Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Celebrate A Centennial? EventWorks at U.S.Grant

How do you honor and celebrate the
of an iconic hotel?
 EventWorks was charged with
creating special elements to honor and
celebrate the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego.

We decided to span and honor the century by
including historic figures, location, art,
memorable events and interactive entertainment
to create a decor and ambiance worthy of the
iconic hotel in Downtown San Diego.


Three aspects were transformed into Living Portraits.

Capturing a Presidential Moment 

History was made nearly 50 years when
Senator John F. Kennedy made his speech for presidential candidacy from the 
balcony of THE US GRANT.
As a nod to the hotel’s presidential history, 
a living replica of the historic moment stood before hotel guests celebrating
THE US GRANT’S 100th year anniversary last weekend.

A Living Interpretation of the Primrose Centerpiece
Artist: Native American Artist, David Montour
Since its re-opening in October 2006, the Grand Lobby has featured a stunning 4-foot tall, white bronze centerpiece depicting a woman emerging from water with three primrose flowers. The centerpiece, honoring the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation’s correlation to THE US GRANT from ancestry to ownership, was brought to life during the celebration, as a life-sized replica of the centerpiece stood to be observed by guests roaming the lobby.

Ulysses S. Grant:  War Hero, 18th President 
Namesake of this Fine Hotel
Artist:  Urban Lawrence Gray
An artistic representation of the circa-1900 oil on canvas portrait of 
Ulysses S. Grant has graced the Grand Staircase of THE US GRANT since its opening. 
The portrait now hangs in the hotel’s lower level foyer.


We also used Ted Bowers' 1911 Cadillac as a decoration in the lobby 
and deployed many stroller performers in period costumes 
spanning the century in custom costumes. 
Guests ate from buffets offering historical menu items and 
sipped Aged Manhattans, specifically barrel-aged cocktails for this event.

A huge thank you to our friends at E Plus Productions and 
Living World Entertainment/Key Artist Group, 
and to the US GRANT for having us!

Thank you for reading!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ted's Passion: The Permanent RM Auction Site in Auburn, IN

You may have noticed that there is little news from Ted Bowers on the blog.
There are really two reasons. 1. Ted is always working on productions and 2. and foremost, Ted is definitely the strong, silent type. More Gary Cooper than Quentin Tarantino!
But we finally have Ted News! Classic cars are Ted's passion. This past summer he realized a dream for EventWorks' client RM Auctions: 
the construction of a permanent auction block in Auburn, Indiana.

The Auctions America by RM Auction Block - Labor Day Weekend 2010

Ted: "RM purchased the 225-acre Kruse International Auction Park to create their first permanent auction site in the United States. Once the transaction was completed we had 45 days to transform the stage from concept to the new auction block. We started with this original."

and helped to create this dream.

45 days for a permanent installation is a very quick turnaround. At the same time, RM was creating the new brand for this event. We were starting from scratch. Thankfully, we have a long relationship with RM so we know what look, feel and quality they expect.
However, putting up a stage set for a weekend-long event is very different from building a permanent structure. This auction block has to look as good as new 10 years from now. In terms of construction it is more like building a house. We started with the existing structure but retrofitted and redesigned it completely. The structures, hardware and materials were chosen for longevity. Building something that will be there for decades was very satisfying!"

Ted's passion for cars started a long time ago. Ted's father collected classic cars and Ted grew up loving them.

This is his 1911 Cadillac! Mrs. Ted Bowers - Celeste - and Ted the proud drivers as their car was awarded "First in Class" in Pebble Beach. 
Ted: "My father originally purchased this car at the age of 15 from a junk yard and restored it. I recently re-restored the car and still have it today. We also have a 1911 Pope Hartford my father found in a barn in Porterville, CA, in the forties.
We have lots of fun with a new addition to the collection, a Ford Woodie."

A California Dream!