Monday, December 15, 2014

SEARCH CABARET: Join The Party fo a Good Cause!

"Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Fremde, etranger, stranger
Gluklich zu sehen, je suis enchante,
Happy to see you, bleibe, reste, stay
Willkomen, bienvenue, welcome,
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret"

We hope to see you at the next SEARCH Foundation Soirée, Chèrs Amis!
After all, it is our industry's foundation. We all contribute so that friends and co-workers who need assistance during a health emergency or a catastrophic event can find help.
It goes without saying that SEARCH Fundraising Events are wonderful affairs that are really fun to attend!

One such occasion is around the corner:
Please mark your calendars and get your tickets to the upcoming SEARCH CABARET!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

9:00 pm – Midnight

Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort

1855 South Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim CA

SEARCH is happy to share more details:

We're thrilled to announce that the highly coveted SEARCH Cabaret is returning this year to the Sheraton Park Hotel at The Special Event Conference in Anaheim and will be produced by Danny Bergold of About Entertainment.

Guests will enjoy a cocktail reception environment with a tasty drink menu and delicious desserts while being entertained by some of your event industry colleagues.

To add to the main stage fun and our fundraising efforts, we've included a competitive element to this year's show. After an online video submission process, four amateur entertainment acts will be selected by a public vote to perform live at the SEARCH Cabaret for the chance to win the grand prize. The winner will be selected by audience appreciation. However, guests will show their love, not just by applause, but also with their electronic donations. The act that inspires the highest amount of donations will walk away a winner.

The event will also feature an array of professional entertainment elements, a silent and live auction, VIP suites and a late night dance party with a live band.

Many thanks to our generous Sponsors:

Venue: Sheraton Park Hotel at the Anaheim Resort
AV, Lighting & Production: AV Masters

Catering/Desserts: Someone’s in the Kitchen

Auction Software: GiveSmart

Entertainment: The Golden Coast All Stars

Social Media Photo Booths: iTouch Booth, Inc.

Custom Designed Scarves: Splendor for Your Guests

 We are looking forward to celebrating a good cause!

"Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it!"
That is our motto this week!

Monday, December 8, 2014

THE SPECIAL EVENT 2015 Preview - Take A Sneak Peak!
Until we meet at The Special Event 2015

I am honored to be one of the THE SPECIAL EVENT 2015 Ambassadors with David Merrell,  and look forward to our conference in Anaheim in January. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, educate ourselves about trends and creative ideas in our industry, and energize ourselves for a new year. But it's not just all business! Gala Night will be a great event, produced by colleagues for their peers. I am really looking forward to the entertainment! Our friends Peter Berliner and Nicole Bernardi from Innovative Entertainment are sponsoring entertainment for the Gala event. We are happy to say that they are bringing an amazing program to the Marquis Ballroom at the Anaheim Marriott  Here a sneak peak into the night:

The Red Hot Band
After hearing The Red Hot Band, you’ll be talking about their amazing musicianship, clever arrangements, stylized choreography, and sexy-chic look for weeks to come.  As a fixture in the LA music scene, The Red Hot Band has been raising the roof with not only sizzling Latin music, but the most current top forty hits making them LA’s hottest fusion band!
Tera Bonilla, the band leader and lead singer, brings her experience as a world-class entertainer together with the best singers and musicians in the business. If your event calls for a “Vibey-Cool” down-tempo atmosphere, a “Hollywood-Chic” soiree, or a “Smokin’-Hot” dance party, this versatile band can provide a fully customizable package with any band configuration necessary to fulfill the needs of your event.

Click to see the Sizzle Reel

The Dueling DJs
The Dueling DJ’s is an interactive, energetic and engaging live performance where the crowd becomes the main attraction! By utilizing social media, The Dueling DJ’s puts the power of picking the next track into the hands of the party goers. This incredible experience is the brainchild of DJ CoryLive from American Idol, The Voice
and Dancing with the Stars. The Dueling DJ’s team is made up of an exceptional group of DJ/MC’s featuring DJ Kelly Dlux , DJ Dre and DJ Sean Patrick along with DJ CoryLive. The Dueling DJ’s transcends the DJ/Crowd environment and creates a unique live event experience.

The Gala Night is produced by Chris Gerstenblatt, Erika Lohmar, Todd Roberts and Kate Brack with generous collaboration from Visions Lighting, Go West Creative, AFR Event Furnishings, Quest Drapes and Eventworks.

Dancing, food and drinks — a lot to celebrate as we conclude another TSE and motivate everyone as we move into 2015!

 Don't miss out! You can still REGISTER for TSE 2015!

Looking forward to seeing you at THE SPECIAL EVENT,

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bounce, Rock, Shake It Off!

©Max and Moritz/Wilhelm Busch

Yep, we know.... all driers malfunctioned over the weekend and all our clothes shrunk! Thanksgiving was wonderful! By Friday the guilt set in. In a panic, we tracked down DJ Matt Cornwall on his family holiday vacation and begged for help! Get us moving, pleeeeeaaaase! Thankfully Matt could relate and put together a super high energy mix on Spotify that will help you "Bounce, Rock,  Shake It Off!"

By the way: this playlist is guaranteed to also keep you warm on the East Coast and chase away the Winter Blues.
We hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a great start to the week.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank You - Gracias - 谢谢 - Dankeschön - Merci!

This is our favorite holiday! Thanksgiving is truly a win-win. No stressful gift shopping, no greeting cards, lots of wonderful food and drinks with friends and family. And time to reflect.
We have a lot to be grateful for this year and we are so aware of how lucky we are!

Lee Dyson feels the same way. He called a few days ago and shared his new Thanksgiving Song List.
It's the perfect soundtrack for your Turkey Day.

