Monday, August 26, 2013


Dear Friends,

DJ Matt spent the last week with us in the Pacific NorthWest, getting all the guests on the dance floor, spinning an eclectic mix of top hits, old favorites and brand new artists. We love this new artist we think you need to know!

"British singer Laura Mvula is kind of in a class all her own ... at 26! She is making big, critically acclaimed splashes. Her debut album "Sing to the Moon" is a gilded tour of music's finest moments, ranging from Nelson Riddle-like, lush orchestral melodies of the 40's and 50's  to gospel, soul  and doo-wop . She weaves in and out music styles with a style all her own and the entire record is not quite like anything you've heard. I predict much more of this brand of disparate musical fusion similar to that happening at the moment in the culinary and fashion worlds!! See you on the dance floor ! " : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

Wishing you an exciting week and a Happy Long Labor Day Weekend!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Music: Celebrate Being "ALIVE"

Dear Friends,

Matt unearthed another visual and acoustic treasure. We are starting this week with a duo from Sydney and a stunning video that makes Monday morning a little easier.

"The best dance songs are the simple ones in my book… the ones that simply celebrate just being alive. Australian electronic dance music imports "Empire Of The Sun" are back from a 5 year music hiatus to remind us of the simplest pleasures in life…. the joy of being alive! Plus the crazy futuristic hats and make-up that E.O.T.S are renowned for don't hurt either! Happy Monday and here's to simply saying thank you to being alive today! See you on the dance floor! " DJ Matt Cornwall

We hope this gets you going today!
Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Music: It Takes a Prince To Find King

Dear Friends,

He blew us away in Los Angeles two years ago with "20 One Night Stands", a series of concerts in the Los Angeles area, all announced very short notice and with tickets sold at very affordable prices. Prince, always an enigma, generously invited many artist friends to participate or open up his set, including Whitney Houston, Esperalda Spaulding and longtime collaborator Sheila E. While in town, Prince came across KING, three young ladies singing Soul. And as they say, the rest is history!

"You know something special is brewing musically when the likes of none other than "Prince" not only takes notice of you, but agrees to support and mentor. Meet the ladies of Los Angeles based group "King." Apparently this trio of singers were "discovered" by Prince while browsing the web one night and listening  to their EP "The Story."  He was so impressed in fact, that in addition to free direction and advice, he also asked the group to be his opening act back in 2011. I just recently got turned on to them and can clearly see why he made a fuss… this track is better than butter ; ) . See what you think and let us know! See you on the dance floor! " : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

Knowing the long list of careers launched by Prince, we have high expectations for King! They have website and Facebook page with booking information, "We Are King".

Wishing you a royal week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

We Think You Should Know About OZ

Dear Friends,

We recently attended the AEP Worldwide Conference in Las Vegas to meet friends, check out new entertainment ideas and mingle. It was a fun-filled two days with lots of great showcases.
And as things in business tend to happen by chance, we learned something really interesting during a lunch table chat with Carmen Tomassetti, CEO of World Entertainment Productions and multi-tasking event professional.
As an event insider, Carmen very much understands our industry's IT needs. We are all always on the run and we juggle gazillions of details. But while we may gripe about our logistics problems, Carmen decided to design a better software. It's called OZ and it's the only software you will need to run your company! OZ integrates every step, it's a virtual office in cloud computing and it runs on everything! OZ generates contracts, invoices and thank-you notes. It works on tablets, smart phones and computers and it's all cloud based.
Carmen offers a 20-minute online demo to walk you through it. Please contact him by clicking HERE.
Since we will never have the skills to match this feat, we are very happy to share this information.

Obviously, we also demanded something in return: Carmen's Monday Music selection.

Here's David Foster's The Symphony Sessions "Piano Concerto in G".

Carmen Tomassetti: "I chose the Concerto in G because it is one of my favorite pieces to play."

We hope the information provided is useful to you.

Wishing you a productive week!