Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Visit With Brad Sherman from The Social Graces

We are starting off the new year with lots of energy and many good resolutions. We definitely want to keep you informed and entertained with our blog so we already thought about some really interesting stories, not always necessarily about ourselves.
We will bring you a series of "Visits" with people and places we admire and appreciate.

Our first "victim" is our friend and collaborator Brad Sherman from The Social Graces who graciously agreed to let us write about him. We chose Brad because we admire what he does for a living and how he does it! His work would be worthy of a Travel Channel show!

His company, The Social Graces, designs and creates invitations, award statues, event collateral and corporate gifts. That sounds pretty dry but click "corporate gifts" on their website and say "a-Ha!" There it is, Around the World and Eco-Friendly!

Part of Brad's work life are two annual trips around the globe to visit his artist friends in Africa, Asia, Italy and France to come up with new ideas and designs. All this schmoozing and traveling for the good cause of coming up with incredibly beautiful and unique art objects for corporate gifting.
Brad: "Many of our items come from Asia but nothing is mass-produced in China. I have been traveling for many years to visit longtime friends in the arts and to find new emerging arts and crafts people whose work we can bring back to the United States."

Once he returns with a suitcase full of samples and photos, The Social Graces creates a catalogue that gets mailed to Fortune 500 companies. Since the items are not mass-produced the turn-around from ordering to receiving can take up to six months depending on country of origin, type of art object and quantity required.

Some objects can only be made in fairly exclusive numbers.
Brad Sherman: "The capacity varies. It ranges anywhere from 50 to 1000 pieces but that is pretty much the extent of an order that can be filled."

The recession has naturally affected corporate gifting. "Currently, most orders come in for awards and recognition pieces. But we do keep traveling and sourcing so that we will have everything available once business picks back up.

While The Social Graces also offers the less impacted printing service, Brad feels a strong sense of compassion and responsibility towards his friends in far away places.
In order to be able to keep them working, his company is now making many art objects available for sale online at Your chance to pick up unique gifts much below gallery prices!

Contact Information:

Brad Sherman, President
The Social Graces, Inc.
7139 Woodley Avenue
Van Nuys, California 91406

(T) 818.783.3303 x 203
(F) 818.783.1982