Monday, June 26, 2017

Event Entertainment Report: "La La Land"

The Event: "La La Land"
Date: June 6, 2017
Location: Urban Garden Rooftop at Row DTLA
The Concept: Celebrating the diversity and many facets of
Los Angeles

Yes, we do look happy, or "stoked" as a California surfer would say.
Thanks to our wonderful client, we had the chance to adapt "La La Land" for this exclusive corporate event.
The Academy Award darling was a huge success everywhere but Angelenos have a very special place in their hearts for this love story that celebrates our city. Locally part of the fun of watching it on the big screen was to spot and name all the familiar locations.
We are thrilled to have had the chance to create the show for an event.
Please contact to request the promotional video
Do you spot familiar faces in the opening dance number? Brynne Peña, Alisa Walsh and executive producer Kristen Rensch did join the lineup of professional dancers last minute when our choreographers decided that the opening scene - that was filmed very close to our office on the 105 Freeway overpass - needed more people and cars to simulate the traffic jam. Kristen and Alisa also provided their cars to create this scene.

Kristen: "There was no time to cast more professionals and we loved the idea of jumping in. Choreographer Eddie was so kind to send us a training video a couple of days earlier so that we could practice our routine. We only had 60 minutes of rehearsal on the afternoon of the event with the whole crew to learn our spots and queues and to finalize the sequence. We had so much fun doing so, but we will keep our day jobs!"

Planning the overall event took a lot longer. We were tasked with creating five main areas of Los Angeles into regions - DTLA, Hollywood, Beach Cities, Valleys and Westside.
True to the character of L.A., we treated the central walkway of the Urban Garden rooftop on the 10th floor of the parking structure as a "freeway" and created "exits" to the different regions. All of this with the gorgeous, perfect backdrop: the Downtown Los Angeles skyline.

Guests exited the elevator on the 10th floor and arrived in "Hollywood" - scene of the "La La Land" Opening Scene.

DTLA was set up with the backdrop of the real Downtown skyline. Our in-house artist Francisco Flores created the custom Angel Wings graffiti wall. Angel City Brewery offered local microbrew libations.

The Valley - in reality the region where most film and TV studios are located - featured a "screen writer" who created instant typed "screenplay" souvenirs based on guests key words.

Guests could create their own aroma therapy oil mixtures in the Beach Cities.
All regions featured food stations designed by Wolfgang Puck Catering, including the local beach favorite: Hawaiian Poke, offered here in Beach Cities.
The Westside - by that we understand Beverly Hills - featured more entertainment and areas to mingle. 

Kristen Rensch and Ted Bowers turned the rooftop into their production office. 
Kristen Rensch: "Row DTLA is a new location that offers the quintessential L.A. experience: an urban garden with an unparalleled view. We loved the possibility of creating a custom blue print within this large space."

Thank You to our client for the opportunity to custom create this so-very-L.A. event..... and our friends at Entertainment Plus who choreographed the La La Land performances.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Music Report: "Despacito" About to Break All Time YouTube Record

WOW! Puerto Rico is having the best summer ever.
Puerto Ricans just voted "yes" to becoming our 51st state.

And Puerto Rican songwriters Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee are breaking all international chart, downloads and YouTube records with "Despacito". The Spanish-only version has exceeded TWO BILLION views!

"Despacito" is also the first Spanish language song to hit No 1 on the charts around the globe and the longest lasting on top of the charts in many countries.

We fell in love with the island, its culture, its food and its people, while working there.
So without any further ado: swing your hips and start off your summer!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Celeste Bowers Celebrated at New York Book Expo 2017

Look who was rocking the Book Expo New York!

None other than Ted Bowers' wife Celeste, author of "If There’s A Mailbox in Heaven".

More than just a book, this is a message and a legacy of hope and love - and Celeste's life mission.

We are proud to share Celeste Bowers' courageous story.

Everyone has a different way of coping with terrible tragedies in life. The Bowers family encountered this moment on May 29th, 2005, when daughter Christina, just shy of her 11th birthday, lost her battle with cancer. But Celeste found a way to continue to build Christina's legacy. As a young child, Christina had impressed everyone around her with her strong faith, her endless courage and grace during her illness. Celeste: "With Christina, there was no room for anger, and the question, "Why me?" would never be asked. Instead, this diagnosis was answered with, "Use me. Use me, Lord, for Your Name and Your Glory! How could I watch my own daughter carry her cross with such a sweet gentle spirit for Christ and not pick up and carry mine? Every moment of every day was a challenge. The only way to make it through was to lean on our Lord. Christina turned a dismal situation into life lessons. With Christ, I go on and weather every storm that comes my way. I find the strength to share Christina's testimony with the world, praying that others will be changed and even saved. In the end, the clouds will make way for a vibrant rainbow filled with God's promises."

