Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Music Special Treat: Desert Lady Vol. 5 by DJ Matt Cornwall

Dear Friends,

DJ Matt Cornwall has a special musical treat for us, his latest personal mix for good friends only: Desert Lady Volume 5. Put the top down and let your hair fly as you head up Route 62 to Joshua Tree!

Please visit MixCloud and enjoy the music!

Spring is here, and I'm happy to share with you another "Desert Lady" music mix to warm up a little with. These mixes of music originally came about at the desperate plea from a friend of mine who told me she was tired of all her music and wanted some that felt appropriate for driving to the desert to, resulting in what is now Vol. 5 (however an abbreviated version ) of this music series. Enjoy, and rejoice in (hopefully) the warmth of the sun wherever you may be!

See you on the dance floor! : ) DJ Matt Cornwall

We are looking forward to lazy days by desert pools!

Happy Week!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Music Blast: The Funk Returns!

Dear Friends!

Good news for all of you out there who miss the good old times - aka the 80's! Coachella fans were abuzz on the first day of the festival with Daft Punk's return to the scene! We got the track!

"Dance music fans the world over have been eagerly anticipating the return of the pioneering, dynamic duo known as "Daft Punk" …especially with their crafty musical snippet teases of tracks from the fourth coming full release "Random Access Memories " available May 21st. The first track to be released and now available on iTunes,  ‘Get Lucky’ is an incredibly casual, laid-back disco groove destined to become one of the summer’s defining sounds. Gliding across a shimmering, instantly recognizable Nile Rodgers guitar riff and a light electronica pulsation courtesy of the "robots," (or Daft Punk in their signature reknown robot regalia ; ) Pharrell lays on his velvety smooth, if not slightly off-key vocals across the track. The enlistment of Nile Rodgers (of the famous disco band "Chic" and "Sister Sledge" ) is a refreshing throwback to dance records of the 70's and 80's when bands and ace session musicians ruled concert stages and recording studios. The Funk returns! See you on the dance floor! ~ DJ Matt Cornwall

Everyone in our office is vogueing!
Have a great week!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy to Present Our New Street Scene Graffiti Design

Dear Friends!
We are interrupting the musical program for an important message. We were recently tasked with the production of a 3-hour post award gala party in San Diego that needed to be fun, fresh, innovative and interactive.
Event Producer Chris Gerstenblatt came up with a new theme: Street Scene Graffiti!

The challenge: designing the custom artwork -- 12 steel walls, 12 brick walls, and 25 oil drums in all!  So our in-house art department went to work. Maria, René and art director Frankie turned the EventWorks grounds into a graffiti art studio. We are very proud of their achievement and feel that the colorful results give everyone a happy start to the week!

Event Manager Brynne Price reports: "The party was a full success. All the décor created a really urban "Downtown" playful atmosphere that encouraged the 800 guests to participate, including “tagging” the communal tables with permanent markers we provided. So fun! Guests also loved the interactive digital graffiti wall which lets them print their artwork at home."

The graffiti art is now part of our event inventory and ready for more action.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Aloha Jake Shimabukuro! The Ukulele Star will rock your View of Hawaiian Music!


DJ Matt is off to Kauai for work and we are jealous - and thinking about the islands. Hawaiian music is usually associated with thoughts of Iz and "Somewhere over the Rainbow" but there is way more! We love this ultra modern, internationally acclaimed Honolulu based Ukulele God who will change your way of thinking, too!

"I'm off to DJ another exciting incentive trip, this time on the breathtakingly gorgeous island of Kauai and as always, am eager to soak up some of the local music! If you haven't considered that during your travels, I highly recommend doing so! It's a great way to experience the culture of whatever place you're in, in addition to the usuals, (sightseeing, food and drink etc : ) Hawaiian native Ukulele wizard Jake Shimabukuro should be considered a national treasure! His ability to rock the ukulele is like no other, and has been compared to the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Miles Davis.  He has played everywhere and for everyone, including the Queen of England herself! Impressive for such a modest instrument! See for yourself! Ahola and Mahalo! "
~ DJ Matt Cornwall

We hope to put you in Aloha mood for the week!
A hui hou!


Monday, April 1, 2013

It's April Fools Day - Let's Do the Harlem Shake!

Dear Friends,

We promise, it's not an April Fools' joke! DJ Matt has unearthed the latest Electronic Dance Music craze that is sweeping dance floors all over the world! Just check out the international videos on YouTube if you don't trust us today. Get moving with the "Harlem Shake"!

"I'm sure by now some of you are aware (especially those of you with teenagers, or those of you in your 20's…) of the latest music craze known as "EDM" or "electronic dance music". Words like "dub step" "electro" "house music" "techno" "trap" and simply "dance" are fast becoming of the house hold variety as are the names of the those making these sounds, such as "David Guetta" "Calvin Harris" and "Avicii" to name a few. Festival events like the "Ultra Music Festival " in Miami last month and "Tomorrowland" in Belgium are becoming increasingly more popular as is seeing DJs in larger venues. With their noisy buzzing blips and bleeps, beats, soaring vocals, earth shattering crescendos, and pumping fists in the air,  this is indeed the sound of the 21st century and highly representative of our vast, technologically advanced global culture… and it's fun to dance to!
See you soon on a dance floor near you! " ~ DJ Matt Cornwall

We'll boogie down the hallways today - to EDM and to celebrate TWO birthdays in-house!

Happy Birthday Frankie and Leo!
And Happy Monday to all of you!