Monday, March 22, 2010

Janet Elkins Answers "5 in 5" in Best Events Magazine

We are happy to share the recent article "5 in 5 with Janet Elkins" from Best Events Magazine.
"It is always an honor to be invited" exclaims Janet about the opportunity to answer five questions in five minutes that appeared on page 10.
We know Janet thinks about business a lot.
But who knew that Janet and friend Heather "adopted" a Lao monk two and a half years ago during a trip to South East Asia?! Janet and Heather sponsor his English, business and accounting education and help him get a job in a hotel.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Janet Elkins Joins The Blogging World

It took some convincing and encouraging but we are happy to report that Janet has overcome her aversion to new media. You now find Janet on Facebook and on the newly launched industry blog "The Strategic Business Value Of Meetings And Events" where she guest blogs to share her insider knowledge of the event industry.
Janet: "I was not always convinced that I needed to join in with all these new means of communication. But in the long run it is unavoidable. Luckily my husband and son are both very technically adept so I got secret training at home. It's a brand new world but I am excited to participate. I could not turn down Ed Graziano's kind invitation to join my esteemed colleagues on the Corporate Event Interactive Blog and I will be happy to share the blog on The News From EventWorks as well."