Monday, December 19, 2011

We Wish You A Happy Hanukkah And Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends!

We are wishing you all a very Happy Chanukah with Janet's song selection, the very funny Adam Sandler song "Happy Chanukah, Part 3".

DJ Matt Cornwall:

Just in case for those of you who may either perhaps  live under a rock, or on Mars, "The Chanukah Song" is a highly humorous song written by comedian Adam Sandler with Saturday Night Live writers Lewis Morton and Ian Maxtone-Graham and originally performed by Sandler on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update on December 3, 1994. Sandler subsequently performed the song as part of his stand-up act, later updating it with new lyrics. All variations center on the theme of Jewish children feeling alienated during the Christmas season, and Sandler's listing of Jewish celebrities (both real and fictional) as a way of sympathizing with their situation. Unfortunately, "Part 3" which was done back in 2002, is the last "update" we've received from Mr. Sandler, so, if anyone knows him personally, (after all, we're all one big happy Industry family now aren't we?? : ) i'm sure I speak for countless others when I ask, nay beg you to beg him for "Chanukah Song" updates now and forever (or at least until the song finally convinces us to make Christmas 8 days mandatory!) 
Happy Chanukah everyone! 
DJ Matt Cornwall

We hope you all have a peaceful Chanukah and Christmas and spend a wonderful time with family and friends - and celebrate at least 8 days, no matter what!

Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!

Janet and all your friends at EventWorks

Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Snowy Winter Wonderland in Southern California, Indoors - and a Burlesque Lounge In Chicago's Convention Center.

Dear Friends,

Chris Gerstenblatt has been very busy, creating Holiday cheer in various locations on behalf of our clients.
We really appreciate the indoor "Snowy Central Park". All the Wintery mood without suffering cold, wet feet! We installed this Winter Wonderland in the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA for a client's party.

Chris dashed off  to continue with a Holiday Showcase at an annual trade show in Chicago, IL.  Over 600 companies showcase their product to buyers in the incentive and association markets. Over  five thousand guests come through the show in just a four hour time frame. It is important to make the booth pop to get some attention.
We produced this enticing booth for Starwood Hotels, using a bright, cheerful, attention-grabbing red.

Wishing you all Wonderful Holidays!

Monday, December 12, 2011

EventWorks Presents: A Special Holiday Treat From DJ Matt Cornwall

Dear Friends,

We found this one on DJ Matt Cornwall's personal Facebook page. Our favorite DJ created this beautiful atmospheric musical mix just as a gift for his friends. We find it hauntingly beautiful and "Winter Moody Desert Lady Mix" really shows the amazing talent that DJ Matt is.
Go ahead, download it from SoundCloud and plug in, then head East on Interstate 10.

 "It's been awhile since I've made what is called a "desert lady" mix, which is basically a sort of moody ethereal vintage-y cinematic collage intended to drive around the desert with... particularly Palm Springs. I've made several which I will find and post, and usually those mixes were made in the spring and summer, however, I decided to make a short one for the Winter. 
Please feel free to get into your car now and escape to the desert listening to this mix... or just drive anywhere listening to it :)"
DJ Matt Cornwall : ) 

Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Winter Moody Desert Lady Mix track listing : 
1. Ya Sumeera ~ The Divine Comedy 
2. Stuffin Dreams ~ DJ Matt Cornwall 
3. Just for you (flipped gaby vocals) ~ TEEBS 
4. Alice~ Pogo 
5. David ( Rice Twins remix) ~ The Radio Dept. 
6. The Inventor's Dream ~ McDonald & Giles 
7. Trip ~ Vacationer 
8. Oasis of Dakhla ~ Les Baxter 
9. Lullaby for Robert (Bogdan Irkuk Remix) Al Usher 
10. Come to Mary~ Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Here After 
11. Clair De Lune ~ Debussy (Isao Tomita recreation ) 
12. Don't Stop Now ~ Eddie Holman

Monday, December 5, 2011

EventWorks Wishes You Oh Happy monDay - Ray Charles And Voices of Jubilation

Ladies and Gentlemen: RAY CHARLES!

I don't know about you, but there's one thing that definitely gets me through the madness of the holiday season in one piece .. and that is ... "simplicity"...... and especially if it's got one of the sweetest "right on the money" soulful grooves backing it up. My dear "behind the scenes" friend Marion at Eventworks turned me on to this little pot of holiday gold featuring Ray Charles joined by the world famous 120-member Voices of Jubilation Gospel Choir of Newark, New Jersey for his first Christmas special ever, recorded in 2003, singing " Oh Happy Day." It is truly magical to watch the brilliant beautiful genius that is "Ray"; never missing a beat, swingin' it, swayin' it, and keeping it oh so very real ... all done in the confines of a simple gorgeous rhythm, human hands clapping, and an ever powerful compelling simple repetition from this mighty choir; T'is the season to simply rejoice! FYI, the leader of the chorus will let you know "it's alright to put your hands together" just in case you already started ! Happy Holidays DJ Matt Cornwall