DJ Lee Dyson: "Gratitude is always a good place to go to keep perspective on your life and the world around you. Sometimes we get spun up in daily life and forget to take a pause and think about that. Of course Turkey Day is the perfect day to focus on this so I’ve put together a soundtrack to help. Gobble Gobble!"

We hope you catch planes, trains and automobiles to join your favorite group of people for a wonderful holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Event Entertainment Report: Jewel Really Dazzled!

It's all about motivation, motivation, motivation - and Jewel gave 150%!

We recently produced a large fundraising event in Orange County. Our client had secured Jewel for a 60-minute set and we had included her in our overall decor in many details. Crystals adorned the floral - and we had Jewel perform in front of beaded stage backdrop to add some sparkle.

We were ready for the multiple Grammy winning artist.
The contract stipulated a 60-minute set - but Jewel delivered so much more!

Ted Bowers: "She is known for her social engagement and her real work for philanthropic causes. Our client could not have made a better choice. Jewel and her production crew were truly appreciative and committed to the purpose of the evening!

 Jewel donated a signed guitar for the silent auction and she gave her all on stage.

Ted Bowers: "Jewel was fantastic! She was contracted for a 60 minute set and performed for almost 90 minutes. She had the audience mesmerized.
Jewel relayed key moments of her life story and tied each chapter of her life to inspiration for a song."

What a gift to the audience and the cause!

This was one of those nights we will always remember as a Major Highlight and Wonderful Experience!

Please enjoy her Jimmy Kimmel Live performance of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

Monday, November 10, 2014

Event Report from Kate Brack: Design with a Message

Rebecca, Manuel, Ella, Kate and furry Beatrice, Melissa, Kory, Marguerite and Gayane.
We have been waiting for a chance to let you have a look behind the scenes with our Director of Floral and Event Design Kate Brack. A couple of weeks agothe whole team was hard at work in our studio for a local fundraising event we love.

The Event: a large, annual Fundraising Dinner Gala and Concert in Southern California.
Location: a Hotel Ballroom.
The Challenge: the client changes the theme and the message every year. It is our task to integrate these and create a comprehensive look and feel by tying the invitation's design into every aspect of the night.

Kate Brack: "The invitation featured a color palette of deep amethyst accented by tangerine.  Furthermore, the featured entertainer of the night was singer Jewel. We took these colors and added sparkle throughout the design. We integrated this theme in everything: the centerpieces, votives, stage backdrop and bars. The centerpieces contained crystals, as did the large display arrangements, the stage was back dropped with a bejeweled material. The votives were selected because of their sparkling glass cut design. Every space in the room was enveloped in the client's theme and message."

For Kate the process starts with the client's vision.
"I integrate the branding and event message into all event designs. Color is really the key to everything. Color affects our senses at every level. And then it's all about attention to details."

Kate works hand-in-hand with the client from initial meeting through planning and execution to ensure that expectations are met. From concept to completion, she has proven that a successful event begins with design but affirms its value with the use of symmetry and attention to detail throughout the entire process. 

Kate: "We love a challenge. Every event has a message, a mood, a specific purpose and therefor its own look. Guests should always remember it."

Here are a few florals we remember fondly:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Entertainment Report: Hot in Cleveland.

What did it take to create "The Perfect Storm" in Cleveland? We got lucky: Wonderful Client + Great Cause + Beautiful Location + the COMPANY MEN  #throwbackPOP

As one band member from the COMPANY MEN put it: "It felt like Summer Camp".

Our client is a Cleveland native and after she graciously gave us her personal city tour a while back, we fell in love with it, too. There is so much to do and see in this re-energized city that we expanded our horizons beyond the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame and LeBron. And yes, those two are pretty fabulous, too!
So we were looking forward to returning here a few weeks ago to produce a very worthwhile event.

Event Producer Kristen Rensch: "Our client is very involved in local philanthropic endeavors, and this particular event was organized to thank the supporters of a unique local playground, that is equipped for special need families, for their participation. We hired
the COMPANY MEN to provide the entertainment. The band was tasked to perform an intimate show for a small group of guests – and the setting could not have been more lovely. Guests were engaged, and quickly fell under the spell of their music and choreography, from the start of the custom event set."

We had been impressed by
the COMPANY MEN during a showcase and we were not disappointed! Stuart, Brian, Daniel and Shawn came ready and prepared with their signature #throwbackPOP and mash-up medleys - they can seamlessly weave 16 tunes into one song. They engaged the distinguished audience throughout the performance. Due to the intimate setting, guests also had an opportunity to mingle with the group afterwards.

Kristen: "Due to flight schedules, we arrived Saturday evening and left Monday morning so we got to explore a bit more than just the airport and the event location. We even had a chance to visit the playground our event was benefiting. The guys are all talented, consummate professionals - and also just really nice guys! So, yes, it felt more like summer camp than a job. We were lucky to partner with them."

Daniel from the COMPANY MEN: "We love playing for a good cause.  EventWorks had supplied us with a lot of information about this organization and Kristen was very supportive of our work.  That allowed us to form a personal connection with the event. The playground serves families and we are all family men so we could truly relate to the audience and the foundation on that level. It really motivated us to make it even more personal and engaging. It was a great experience for us to play for this group and a pleasure to work with Kristen and everyone at EventWorks."

A few days ago some of our EventWorks' staff had the chance to experience the COMPANY MEN's record release and tour launch party. They had their full band on stage at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The show was amazing and we wish them luck on their current tour.

TCM invited us to share their brand new video of their own material:

Janet: "I love the way they re-invent classic R&B songs, funk and pop in their mash-ups. The audience recognizes the songs but the COMPANY MEN give them such a new, very personal twist that the show is totally fresh.
We are happy to bring them to your event!"