Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet Our New Contributor: Hey Mister DJ's Lee Dyson!

We are happy to present: DJ Lee Dyson, owner of Hey Mister DJ and Entertainer Extaordinaire as our new musical contributor! We love working with Lee and we are sure his guest blogs will raise your energy level sky high for the week!

Lee really needs no introduction in our world. Some career highlights include: Director of Entertainment for America Live, resident DJ for a chain of high profile clubs in Miami and all the top events as well as weekly club residencies in Los Angeles since he arrived in California in 2003. In 2012 Lee won the “DJ of the Year Award” in the Biz Bash Readers Choice Awards.
But you have other worries - April 15th is looming - and Lee put together a musical cocktail to get you through tax time good mood intact.

Lee Dyson: "Well….it’s almost that time again! They say money can’t buy you happiness…and while that may be true…in the words of comedian Daniel Tosh: “you know what it can buy you? A wave runner…and have you ever seen anybody sad on a wave runner?”
 So with that in mind I can’t help but think that tax time is upon us and since most of us are getting ready to fork our hard earned money over to Uncle Sam I thought I’d share a list of songs that will reflect your pain and frustration. Oh, and for those of you that are actually getting a refund…congratulations...but we don’t wanna hear about it!"

Follow Lee on Spotify and Keep on Dancing!

Please check out DJ Lee Dyson and Hey Mister DJ on the web.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Live from Las Vegas: Liese Gardner from the Event Solutions Conference & Trade Show

The Event Solutions Conference & Trade Show is in full swing! We checked in with Event Solutions’ content curator and industry liaison, Liese Gardner and asked “What are the highlights we should not miss?”

Liese Gardner: “Look for Steve Kemble! His SassFabness is an Ambassador to all things fabulous this year. Steve will roam the lounge and the trade show floor to interview guests and announce events and speakers. His amazing energy will rub off on you, no matter how tired you may be!

If you are a business owner, try to make it to Sean Low’s special consultation style session “When Doing “OK” is No Longer Good Enough” on Tuesday from 11:30am to 1pm. The work shop is limited to 50 participants, all business owners, who will have a chance to work with Sean, a top industry consultant, to address challenges and find ways to take their business to the next level. If you haven’t signed up online, you may still have a chance to sign up in person today.”

Liese also has a couple of speaker recommendations.
“Today at 10:45am there is a Featured Session – "Emerging Event Trends for 2014.” Straight from London, England, we have’s Julius Solaris whom we all know as a global social media and event app expert. Julius also writes the technology-driven annual report “10 Event Trends.” He will share his latest insights. 

And at 4:45pm, I suggest catching Cara Kleinhaut from Caravents in her Featured Session "Integrating Social Media into Event Design.” Cara will share examples of how her company has successfully integrated the use of social media in events."

Obviously, we will reserve some energy for Monday night’s special event, “The Muse.”

Liese: “It’s really over the top and a must-do! Events have been all about food lately.  Cade Nagy and Dan Smith from Catering by Design are taking it over the top with nine different themed food stations. This is really an event where event planners, florists, designers and caterers come together to create these stations that present food as entertainment. It’s the perfect synergy of all elements. The food is ranging from modern French Asian to Street Food and Choux Fetish for your sweet tooth. It will be fabulous.

On Tuesday, we’ll have some fun with the AFR The Main Event 2014 Design Challenge. It’s like a speed design sports contest. The bell rings at 1:30pm sharp and two contestants will have 25 minutes flat to pull furnishings and d├ęcor items from AFR Event Furnishings and participating exhibitors to create their designs in the Event Solutions Lounge. Come on over and vote! The Design Winner will be announced on Wednesday night.

