Monday, July 25, 2016

Event Report: Summertime - And The Production Is Not So Easy

In early July Brynne Peña had the enviable task of producing a series of three evening events in a gorgeous coastal setting, a private estate in beautiful Palos Verdes, California.

The Theme: A Storied Night Under The Stars at The Cliff's Edge.

The Event: three consecutive gala dinners for varying numbers of guests with changing entertainment.

The Challenge: HEAT!

Brynne is happy to share the details on how we beat the elements to keep the guests comfortable.

Brynne: "The client entertained at their own private location and we had proposed a basic look that could be adjusted each day to accommodate the very differing guest counts. On night 1 we had 45 guests, night 2 saw 100 and the final night closed with 110 revelers. We had worked up blue prints for all three nights that allowed us to incorporate existing structures and include the pool area in the setting. Exact planning allowed us to add 8' banquet tables as needed for the higher guest counts without having to take down the previous setups. 
The California coast is infamous for cool fog and nightly marine layer in spring and early summer.
We had planned ahead and rented a 40x80 clear tent to ensure the view of the Starry Nights and protect our guests from the elements."
Crystal chandeliers provided an elegant touch to the outdoor location. 

Crystal chandeliers provided an elegant touch to the outdoor location. 

The tent arrived on the first day, just in time for a change in the weather. It got unexpectedly warm and sunny for the coast! 
Brynne: "The outside temperature reached about 85 degrees. Our tent acted as a green house. Temperatures peaked near 105 degrees as we were setting up. We were drenched in sweat. It was time to make some phone calls! The tent setting was way too hot for guests. We called our trusted partners and added air conditioners and fans. Our crew then went to work, expertly setting up the cooling equipment while they adjusted tent openings at the same time to create more air flow. We worked hard and fast to create an all around comfortable environment." 

Further changes were made to the installation schedule, bringing in all floral decor as late as possible to prevent wilting.  

Brynne: "I am really thankful to our amazing crew! We managed to reorganize our setup and get the venue finished just in time for the event. During the days our crew worked in triple digit heat, under time pressure to get it all done. Our client and the guests never noticed the heat challenge! By 6pm the tent was elegant and cool. Nature provided perfect sunsets to top it off. We celebrated three beautiful nights under the stars, with mild ocean breezes."

Thank you to our crew and especially Brynne! Always the pro, she never let anyone notice that we perspired and she met the challenges all outdoor events pose with a smile.

Very best,

Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Deeds! Let's Make This Video Go Viral! #NCAMChallenge

Dear Friends!

Please join us, donate one minute of your time and accept the #NCAMChallenge!

A very worthwhile non-profit in Santa Ana, California, could win thousands of dollars if their video goes viral.
And all you have to do is click ❤︎.

"My longtime friends know that I originally worked as a school teacher in a tough neighborhood in my hometown Chicago. I moved West and entered the event production world and - as they say- the rest is history. But I never lost my passion for arts in education and that is why I have been a supporter of the Orange County Children's ARTS Center for several years. The Santa Ana based non-profit provides a large number of art based therapeutic and educational programs to an under-served community - and their successes speak for themselves. It's a pleasure to see the kids and students excel and thrive!

OCCTAC is currently participating in a nationwide campaign called #NCAMChallenge on  The Festival of Children Foundation offers participating non-profits a chance to win up to $50,000!

OCCTAC has an amazing success story to tell and their violin teacher Cynthia Faisst accepted the challenge and recorded the video with her reverse engineered violin duo!
These two young musicians are each missing one arm. However, they did not let this stop them from joining OCCTAC's violin program. Cynthia found out soon enough, though, that traditional prosthetic arms did not work well as bow arms. Searching for an affordable solution, she contacted the Limb Art Project at St. Margaret's Episcopalian School. High school students in a 3D printing program developed the high tech bow arms for the reverse engineered duo! The bow arms can be produced at very low cost, allowing the OCCTAC students to exchange them regularly as they grow!

Please support the violin students and OCCTAC.
Go to the video, click "Heart" and please share, share, share!

In a world full of sad news OCCTAC provides a place of hope and happiness - thank you for your time and your help!
Let's support these kids by making the duo's video go viral!

Warm regards,

Monday, July 11, 2016

Event Report: We Built It - And They Came.

The Event:
A 4-Day Luxury Incentive Event

Guest Count: 51 VIPs

The Location: The Resort at Paws Up, Montana

Our Task: Creating a "Glamping" Western Experience for three distinct evening events.

We ❤ Montana and especially Paws Up!
The countryside's beauty is the best event backdrop anyone could ever imagine!
We were tasked to produce three separate Western Ranch themed evening galas.
Our final night was a true celebration of locally sourced food. We centered the evening around a long table, family style, for the ultimate farm-to-table experience to our guests in an open field at Paws Up. This was capped off by an entertaining performance.

In order to turn ideas into reality we had to turn the field into an event space.
For starters, we needed to build a bridge! The planned guest drop-off was adjacent to the event field but separated from the venue by a creek!
A fair amount of discussion with resort management ensued as we planned the bridge construction. Eventually Paws Up's management liked the idea of adding value by turning the open field into an accessible ready-to-go event space so much that they consented to the bridge construction and actually assigned their in-house construction team to the task of building it themselves."

Kristen Rensch: "This was the first time that we worked at a resort that provided an in-house team of craftsmen and builders. Considering the distance to the next town, 2 hours drive at least in any direction, this was heaven sent!"
Since the field was in it's completely natural state the surface was uneven. In order to create an even platform for the communal table we went about creating a 96-foot long imperial table deck. Part of that project:  a grass mowing plan to ensure that the space would be functional while it retained its natural character.
Kristen: "It is one of those details one has to think about when working in nature. There was a cast of many that played a role in the mow plan decision."
The main kitchen was much too far from the event location. We solved the issue by building a 24x36 foot catering wing.
The Country and Western band needed a stage. We created a new fire pit in the center to fend off the chill.
As they say in Montana: "If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes."
We kept a keen eye on Accuweather reports. We had moved one event indoors on short notice because cold rain had been forecast. As a result we had sacks of river rocks, enough to build a 100-foot path, available for another purpose.
On our last day the forecast once again contained wind, cold and rain.
Our river rocks became the basis for a brand new fire pit!
Paws Up sent the excavator at 10am. By 3pm we had our 6-foot wide pit finished.
Ted Bowers: "As the temperature kept dropping it became clear that we needed more than the fire pit to keep the guests comfortable. We had to make a number of calls but managed to source a 40x100 clear top tent with five side walls that could be delivered in time."
During the evening the outside temperature dropped to 38 degrees! However, our guests were protected from wind and rain. They danced for 2 hours to the live music of the band! The program ended on a high note in Big Sky Country.
Kate Brack embellished natural beauty with gorgeous, locally sourced floral design.
This event for 51 guests took a long time in planning and a lot of infrastructure building.
We are really proud that our client was happy.
It is also very satisfying to know that the venue loved the results so much that a number of the new features became a permanent part of Paws Up.
We can't wait to go back on vacation!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Please Enjoy Our Musical 4th of July Greetings!

With the help of these amazing young artists who do such a beautiful job singing our National Anthem.

 Best Wishes from
Janet and your EventWorks Team.