Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO: EventWorks' Flash Mob from EventWorks on Vimeo.

Dear Friends!

Just as the world news become almost too much to bear, Chris Gerstenblatt comes back from an the East Coast event with a smile on his face and a video from our EventWorks flash mob.
The client wanted to include a fun, team-building activity. Knowing about the enormous success of TV dance shows and how everyone loves to dance, we hired two professionals and video-taped instructions and mailed the DVD to a number of participants so they could practice. During the event we invited the very surprised guests to join in our "flash mob" to dance to "Don't Stop Believing - The Glee Version". We had 150 people in business suits rocking out! The energy created by the surprise moment was wonderful. We loved the experience very much ourselves. The energy level went up noticeably and everyone ended up happy that night. We hope to have more opportunities to use dance at events.

Our video was shot during a rehearsal with some participants in-the-know to help get dancers on the floor.

Thank you for reading!