Monday, July 30, 2012

Humming Along to A Favorite of The Royals

Dear Friends,

On our global search for upcoming talent, Matt went straight to the playlist of William and Kate - yes, those people in Kensington Palace. Ellie Golding was the artist invited to perform at their private wedding party after all that public kissing on the balcony had been gotten over with.

"Ellie Goulding is fast becoming an international sensation, reaching the top of charts in Europe, Japan, the U.S. , China and Canada. Although released more than a year ago, "Lights" has become a humoungous hit, (so much so, that I caught my dear old grandmother singing it the other day !) with sales of over 2 million downloads in the U.S. alone, and certified double platinum by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). Don't be surprised if you catch yourself singing its lovely lilting melodic chorus out-loud unconsciously ! : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

Don't be ashamed to hum along. It's infectious!

Happy Monday and fingers crossed for our athletes in London!

Monday, July 23, 2012

La Musique Pour Lundi - And A SEXY Video

Chèrs Amis!

We continue our Music-Around-The-Globe trip. Matt found a French gem this week, Justice - two Frenchmen who perform in English so we can understand. Being French, they included lots of pretty, art photography and skin in the video; bien sûr. Click to see.

"Vive la France! The French have a long tradition as innovators and purveyors of inspired dance music, with many sub genres often falling into the category "French House" and the band "Justice" has been France's greatest successors of this great French tradition since the Daft Punk! Their latest single, "On N ON," produced by legendary hip hop impresario Rick Rubin, is a classy, well crafted gem, and accompanied by a stunningly slick and powerful music video! Ecoutez!" DJ Matt Cornwall

Je vous souhaite une bonne semaine,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bringing TV's Top Game Shows To Life For A Summer Fest

Dear Friends,

Every now and then we plan an event that turns out just as we had imagined it in our optimistic brainstorming sessions!
This is the case with our "Summer Picnic" we produced for a large company this past June.
We expected over 12 000 guests over a two-day period at the Santa Anita Park – and everyone came to have fun! We built a Summer Festival that could rival a County Fair – but we had to make sure to keep the guest flow going. No one wants long lines at an invitation.
Blueprinting the infield was our first step before we installed many television show inspired games such as American Idol, Survivor, Minute it to Win it, Wipeout and Amazing Race.

We used the very large infield to maximum advantage to spread out the attractions. Carousels, stage, games and dining areas were planned to encourage an easy flow.

Thanks to Jean Jacques Pochet's wizardry – he managed to capture  the whole infield from the press box, disturbing some bewildered swallows in the process - we can show you the reality:

Everyone had fun!

A big Thank You to our Event Producer Chris Gerstenblatt and his team and Elizabeth Booth, Special Events Coordinator at Santa Anita Park, for the great cooperation.

Wishing you a fun Summer!

All photos ⓒ Nadine Froger Event Photography.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Queueing Up For The Games, Mates!

Dear Friends,

It seems that everyone we know is off to exotic locations this month. So we decided to go global with our music choices as well to see what gets other nations rocking. Heading straight over to rainy London  with our first musical trip.

"This week we celebrate the Olympian spirit, London style, with a young British singer going by the name "Labrinth." Reaching #12 on the BBC charts, "Express Yourself" is a fun, fresh, new take on the classic soul funk groove original tune of the same name, written by "Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band"  back in the summer of 1971. Labrinth premiered the song live during "Britain's Got Talent" and made a bit of a splash, with Maxumi Magazine commenting: "Labrinth's Kanye West like ability to make cracking use of samples that pay homage to their originators whilst forming the basis for inventive new tunes is spot on! " Cor blimey, that is a smashing manoeuvre! Good show, chap! Cheerio ! : ) "   DJ Matt Cornwall

Many Cheers!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Back, Kate Brack! Here Is Your Song for Daughter Mia.

Dear Friends!
We probably missed our Director of Floral and Event Design Kate Brack more than she missed us. Kate is returning to the office today - after taking a well deserved break for her best event yet: the birth of daughter Mia. Kate, husband Eric and Mia chose our song today. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is Mia's favorite.
Kate: "Mia Josephine Enjem made her debut on March 28th, 2012 at 8:11am. She put mom & dad to the test with 24 hours of labor but in the end it was more than worth it! She has been bright eyed and alert since day one and is already sleeping through the night!?! Her favorite activities are chill'in in her baby gym, going to swim class, taking long walks with her dog Beatrice and people watching at social events. She is our sun and moon and we are thrilled to introduce her to all of you! Thank you for all of your love, gifts and well wishes!" xoxo, Kate, Eric, Mia, Beatrice the Dog & Reggie the Cat

(Beatrice and Reggie could not be convinced to stay still for the photograph :-)

As you may have guessed, we are all besotted with the littlest new EventWorks friend - who happens to share the birthday date with another blonde: Janet.

Welcome back from all of us, Kate!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Everyday Is The 4th of July!

Dear Friends,
We weren't quite sure whether this week warrants any blog posts since we are all thinking about BBQ and fireworks - but DJ Matt convinced us to celebrate Independence Day musically with a great Summer tune.

"Well, call me corny.. (it wouldn't be the first time and my last name is Cornwall after all! ) I thought about posting songs most known for or with the title "4th of July " in them,  and most of them frankly don't quite light my fireworks that much if you get my drift : ) I'm a huge 70's lover at heart, and this particular song has always held a special place in it for all things Summer. This particular version of "Saturday In The Park" live in 1973, to me, is ample evidence of the sheer wattage and brilliance so many big bands of that decade were equipped with. If Chicago declares "everyday's a 4th of July" I think they've earned the right to represent this mighty little blog on the 4th, and to be played at whatever festivity you're at! 
Happiest! ~ DJ Matt Cornwall "

Wishing you a great holiday!