Monday, October 31, 2011

EventWorks' Treat! The Best Halloween Song - Really!

Dear Friends!

We can't help it, we love Halloween. After all, it is the only holiday when we all have full license to get as creative and crazy with decorations and attire as we like. Talk about the most democratizing moment in the event industry!

DJ Matt Cornwall is equally inspired and he is expert at matching music to a theme.

"hey there all you Ghouls and Boo-ys (I know,it's a stretch~ :  )   
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday simply because
it's the one day where zaniness reigns (well, the fun kind of zaniness  
anywho, not the kind from our politicians or your job : )
Once upon a time, waaaaay before there was a "thriller," there was a  
"Tarantula Ghoul and her Gravediggers" ....please allow them to teach  
you the ways of "graveyard rock." everybody shake those skeletons! " ~  

Have fun with Graveyard Rock!

Trick or Treat!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bon Appetit! We Are Serving Buttery Biscuit Bass for Monday Morning's Breakfast!

Good Monday morning from DJ Matt Cornwall.... thought I might serve you up this one just in case you didn't have a big enough breakfast and might still be a bit hungry... nothing fills you up better then the "buttery... bisquit... bass" in the morning... that bass... that toasty nutty bass... bon appetit~ : ) Buttery Biscuit Bass works like a Triple Shot Venti! Wishing you a energized week! Your Friends from EventWorks

Monday, October 17, 2011

EventWorks Starts the Week With The Spencer Davis Group!

Good Morning!!! It's your DJ .... DJ Matt Cornwall! .....with their gospel like infectious groovy heavy hard driving beats, the "Spencer Davis Group" can quickly incinerate any Monday morning blues for sure... I'm soo glad we made it .... : )
We hope we rock your Monday. Have a great week! Your Friends at EventWorks

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hi Friends .. DJ Matt Back With Monday Morning Musical Mischief

Hi friends.... DJ Matt Cornwall back with some morning musical mischief for ya.... Monday Monday.... doesn't have to be sooo Monday Monday with a little help from Elvis.... and since I'm an 80's kid, that would be Elvis Costello... this video, with it's pop punk fueled Eighties minimalist style, will make you want to Pump It Up , turn it up... and pogo around .... try not to bump into anything or anyone : )

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday from DJ Matt Cornwall

Happy Monday from DJ Matt Cornwall!!  Today's musical high voltage  
double shot mashes everyone's favorite party jam now, and back in the  
day... ladies and gentlemen ... this is how we party rock ....on  
Monday Morning.... (hopefully you wore some stretch pants to work  
today, you may need them for this one : )