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Monday, June 11, 2018

Event Report: Brynne and Alisa Love Working at The Grammy Museum

No wonder Brynne Peña and Alisa Walsh were excited to work at a local iconic venue that celebrates the entertainment industry.
In fact, both Brynne and Alisa have family members in the music business.

Brynne's brother Sam Price is the drummer in lovelytheband. They currently top the Alternative Songs chart on Billboard and are getting ready to start their first headlining tour this fall.

Alisa Walsh grew up backstage watching her stepdad perform in the most iconic California band, The Beach Boys.

No wonder our producers loved working at the Grammy Museum's Target Terrace at L.A. Live. Music is their inspiration. Our team channeled the energy into the event.

The Event:
A 2-Day Brand Showcase for a Luxury Hotel Chain.
Dates: June 5-6, 2018
Location: Grammy Museum, Target Terrasse at L.A. Live, Los Angeles, CA.
Guests: 150

Alisa: "It was a really great opportunity to showcase some of the ideas we have been wanting to produce! We created two very effective new activations. Our Director of Event Design Kate Brack had dreamt up the Paper Doll photo op and the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ food display a few months ago. We had been waiting for the opportunity to bring them both to life. We were so excited when our client trusted our ideas and allowed us to turn them into event reality."

A rack of "wardrobe" choices and accessories allowed the guests to turn themselves into "travelers" for the photo op. Each cutout was brand activated.\
The "Cabinet of Curiosities" allowed us to include branding information in a fun, new interactive way to display food. Guests did not know what to expect. Each white cabinet in the display wall contained a surprise. Each hotel brand had created their own signature dessert. A curtain hid the surprise behind each mirrored cabinet door. Once they opened we revealed a branded delicacy. Our guests commented how fun it was to explore.

The Grammy Museum already provides such an interesting, visually exciting event space with inspiring views and colorful music history memorabilia. We designed a decor that did not clash with the look and the feel of the venue but highlighted the character of the place. At the same time we incorporated the client's luxury brand by using lots of Gold and White and Black.

The vibrant energy of Downtown Los Angeles, the views, the iconic venue - we love working here.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Event Report: We Loved Working in Mexico City

Alisa with our Mexico Team: Gerardo and Rocio.

Alisa Walsh reports from Mexico City.

The Event: a General Session and Dinner 
Guest Count: 120
Industry: Hotel Franchise Owners and General Managers
Date: May 2018

One month time to produce a general session and dinner event in Mexico City? Not a problem.

Alisa: "Thanks to our wonderful team members in Mexico we can deliver an event in Mexico City in the same time frame it takes us to produce a similar event in our hometown of Los Angeles. I have to say, we had the hardest working staff ever. They did not have an easy load-in. As a further challenge we had a very short turnaround time from general session to dinner."

"We had just an hour and a half for the room turn and our team made it happen in record time even though they had to overcome a difficult access route. They had to bring all dinner evening elements in by walking through the kitchen and up one floor using stairs and a freight elevator. Our local crew made it happen in record time. They were the hardest working team, carrying four chairs at a time on top of their heads!"

The look: farm-to-table, bringing the wonderful colors and imagery of Mexico into the ballroom.

Any language barriers?

Thankfully no. Working "en español" is not a problem for Alisa who spent half a year in Costa Rica and speaks Spanish frequently at home in Southern California.

"We also work with a completely bi-lingual, San Diego based producer. In any case, our Mexico City contacts all spoke good English and were very gracious and hospitable."

Things you really need to know about working South of the border:

Payment Method:
Alisa: "We are used to paying for everything with company credit cards but many venues and vendors in Mexico do not accept cards. We had to discuss different payment options and paid most charges with international wire transfers ahead of time."

"Our event coincided with the Mexican Mother's Day, a Thursday.
Many businesses were shut down. Also due to the holiday inventory was more limited as many events were taking place the same day. We had to come up with creative solutions to make up for the shortfall. For instance, we selected seating elements in different styles and colors. The mix worked beautifully with our local art theme".
Our dinner concentrated on local cuisine. Our decor was inspired by famous local artists, especially Frida Kahlo. 
Alisa: "It was a wonderful experience to work in Mexico City. I can't wait to go back. Many thanks to Gerardo, Rocio and our team in Mexico City for such a great job."

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

C2 2018: Janet vous donne des nouvelles de Montréal, Canada

Quelle expérience! What an experience!
Janet is happy to share news from the amazing C2 conference in Montreal last week.
Janet: "This was by far the most high tech conference I have attended in a long time. By the same token, the organizers made sure to provide the human, low tech assistance to ensure that everyone had an incredible, worthwhile experience."

We attend many conferences and trade shows but we were all raving about C2.
"Transformative Collisions" brought together keynote speakers as varied as LGBTQ activist Chelsea Manning, rapper and agricultural entrepreneur Snoop Dogg and Oceanographer Sylvia Earle.
The backdrop is a whole event village. High tech and low tech combine to inspire, inform and entertain. We experienced incredibly creative activations, master classes, interactive workshops and a mix of art, entertainment and education I find unparalleled in the conference environment. We also very much enjoyed exploring the old town of Montreal. I learned a lot and came home energized and inspired.