Working through her grief, Celeste decided to capture Christina's spirit and message by writing "If There’s A Mailbox in Heaven", first self-published in 2012 and available online at as well as many online book sites, including Amazon. Celeste writes to Christina as she shares her story. Her journey has taken Celeste from writing, to sharing, to speaking, working tirelessly to spread help, hope and love.

"Life is not about reaching a destination. It is about the journey and the gifts you receive along the way. Christina teaches us to make every moment count instead of always making plans for the distant future. I was Christina’s coach, but after she was diagnosed it was if she wanted to say, “Mom the game’s over here now.  This is the one that counts--The Game of Life. It is my turn to play in this game of life. I am her voice now. We have received beautiful feedback from people who have experienced similar losses. In her short 10 years here she has achieved more than many people in a long lifetime. Christ continues to work through Christina and our whole family.”

The self-published book, beautifully illustrated by family friend Melaine Valentin , “If There’s A Mailbox In Heaven,”  has gained traction and sales through Celeste's many public speaking engagements, her website, Facebook, word of mouth of readers and 100% 5-star reviews by certified purchases on Amazon. This year, Celeste had the chance to participate as an author at the famous Book Expo, the leading book and author event for the North American publishing industry.  

"Of course, I am hoping to spread Christina's message and to continue our work to help others. But exhibiting at Book Expo was not just about meeting publishers. I met so many people on this trip to New York who were touched by our message. That is a gift." Celeste shared her experiences on Facebook.

DAY ONE! BOOK EXPO NYC! Christina is always with me! Let's go! Thank You Lord for every opportunity!
DAY 2 BOOK EXPO NEW YORK. Connected with a wonderful author, Rachel Goldstein, who also is a proud owner of Gifts of Love, Books & More. It's been a great day! Christina is still working!!!🙏❤️

DAY 3: Lady Liberty "Christina" and I head home tomorrow. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been covering me in prayer during this Book Expo. I have learned a lot and have made a few solid contacts. Each morning I asked God to put people in my path that I needed to meet and share my book with for various reasons. Yes, I met important professionals that may help me get my book to a wider audience, but it is the other people who made a difference the cab driver who noticed my name on my badge. He asked if I knew my name meant heaven. When I explained why I knew that and why I was in NY, I showed him my book. He lit up and said, "are you a Christian?". I proudly said yes and shared a little about Christina while traffic backed up and horns HONKED. Christ does live in Christina. He always has! God is good...all the time! I praise Him for this trip and the beautiful gifts I found with every step. He leads! I follow!  🙏❤️

Book Expo led to new professional contacts and possibilities.
We are very happy for Celeste and we hope that "If There’s a Mailbox in Heaven" will help many, many more readers.

Here at EventWorks, we have a multi-cultural work family from many different countries, religions and backgrounds.
And we all believe in
Love, Family, Healing, Hope and Kindness.    

Thank you for reading!

Monday, June 5, 2017

#OneLoveManchester - The Power of Music

What an inspiration!

Ariana Grande succeeded in bringing together Justin Bieber, The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Marcus Mumford, Niall Horan, Little Mix, Katy Perry, a reunited Take That, Imogen Heap, Pharrell Williams, Robbie Williams, and surprise guest Manchester born Liam Gallagher in less than two weeks to play the 3-hour benefit for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

The message was loud and clear: Love will win.

50,000 filled the Old Trafford Cricket Ground Stadium.

Television and radio stations in 38 countries, spanning the globe and all time zones, broadcast the concert live.

Facebook, Google and Twitter streamed it to millions more simultaneously.

And over 3 million dollars were raised for the Manchester Relief fund during the 3-hour concert alone.

The show must go on - and it did. Despite the Saturday terror attacks in London, and an enormous security effort surrounding Manchester, the social media response and media describe the concert as a celebration, joyous and unifying.

We are thankful to all artists who keep spreading messages of hope and love.