Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Happens In Vegas.....

....does not stay in Vegas! We are just amazed at Katie Rogers' hobbies!
Katie and her husband Eric have friends in Sin City. They visit regularly. They just went recently over the first December weekend. Don't worry, they do not have a gambling problem.

For fun, they jumped out of bed at 4:15AM on Sunday, December 6th and headed out to run a little marathon, that is 42.195 kilometers or
26 miles and 385 yards for those of you who like specifics.
Start time: at the crack of dawn, that means 6:15AM this time of year.

Las Vegas celebrates the marathon in fabulous style with a fireworks send-off for the runners by Mandalay Bay Resort. Characters welcome! That explains the Running Elvi.

But now honestly, Katie, how was it?
"Absolutely awful" - spoken with her throaty laugh. "It was only 39 degrees out that early in the morning. I think my muscles never really had a chance to warm up like they do during training at home. By mile marker 16 I was getting really bad muscle cramps. Eric had gotten the flu just a week before the marathon and he was not really back in top form, yet either.
There are two different kinds of races – the first when you’re going for a time. The second, is when it takes everything you have to finish. Unfortunately this race was the latter! So we decided to continue on even if we had to power walk the last 10 miles."

They did finish! Proof right here:

What happened the rest of the weekend? What's going on locally?

"It was busy since the marathon was happening. At the same time the National Finals Rodeo was going on. On the street it looked like runners to the right, cowboys to the left.
Then, to top it off, the much touted CityCenter will open the first phase this month."

Speaking of which, what do locals really think about the almost 17 million square feet large mixed-use behemoth?
"We asked our local friends what they think CityCenter will do to the city. Everyone we spoke to is really excited about it. The architecture is really amazing. It is stunning. It adds a new dimension to the Strip. It's not just another new theme casino. Everyone expects for CityCenter to renew Las Vegas and re-energize the Strip at this time.
CityCenter really takes Vegas to the next level much like the Wynn resorts designed by
Jon Jerde reinvented Las Vegas back in the 80ties.
Everybody here really feels inspired and hopeful."


Update on "green" holiday design:

Our friend, artist Rigo Maldonado, has been using recycled materials
for many different projects for several years.
Rigo: "another "green" year... this time I made my recycled Christmas tree with tubes we were throwing away from an art project. "
Here his 2009 tree:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Wish You Happy Holidays And A Wonderful New Year!

In keeping with our promise to go green, we decided to wish you
"All The Best"
with music instead of paper this year.
We love working with DJ Matt Cornwall who is known internationally
for his outstanding work spinning records at events for clients such as star photographer David LaChapelle, R&B star Macy Gray, Starwood Hotels, Warner Bros, Fox and - of course - EventWorks.
Matt put together this Holiday Podcast for us.

Please click our holiday logo:

Melissa Armstrong, Jennifer Okamura-Albert and Katie Rogers
will celebrate the Season of Giving
by running the SITE SoCal 5K Run/Walk at Terranea Resort
on Tuesday, December 15th to raise funds for many charities.
You can find all the information about the charity event at:

Please consider sponsoring Melissa, Jennifer and Katie.
Every dollar helps!

Please click the links:



Thank you!

We Wish You Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Janet Elkins: Why Early Morning Mingling Is Worth The Early Start!

The alarm clock always rings early in the Elkins household but some days require a faster start than others. November 10th was one of those mornings when Janet dashed out of the house ready for action at the crack of dawn. Destination: Hard Rock Cafe in Universal CityWalk for the MPI Southern California Chapter's Breakfast Meeting. Moderated by Janet, the panel of distinguished experts included Nicole Bernardi of SME, Anthony Bolotta of Bolotta Entertainment, and Mark Howell, Entertainment Productions. Janet and all three panelists are active members of IACEP - The International Association of Corporate Entertainment Producers.

Janet explains:
"This association brings together entertainment colleagues to learn about new talent, share ideas and collaborate. Our objective was to share these concepts with the members of MPI as well as have the meeting planners learn what is important when booking talent and to work more closely with their entertainment producers. Discussions included the various entertainment disciplines as well as the importance of bringing professional lighting and sound and staging to each event. In addition, we discussed the importance of logistics which was broken down to the 4 "S"s - Size, Structure, Style - and most importantly Site Inspections! The seminar ended with the pitfalls of booking name talent. All the panelists shared "war" stories of which there were plenty - but always a useful tool to learn something from."

Are the results worth the early morning effort and extra time?
Janet: "Absolutely! I am a member of both MPI and IACEP and I highly recommend membership in both organizations. The advantages are obvious. You meet colleagues. We learn from each other and we exchange knowledge, skills and ideas. Especially in times of economic crisis, the added support is worthwhile and helpful. Get up early and join us!"

You can find the organizations on the web: