurposed in the future for the family's foundation fundraising events."

 We are grateful for the opportunity to work for you!

 Warm regards,

Monday, December 7, 2015

No Longer Business As Usual?

Dear Friends,

We were literally in the process of creating our mail campaign about a very fun, colorful event we recently had the pleasure of producing as news service alerts started to flash across the computer screen.

"Mass Shooting in San Bernardino. 14 dead - 17 injured"

News of global terror attacks and senseless killings seem to now become a nearly daily occurrence. Paris, Bamako, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Baghdad,
Colorado Springs the week before last,  San Bernardino 5 days ago.....

So we are asking: how can we maintain a sense of normalcy?
While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, we are nevertheless working on strengthening our positive attitude and sense of balance.
We do not want to give the attackers the satisfaction of "winning".

We asked a group psychology expert for advice.
Lorraine Aguilar, globally working owner of Working Harmony whose client list includes the United Nations and Merck:
"There's a lot that people can do to stay centered and not live in fear or go numb.
Workplaces can host honest conversations to inform employees about security measures and address employee concerns.
Individuals can take political and social action to increase regulation of firearms and mental health advocacy.  Empowerment is the way forward."

Dutch-German film maker Timm Hogerzeil created a highly successful series of de-stressing wellness videos that are so effective that the U.S. Armed Forces use them.
We hope you enjoy the soothing beauty of "Marine Aquarium".

I would love to hear from you!

How are you and your team adjusting to the new reality?
Do you think that our industry will change as a result?

Warm regards, Janet