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Monday, October 17, 2016

Event Report: Brynne Peña Realizes A Mid-Century Modern Dream

The Event:
2 Receptions and 1 Final Night
Event Dates:
three consecutive days in late September
in Palm Springs.
The Event Theme: Retro Dreams
The Locations: The Parker and The Riviera Hotels

Brynne: "Putting on a series of events in Palm Springs was a dream come true.  My favorite time-period/aesthetic is Mid-Century Modern, of which Palm Springs is just oozing with!  Just walking around town and at the different hotel properties I could hardly contain my excitement at all the delicious eye candy everywhere!"

The event locations were pure Palm Springs: a croquet lawn reception, a poolside event and a Closing Night Under The Stars.

The first night's reception on the croquet lawn featured black & gold decor, black metal cocktail tables with Chevron Graphic Counters, mid-century ghost bar stools and golden pineapple decorations.

We followed up with a poolside party.
Brynne: "The retro pool party was a blast – my client and I had giggled like school girls as we stopped to pose for selfies with the Swan pool floats.  The guests followed suit and proceeded to take “Swelfies” the rest of the night!"

We added cocktail arrangements to existing high cocktail tables with yellow bar stools. 8’ White Tate Dining tables with orange geometric table runners featured a blend of orange & teal Bentwood chairs, teal and tangerine communal table
arrangements and votives completed the modernism look.

Entertainment: we added a live band to follow the DJ and a synchronized swim team as a surprise element.
Brynne: "I have always wanted to produce a true Mid-Century event and designing in the Gene Autry Suite was a hoot!  Once the event was set-up and guests had moved to the backyard for a dinner under the stars, I spent a few moments exploring the house, leaving more inspired than I entered!"

Southern California offers many great locations for a Mid-Century themed event. Call us and we will be happy to suggest many more locations!

Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Event Location Report: The Dolby Theatre Delivers Hollywood Glamour

Hooray for Hollywood!

We had the pleasure of producing a private event, complete with red carpet arrivals on Hollywood Boulevard and inside of the legendary Dolby Theatre.

Our guests fulfilled a Hollywood Dream - an experience that can not be produced at any other location in the world.

The Event: A Town Hall Business Meeting & Recognition Evening
Event Date: September 21, 2016
Guest Count: 1100 VIPs

Fans of "American Idol", "America's Got Talent" and RevoltTV shows will recognize the plush dark red-and-gold interior at first glance.
25 million tourists visit this Hollywood Landmark annually.
The Dolby and the surrounding Hollywood & Highland complex host over 300 special events a year.
Hundreds of millions in 225 countries around the world tune in to watch the Academy Awards and red carpet coverage on traditional and social media reaches well over a billion people globally.

The Dolby Theatre is arguably the best known event location in the world - and millions dream of walking that red carpet and ascending those sweeping steps, built to half-norm of the step height of construction code to make it easy for ladies in high heels and long robes.

We recently fulfilled that dream for 1100 Chinese guests for a private event at the Dolby.

CIM Group and the City of Hollywood are very accommodating with street lane and sidewalk closures.
Our setup did hinder some tourists in their movements but the excitement of seeing a red carpet install in progress more than made up for the inconvenience. Our crew was often surrounded by curious onlookers.

We installed custom drapes and a branded red carpet. Guests alighted from their motor coaches and VIP vehicles in style like an A-List star and ascended the red carpet to enter the event.

We usually turn ballrooms or convention facilities into theatre environments, however working in a legitimate theatre equipped with working fly systems and hydraulic stage lifts provides numerous opportunities for theatrical reveals and scenery changes throughout the event.

We created a custom 3-minute classic Hooray for Hollywood opening number. "Ushers" helped guide guests to their seats, then surprised guests by gaining a stage for a classic song-and-dance opening that would have made any Oscar producer proud.

Top Achievers and VIPs made an "entrance"! They were elevated to the stage for recognition via the built in stage elevator that originates in the orchestra pit.

The client's Awards Night will never be forgotten!
The Fact Sheet:

1. Dolby Theatre is 180,000 square feet with adjustable seating capacity from 3,400 to 3,600 with 5 seating levels and 24 opera boxes. The spiral lobby staircase that connects the levels showcases sparkling glass beaded walls as you pass through the various levels.

2. The interior is highlighted by a “Tiara” of light, a striking oval chandelier intertwined by smaller ovals, coated in silver leaf.

3. The “Tiara” incorporates two front-of-house lighting bridges and is a large forestage grid for suspending TV and lighting trusses and speakers.

4. In the center of the stage is a custom designed 3 story stage lift that can bring sets up in less than 1 minute. Load capacity is 7,000 lbs.

5. Dolby Theatre features the most sophisticated sound systems in the world, Dolby Atmos, complete with 215 individual powered loudspeakers.

Our thoughts are with our friends and colleagues on the South Eastern seaboard.

Wishing everyone a good week!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Event Technology: We Are Taking Video Off The Walls

We are excited about a new technology that allows us to immerse guests in video projection throughout the room.
Meet our LED Tower Tables - four-sided LED screen towers that double as seating and can be placed throughout a room.

The Event: the closing party of an annual conference.
The Industry: a business software company.
The Location: a hotel ballroom in Anaheim, CA.
The Guest Count: 1,500.

The Task: immersing the guests in fun and excitement to create a memorable experience.
We brought in the glow! Our video shows it best.

Let It Glow - Presenting Our LED Tower Tables from EventWorks on Vimeo.

As audiences are accustomed to more immersive experiences, we are challenged to surround our guests with lights and action to get their attention and keep them entertained.
Our LED Tower Tables allow us to bring video projection anywhere into the room.

In this example, turquoise squares indicate the position of the Tower Tables. Placed to create four corners between the LED Circular Bar and the video screened walls, the tower tables bridged the space in between the bar and the four walls. This resulted in 100%  coverage of video projection around the room, no matter where the guests were seated.

Event producer Brynne Peña: "Two separate computers had to be used to size the graphics for the various sized video and LED screens. Power to the central bar was rigged overhead prior to bar install. But the tower tables themselves had both a power and data cable that had to be configured under the table base itself and run to the nearest wall. All cables were hidden and secured. The effect of the immersive projection was tremendous. It took the party to another level of excitement and engagement.
We selected entertainment to match: sway pole performers were swinging above the crowd on LED enhanced poles as guests entered the room. The LED Cyr Wheel performance on a satellite stage was surrounded by cheering guests. LED Go Go and hip hop dancers performed on all four satellite stages and throughout the room, adding more light and action."

The client received very positive feedback and guests shared their fun live on social media during the party. Engagement was at an all time high.

Our Tower Tables also lend themselves to surrounding and immersing attendees with messages and branding at conventions, sales conferences and a myriad of other events.

Call us to discuss the possibilities for your event.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Event Report: Delivering Style on a Budget For A Good Cause

When the global philanthropic community "Women Moving Millions" called to discuss their first summit event on the West Coast we were thrilled to be a part of this worthwhile endeavor, even in a small way.
Nothing beats applying our skills to a good cause.

The Event: WMM Summit 2016
Location: St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco
The Task: Set Design and Floral Decor for the 2-day Conference

WMM members, supporters and future members came together for two days of seminars, presentations and guest speaker appearances. The subject matters covered a wide range of serious issues affecting women globally. WMM is committed to large-scale investment in women and girls.

Our manzanita turned into a Vision Tree!

The stage set up for the first day had to be very sleek and simple. We installed a white plush carpet, two chairs and a side table to create a conversational seating arrangement. The backdrop was created by the hotel's in-house drapery.

The same stage served for panel discussions on the second day. The more formal aspect of the presentations was enhanced by a custom backdrop and featured branding.
We had very little time for the setup as the room was in use until the night of Day 1 and had to be ready for breakfast on Day 2.
We brought our expert crew from Los Angeles to handle the construction setup.