My intelligent ID Badge. It worked on a platform called Klik. It connected to a website and an event app that did it all.
The C2 klik platform and smart badge unlocked key elements of the C2 experience. Thanks to the combined genius of PixMob, e180 and Connect&GO I could 
- book braindates with fellow C2 participants, 
- plan my agenda, including register for limited-capacity activities like workshops and masterclasses 
– “klik” my badge with another participant’s badge to see their contact info show up on my timeline
– magically pay with my badge.
C2 organizers were so brilliant to take low tech guests into account and to provide non-stop help in the form of real humans, They dressed their "concierges" in bright orange. They were so easy to find and they helped out with every aspect of information during the conference.
While every Big Top session started with an incredible multi-media extravaganza introduction all seminars were interactive, experiential sessions. We connected in small groups to learn while participating in game like exercises such as Wooden Blocks, Russian Doll, Hour Glass and Elastic Circle.
Sally and I had our hand print data harvested. We are part of the 1,500 imprints British artist Mat Chivers collected to train a purpose-built AI to understand how we understand our material reality.

The AI will participate in the robotic production of a monumental sculpture that will collide the man-made and AI-made. The first ever contemporary art sculpture created by an AI will be presented at the Musée d'Art de Joliette this October. 

 C2 was an inspiration and very worthwhile for event producers. I can't wait to bring new elements into our event production.
Merci beaucoup Ken Kristofferson, for organizing our "Team7".

I am grateful to be friends and colleagues with Ken, Sally Webb Berry, Andrea Michaels, Alison Silcoff, Greg Christy and David Merrell.
We were thrilled to meet up with Mark Wells.

Thank you for reading.

Warm regards,

Thank you to Sally Webb Berry for the great photographs.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Event Report: EventWorks Returns to Hawaii.

Brynne Peña and Kristen Rensch.

Kristen Rensch is always happiest when working in her birthplace, Oahu. 

A recent multi-day event series for an international client took Kristen and our team back to Honolulu. The events comprised a welcome reception, product launches, evenings with dinner entertainment and the closing gala.

The last night posed the biggest challenge: how to serve 4,200 guests in a timely fashion with top-tier cuisine in style?

We immersed guests in the ambience of tropical splendor with a beachside Welcome Reception, the iconic Diamond Head as natural backdrop.

We closed one day with a Sunset Reception at the Royal Hawaiian.

Closing Night Gala for 4,200 guests at the Hawai‘i Convention Center

Matching the gorgeous location, we created a custom "Electric Luau" show. Our New Zealand based choreographer designed a fast-paced Polynesian themed show that ranged in elements from Phantom of the Opera to Hawai'i's very own Bruno Mars.

Our friends from the Hawai‘i Convention Center in Honolulu delivered! 

The 2018 Prime Site Award-winning Hawai'i Convention Center achieved this remarkable culinary feat in a mere 38 minutes.

“We do many large-scale events, and most recently we executed one of our most complex services for a Japanese incentive group with 4,200 guests,” relates Teri Orton, General Manager of the facility.
The combination of buffet-style service, plated service and high volume in a short time frame requires a village to execute, and hard work from everyone at Hawai'i Convention Center.”

The Hawai‘i Convention Center staff, led by Executive Chef Kevin Nakata, created a handcrafted, authentic Hawaiian menu for the event that included items such as Soba Salad, Ahi-Salmon Poke and Lilikoi Cheesecake. The Convention Center houses a 20,000-sq.-ft. kitchen.

Our thoughts go out to our friends on Big Island. 
At this time we hear that many guests cancel plans to visit Big Island due to the current volcanic activity.
Only 5% of Big Island are affected by the lava flow.
Kailua-Kona and the whole West Coast are perfectly safe!

Aloha and Mahalo for reading.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Event Report: Entertainment for an International Audience in Los Angeles

Why is Janet surrounded by cheerleaders?

Our iconic "Lakers" Girls were part of the non-stop entertainment for an event we produced for a European automaker who invited his Chinese VIPs to Los Angeles.

What does it take to bring all of these international aspects under one hat? Angelenos are by nature an international population. We had the pleasure of welcoming clients and guests to the spectacular roof top venue South Park Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Wow them from the first moment. As guests entered the venue they were greeted by this gorgeous view over Downtown Los Angeles' skyline and evening sky.

EventWorks' producers Alisa Walsh and Elizabeth Brazil took care of the rest.

Alisa Walsh:
“Working with this particular audience was a fun challenge for me!  I have had the opportunity to experience a bit of their culture through my travels and was very proud to see another event come to fruition.  Planning between time zones always adds an extra layer of detail, but the unique requests that we encountered made the task fun and interesting.  These particular clients wanted an entertainment filled evening, and thankfully that is our specialty!”

