Monday, June 21, 2010

Planes, Trains and Ferries - Katie's Misadventure in New York

Let me reassure you all, I am back in Los Angeles and I did not get into major trouble! I have been on the road a lot and - of course - I have adventure tales to share.
My last production was a wonderful affair on the venerable Ellis Island. To the left here you see a warning to visitors about the high security conditions that apply to all visits to the monument. Well, I am not a tourist so I was busily working away with my American collaborators to put this event together. Obviously, we were bringing in all the necessary equipment by truck. Mind you, you get stopped at something of a border before you cross the bridge to Ellis Island! Those of you who have heard me know that I sport an Australian accent. I have an American husband and a green card. I just don't customarily travel domestically with passport and green card, just my California driver license. I got stopped! And questioned! And politely asked to please take the ferry with all the other foreign visitors so that I could be properly searched before accessing the island. My worries about showing up late were unfounded - I took the ferry and got to enjoy the approach by water like so many immigrants before me. I am happy to report that 1) I am really legal and 2) the event was a very elegant and beautiful affair that went off without any other mishaps.

And since I am in "sharing mode": I had a wonderful time in Boca Raton, Florida. We produced a large company event in a beautiful location and everything went really well. No mishaps, no passport needed but I just want to shout out and say THANK YOU to all my collaborators for making this event wonderful!

Katie Rogers
Director of Sales