We included some upgrades like the 3D letters that added texture and shadows at no extra cost.    
The added structure turned the intimate conversational stage into a more formal conference stage.

All floral was designed for multi-tasking and re-purposing. Our floral designer selected long-lasting flowers that remained fresh for the length of time. The floral pieces lent decor for the entire time. We reset the decor for each phase of the event in different configurations.      

Alisa Walsh and Max Blum were truly inspired by the event and we are looking forward to supporting Women Moving Millions again.

It is refreshing to realize how many people are committed to improving this world we live in!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Virtual Reality - We Can Bring A Custom Experience to Your Event

Exactly what we said as we read a few days ago that Cedar Fairs is bringing FearVR:5150 to three of their theme parks for Halloween.
Immersive VR experiences are everywhere these days. Until recently, these experiences were designed for long-term use to ensure return on investment. Now they are going seasonal.
So what about bringing a custom VR Experience to your corporate event? We researched and the answer is: Yes, we can!

Samsung smart phones work with Oculus' Gear VR. iPhone is catching up with iPhone matching headsets. Immerse yourself with big wave surfers, ski jump or visit fantasy worlds - everything is possible.
However, until now these experience are scripted and designed by others for you.

But is it possible to take your guests on your very own, branded, customized VR Experience?
Can it be achieved on a corporate event budget?
Yes, we can!

As we were checking out FearVR:5150, locally (in Southern California)  playing at Knotts Berry Farm, we met David Love, President and Creative Executive at Hollow Studios, the company behind FearVR.

Question: "Theme parks and the game industry are heavily invested in a future with VR. Can we bring this into the corporate event setting?"

David Love: "Yes, absolutely. FearVR's actual VR experience is only about 4 minutes long. The total experience, including the set-up, but not counting the wait time, takes about 10 minutes. The average VR experience lasts 4 to 5 minutes. We suggest a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes. That would fit well into an event setting".

Question: "How lengthy is the development and pre-production process?"

David Love: "Typically, the process will take 4 to 5 months but we can turn simple projects around in about 2 months. It depends on the script. Storyboards have to be created. We pre-visualize everything so the client gets to see it before going into the actual production. The time needed for actual filming depends on the complexity of the script and length, of course. Then we need some time for post production. It can be done in as little as 10 days. Very complicated projects can take 4 to 5 weeks."

Question: "Can this be done within the limits of a corporate event budget?"

David Love: "We can make things work. Very simple projects can cost as little as $30,000 in actual VR production. Virtual Reality production is just another tool in the tool box for us. We specialize in all forms of film making: live action, CGI animation, large format Dome and Imax screens along with expertise in Stereoscopic 3D film and animation."

Ted Bowers pioneered 360º 3D projection at conferences. He also brought custom animation/live video to the corporate event world:

"Technological innovation is great for all levels of consumer; end user to high level corporate. The best part is as technology gets more advanced, prices drop and the gear gets better. I’m always excited when I have the opportunity to introduce new technology to the event industry. Clients are looking for something new they haven’t seen before. The customized VR Experience is the next new technology to hit the event industry."    

EventWorks brought customized animation to corporate events.

  It's an exciting new world, indeed.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Kate Brack Is Taking A Baby Break

We have happy news to share:

Our Director of Floral and Event Design Kate Brack and her husband Eric are about to welcome their second baby.

Kate will be taking a well deserved break, leaving the office for a little while by the end of this week.

Obviously, we could not resist the temptation to have an in-office event this past week and threw a surprise lunchtime baby shower, complete with balloons and delicious Mexican/Guatemalan catering by our very own Edwin.
Kate confessed that she has been craving his food throughout the recent months!

Kate, we wish you a happy, healthy bundle of joy!
May he eat with delight and sleep through the night!
We will miss you!
Come back quickly!

All the very best,

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What We Did This Summer

We are happy to share!