Elizabeth Brazil:
"What an interesting opportunity to see the perception of what makes iconic American entertainment through another culture’s eyes - and the thrill of being able to provide exactly what they were seeking – it was a fascinating experience. The clients wanted to showcase Americana in very specific ways while also bringing in a bit of their own culture through surprising touches which provided a unique opportunity for our team.
Thanks to Doug Johnson and E Plus, perfectly costumed impersonators added Hollywood star quality and a faux NBA cheerleader dance team kicked everything off with high energy. The Cyr Wheel performance drew much appreciation. Our good friend Jonny Blu added a bit of a surprise for guests when he broke out singing a few popular Chinese songs in Mandarin and even had guests join him singing and dancing on stage. Rounding out the evening, our clients wanted to feature a Country/Folk style performance that created a quieter close to the evening. Thanks to Andy Salmonsen and our friends at NRG, they created the exact vibe that our Chinese clients wanted with a mix of American classics such as Sounds of Silence, Take Me Home Country Roads and wrapping it all up with Hotel California.  It was a fun night to experience our culture through the lens of another and I think all came away from it with a new vision."

With ever growing hotel capacity and new venue options, an international airport with non-stop flights to 101 domestic and 85 international destinations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, our City of Angels is the perfect location to bring global clients together.

We are happy to call Los Angeles home.

Thank you for reading!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

“I will look after you and I will look after anybody you say needs to be looked after, any way you say. I am here. I brought my whole self to you. I am your mother.”

― Maya Angelou, Mom & Me & Mom

We are celebrating the most important women in our lives - our mothers - this week.

Wishing all the caring women a wonderful Mother's Day! 
Janet Elkins and her mom Beverly. That Smile!
Kristen Rensch and Joy, enjoying Malibu during a mother-daughter visit.

Alisa Walsh and her sister Amy honor both their stepmom Lynn, here eating Italian pastries in Florence together on the left,
and their mom Diana, all three in stripes during a family visit in Newport Beach.

Kate Brack and Sue who loves her role as Granny just as much as she loves being a mother.

ynne Peña and her mom Christy. Brynne and her family just returned from a dream trip to London and Paris.

You can see that Elizabeth Brazil and her brother Butch still listen to mom Marilyn!

Rebecca Motus credits her mom Marina for the boundless energy they both share.

Sadly Ted Bowers lost his mother Esther last September. 
Ted -and all of Esther's family and friends - especially remember her kindness and strength.

"In the face of tremendous tragedy
my mother never lost her sweet spirit.  
In the midst of deep loss and pain,
her compassion reached out to all those around her."


Monday, April 30, 2018

Event Location Report: We ❤️ The New CITY MARKET SOCIAL HOUSE in Downtown Los Angeles

Alisa Walsh had the pleasure of getting a preview of this brand new event space earlier this month.

WOLFGANG PUCK CATERING Sales Manger Kari Mendez and Senior Director Catering Sales Ashley Lampe were happy to show Alisa around. City Market Social House just opened this month. The space and the location are a great addition to our options in DTLA.
We can't wait to work here!

Great things keep happening in Downtown Los Angeles.
The Convention Center is proud to be the largest convention center in the U.S. to be re-certified on the LEED EB+OM Gold level and it now hosts over 300 events a year.
At the same time hotel room capacity is growing. As of September 2017 2000 rooms within walking distance were under construction. The city's goal: 8000 hotel rooms by 2020 near the convention center.
All this means that the need for event space is growing and WOLFGANG PUCK CATERING just opened a great new space, the CITY MARKET SOCIAL HOUSE.

City Market Social House is a contemporary warehouse event space located in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Historically part of the Produce Market and anchoring the new City Market South lifestyle and hospitality development, this venue is an ideal location for major industry events, award shows, opening and closing receptions, product launches, conferences, filming and private celebrations.
Source: WPC

Alisa: "As soon as I arrived my imagination went wild. City Market Social House offers a combination of indoor and outdoor event space, ample parking which can be a real problem in Downtown and it is located in the very hip Fashion District, just one mile from the convention center, major hotels and the art and historical districts. I especially love the blank-canvas aspect of this modern space. In-house lighting and AV capabilities are built in. This space can be utilized as a raw, urban, modern space or we can easily transform it to match any event concept. Naturally, full customized catering has been considered. WPC works in the 2,100 square foot state-of-the-art kitchen."

Available Event Production Services:
  • Over 12,000 square feet of full service indoor and outdoor event space 
  • Up to 1,000 guests.
  • State-of-the-art kitchen with full customized catering services from Wolfgang Puck Catering.
  • In-house lighting, AV capabilities and event production services.
  • Centrally located 1 mile from Los Angeles Convention Center, major hotels and Downtown art and historical districts.
  • 2,111 square feet of outdoor courtyard space
  • Ample parking for large scale engagements and events
  • High speed internet

PH: 562.382.5100
1145 South San Pedro Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Website: http://www.citymarketsocial.com

We look forward to producing your event here!
Thank you for reading!

All Venue Photos Courtesy of WOLFGANG PUCK CATERING.