Monday, September 14, 2009

We Won! Best of 2009 Southern California Meetings + Events Magazine Award for Best Décor

We were nominated for the first ever

Best of 2009

Southern California

Meetings + Events Magazine

Award for Best Décor

We are very happy and grateful to announce that we won!

Janet, Katie, Melissa and Jennifer got into the festive mood by decorating themselves with cocktail attire in the offices before heading over to the Paramount Studios for the award show event on the 10th of September.

Melissa" "The dress code was cocktail attire. Let me tell you, we had quite the fashion show going on and laughed a lot while getting ready."

Katie: "The ceremony was much like the Academy Awards. They read the names of all the nominees in the category and then announced the winner. We were thrilled to hear EventWorks! The Award Certificate will go on our wall."

Janet Elkins: "We very much thank all the readers who voted for us for this honor, but we feel the award really recognizes the amazing work of our design production manager Derek Zovak who could not attend."

So where's Derek? On a well deserved short vacation, a road trip along the famous Route 66 to Chicago. We are sure he will return with new and fresh ideas.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Confused about Social Media? You Have To Read This!

It seems that everyone these days lives in Cyberspace. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter... the list goes on and on. Here at EventWorks we have had several meetings trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.
Our friend and blog contributor Marion exercised her news media chops and went to interview the most renowned expert: Allen Weiss, Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. Expert in online, relationship and business to business marketing. The resulting article is so interesting that Event Solutions got first rights.
Here reprinted with permission from Event Solutions,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Starting Fall With New Ideas About "Gemuetlichkeit"!

Summer is almost over and we are back from breaks, family visits and vacations, full of new ideas and energy for fall events.
EventWorks President Janet Elkins and husband Steve went to visit their son Brad in Germany.
Brad got lucky and spent the summer in Berlin working as an intern.
Steve reported back via email during the trip that Janet definitely went local in a big way!

For those of you who know Janet personally, foot massages in Pasadena and meals of mineral water and salad -"hold the dressing, please" - come to mind. But yes, this lady on the bicycle in Berlin is Janet! Family Elkins explored the German capital on bikes just like the Germans who consider bikes the most practical mode of transportation in a city.

It got even wilder in the restaurants! Here is visual proof of Janet eating SAUSAGES!!! washed down with a brewski from the tap, of course. When in Berlin.......

One thing did not change and that is Janet's Type A personality.
Berlin and Munich in summertime gave her plenty of fun ideas.

Janet: "My husband works with many German TV stations so we have local friends. They taught us an important German proverb: Man muss die Feste feiern, wie sie fallen - you have to celebrate all occasions as they come. We were amazed how many hardworking Germans were out having fun and enjoying summer to the fullest. After all, their winters are cold, long and dreary so they transform their cities into summer fantasies as soon as the thermometer allows.
This picture here below shows a "Beach Cafe" in Berlin!
Berlin has many lakes and rivers but no ocean and most certainly no palm trees. These beach cafes are summer installations only."

During a long weekend in Munich, Bavaria, Janet experienced more local culture and partying.

"Munich really is as Bavarian as we imagine it. Oompa bands, pretzels, dirndl dresses on the women. They really do wear these traditional dresses in Bavaria in daily life.
What impressed me most was the great atmosphere.
Germans have the reputation of being stiff and somewhat standoffish.
You would never believe it seeing the easy laughter at the communal tables in the Biergartens.
We photographed constantly to remember these locations.
We have had Biergarten events before but I have learned a lot about some details that really create that feeling of being in the moment and celebrating it.
I am very inspired to bring this kind of great community energy and "Gemuetlichkeit" to events in our country.