We all had the chance to take a little time off to relax and recharge the creative batteries.
As we return to work this week, here is our "What We Did This Summer" report.

Janet Elkins:

"Steve and I both discovered the joy of riding electric bikes this summer. Steve has been an avid biker for years, pedaling for hours. But Pasadena's topography did not seem inviting to me. Until I rented an electric bike to accompany my husband on a ride through Pasadena's canyons. What can I say? It was love at first ride! I bought a bike just days later. Steve decided to get one two weeks after that. We are happily whizzing around our town! It is a blast!"

Ted Bowers

"The Bowers enjoyed everything from Olympic Basketball to soaking in adventures on the Hawaiian Islands.  Watching USA men’s basketball scrimmage against China at Staples Center was spectacular.  It was a great version of an All Star game up close and personal.  The family also experienced Big Island excursions that included deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and night diving with the Manta Rays. Just don’t ask Celeste for any feedback on her own Titanic experience of that night. We all savored Teddy’s summer job at In N Out. Service with a smile and secret ordering tips made our dining experience a true treat!"

🐟 Max Blum met really big fish!

"I got in my aloha by taking my annual pilgrimage to visit my mother in Kauai and I unwound by getting my scuba certification, training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the renowned Longman Jiu Jitsu academy and spending time with friends and family.
During an island hop to the Big Island I couldn't resist the chance to go shark diving. As you can see on my Facebook you know it was an exciting and nerve tingling experience! That tiger shark came this/close!"

Kate Brack:

As you can see, Kate is "working" on a most important project!
Therefore Kate and her husband are car shopping.

"Baby Boy will arrive this fall and we need more space. I have a feeling a 5-series is in our future. Or a mini-van. 😀"

🐠 Brynne Peña encountered very little fish!

Brynne Peña returned just a few days ago from a quick and beautiful trip to Cancun.  Whereas Max was diving with the great creatures of the open sea, Brynne encountered a much smaller variety during a visit to the resort’s FISH Spa!

"The fish treatment leaves your skin smoother than ever!  The fish don't have teeth so it doesn't hurt at all but it's very ticklish at first. It mostly feels like a very strong vibration in the water, as they buzz around "kissing" your feet, which is what makes your feet so smooth.  My friend and I were kind of freaked out, but couldn't pass up the opportunity!"

Kristen Rensch:

"I really had the best business trips this year: Mexico, Montana and Miami, to name just a few. I was very happy to get some time at home!
As the newest Angeleno on the Eventworks team, one of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is introducing my loved ones and friends to many of the iconic destinations within and just beyond our metropolis. People that haven’t spent much or any time in Los Angeles are always surprised at the diversity of experiences available here. Guests often leave downright enchanted and wanting to come back, which is great for me as a transplant to the area! My mom, my aunt and my cousins came for a family visit. It’s so much fun to see the city and it’s tourist attractions through new eyes."

Carolyn Vasi:

"I went camping and hiking with my family, dogs included. We went to Oregon. This year we camped at Silver Falls State Park before we headed to the coast. The campground is located near seven waterfalls within the park. It is really beautiful and my brother in law is great at the BBQ!"

Alisa Walsh had the best summer of all of us!

"First my boyfriend proposed! 
And for the first time in many years my dad organized a family trip.
We all live scattered between Southern California, the Bay Area and Portland, Oregon. This was the first time since we were kids that we all got to vacation together on a cruise around the Mediterranean. It was a blast and I am very thankful for the great time we had together."

🐡 Marion Renk-Rosenthal found no fish!

"My family goes on an annual fishing trip to Klamath, California, just in time for the salmon run. Due to the effects of the drought the salmon numbers are way down and the quota was set at only 550 fish. My husband could fish for one day before Fish&Game shut the river down and Dan did not get lucky. But we had great weather and we hiked in the Redwood parks and visited the beautifully restored Old Town Eureka. I miss my gorgeous river view and the scent of redwood forests." 
We hope you had an equally fun summer!

Wishing you a great 4-day week!