Monday, June 30, 2014

Independence Day with Fireworks by Grucci! Checking In With The Master: Phil Grucci!

Amway China in NYC: Fireworks by Grucci for EventWorks from EventWorks on Vimeo.

We are grateful to Phil Grucci for sharing this video with us! We recently had the pleasure of working together for a Chinese client's event on Ellis and Liberty Islands in New York. The gala dinner rewarded 1,600 guests for their hard work - and culminated in a customized, state of the art fireworks display. We knew we had to impress our guests - so we hired the pyro-technician who designed and engineered the Opening Ceremony fireworks for the Beijing Olympic Games, just one of the many achievements on a long list of global distinctions for Phil Grucci!

Phil Grucci: "Logistics on water locations are always the most difficult. We were working from five firing platforms on three barges in New York Harbor. While the location was gorgeous, it also came with a lot of requirements. We were in constant contact with the Coast Guard and the Captain of the Port. Safety is always our top concern for all involved. The weather conditions got rough as a late winter storm rolled in. It made it harder to control the barges and the platforms. Their placement is crucial! Thankfully we have a great, experienced crew. They kept all the platforms in perfect position to launch the fireworks and keep the waterways safe."

The fireworks were customized for this client and his guests.
"We created a rainbow. It is symbolic of the spirit of worldliness. We also created a display that formed the company name."
Fireworks by Grucci has been a family-owned business for six generations. Angelo Lanzetta, the great-great-great grandfather to Phil Grucci, started the company in Southern Italy. In 1870 he brought the family and his business to Long Island, NY, via Ellis Island, our location this past April.

Phil Grucci: "We have persevered through good and bad times. It takes creativity, an understanding of business politics and plain business acumen to survive. There are lots of authorities to deal with for every single show! The performance is our lucky moment, the reward for lots of hard work. We love to see audience reaction. On that night in April the guests came outside despite the cold and rain to watch the fireworks and they cheered a lot! We were very honored by their enthusiastic reaction!"

This week is the hardest work week of the year!
"This coming weekend we have 75 programs over Friday and Saturday, coast to coast, ranging from 3 shows on Oahu to shows in Key Biscayne and the State of Maine. Our highest show takes place in Las Vegas on top of the Stratosphere Tower. Here in New York we have the honor of producing the official fireworks, right behind the Statue of Liberty! Our whole family is working. We will hold our BBQ in August."

It was also all hands on deck for the Guinness Book World Record: the largest fireworks display ever was a Grucci program in Dubai for this past New Year's Celebration.

So what is the secret for such success. Phil laughs: "Well, some developments are top secret but let's say that we know that our customers are always looking for more. Safety and Innovation are our two main priorities. We can innovate because we produce our own fireworks here in the States. That gives us the edge in creative ability. We keep investing time and money to create new displays and  to improve. We have advanced from basic color displays to a more nuanced color palette, reaching a total of 7 colors. We focus on the environment! We keep working to lower the smoke factor and to make all fireworks with combustible debris. Eventually, we hope, nothing will be falling back to the ground."

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Biggest Party in the World: FIFA World Cup!

It's time to learn more about football - we mean Fussball, Futbol, soccer! Have you caught the Fever yet?
Google's name banner is dedicated to the World Cup, internet news and sports pages are dominated by soccer scores and - since we travel quite a bit - we could not help but notice that the rest of the world is in VERY SERIOUS party mode! Europe, Africa and Latin American have basically declared a holiday. And Americans are finally catching on!

We love the FIFA World Cup Song: "We Are One - Ole Ola", featuring top football players, sexy samba dancers and singers Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Claudia Leitte. So infectious! What an explosion of rhythm, color, song and dance!

You may be shocked to learn that the World Cup match between USA and Ghana drew a record setting 15.9 million viewers, plus many thousands uncounted more who watched in sports bars and at private parties. How does this compare to the Stanley Cup final game three days earlier? A paltry 6 million viewers watched ice hockey!
Overall TV ratings in the US have grown over 23 percent since the last World Cup in 2010 during the first week of matches- and will continue to grow if 21-year old John Brooks keeps getting goals with amazing headers!

We love parties - and this is the biggest one we ever witnessed!

We'd love to hear or read from our friends! Are you watching and how are you celebrating? Let us know! Email us or leave comments on our Facebook page.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Drum roll please, we have ADVANCE ACCESS to the perfect mix that will get your team energized this Monday morning!
DJ Lee Dyson's company Hey Mister DJ is sponsoring this week's BizBash Live Event Innovation Forum at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 19th.
He created the perfect playlist for our industry, comprised of songs for Business/Networking/Promotion/Ideas/Success & Party themes - and we have permission to play it today!

We trust that your team will be inspired - we are dancing today.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tired of Adele and Lorde? Listen To THIS!

We know the feeling: heavy rotation overload. After all, even the best tune gets old after too many plays. EventWorks Blog contributor DJ Lee Dyson shares his solution!
Here is his new Spotify Playlist, chock full of great new talent! Not just one song for Monday morning but a sound track for your whole week!

Lee Dyson:
"Tired of your Adele & Lorde albums yet? They are amazing singers but let’s face it…you can only listen to “Royals” and “Rolling in the Deep” so many times before your Ipod needs something fresh. Here are some other amazing and lesser known artists that you should enjoy listening to:

Need more musical ideas for your next event?
Check out the song lists on Lee's website!

Now... get up and at'em!
Happy Monday!