And finally, during Wednesday’s Closing Night La Vie en Couleur, the industry awards, we will celebrate the Spotlight Awards as well as the ICA CATIEs, and the Catersource ACE Awards. At the awards there will be a new induction into the Hall of Fame. And guess what? This person will be inducted by Event Works’ own Janet Elkins who was the inductee in 2012. Janet will be announcing the 2014 Female Inductee, Hillary Harris, Executive Director of Special Events at Warner Bros.

There’s a lot going on! It’s a week for us all to rejuvenate, reboot and get excited about what promises to be a great year in the events industry!”


Liese, thank you so much for sharing insider tips!

I am happy to get a chance to meet so many colleagues and friends this week.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Party Up! We Have The Best Irish Music For Today!

We were quite intrigued with an article in L.A. Times' Business Section about the future of the music industry and Lucian Grainge's plans for Universal Music Group. In one sentence: the future is digital and distribution is going mobile and global. It's a brand new world. Gone is our parents' stereo system.
One factor will never change: people all over the world love music. We asked Matt Cornwall - who happens to be half Irish! - to get us the best soundtrack for today! Digital, of course.

DJ Matt Cornwall: "Happy St. Patricks Day! I thought about maybe sharing the deeper more meaningful or historical facts surrounding this day, complete with interesting anecdotes, quotes and the likes.  However I do realize (being half irish myself ; ) it’s hard to process when you’re in a pub or party with friends and on your third Guinness so here’s a Spotify list of the 30 best drinking songs ever!~ Cheers ! "

Apparently, the Irish welcome kissing on St. Patrick's so here is Kisses to All Our Irish Friends - and anyone wearing green today!

Happy St. Patrick's! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

We Are "HAPPY"!

Our favorite Oscar Moment: Pharrell Williams performing "Happy"! Can it get any more infectious?! Pharrell Williams got even Meryl Streep to shimmy her shoulders! Now that's the kind of motivational, blow-the-roof-off-the-hall kind of song and choreography we all love to use to get a group of guests going. We are willing to bet that "Happy" will go down in event sound track history.

DJ Matt Cornwall: “Happy” has been the #1 song requested by everyone - young and old alike -whenever I dj any event anywhere for the last month now! I attribute part of this, in addition to the song’s highly infectious upbeat rhythm and Motown feel, to it’s message. How refreshing is it for a pop star to simply celebrate being happy in a song?! I’m not kidding when I tell you that literally everyone runs to the dance floor when I play this song! As a DJ, I love and truly cherish those rare songs that uplift unite and empower people and allow them to celebrate life together and “Happy” has got to be one of the best examples of this, I’ve ever heard : ) Hurray for Pharrell, let’s be happy!”

We couldn't agree more!
Happy Monday!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Event Report: Bringing South Africa and Panama Into One San Diego Night

Yes, Ruva was ready for showtime! This South-African crested porcupine was part of our annual kickoff event for an international hotel chain client. Location: Harbor Island, San Diego.

Our task: to get the 2000 guests excited about their possibilities in 2014. At stake: the chance to get incentive trips to Panama and South Africa.
Our goal: to bring a taste of Central America and South Africa to San Diego.

So we headed to South Africa by bringing themed decor, food and our branch communal tables into the event tent.

Entertainment segments featured Drum Cafe West's traditional gumboot dancing, Zulu stilt walkers, Zulu dancers and drums. 

Heading out of the tent, the party continued on the plaza with DJ Matt Cornwall and a much appreciated presentation by the San Diego Zoo Animal Connection. Porcupine Ruva and serval Jasiri captured attention like A-List stars on the red carpet.

Just down the walkway, guests entered the Panamanian Nightclub.

Entertainment featured a Latin Conga Quartet

and an infectious Brazilian Percussions group featuring two Samba dancers.

The extravaganza concluded with a real rock star concert, followed by a Late Night Dance Party with DJ Roonie G.

It took an energized, hard working EventWorks team, 25 performers in 6 acts, 2 DJs and 2 exotic critters to bring two exotic locations into one San Diego site for this fabulous international night.

Janet Elkins: "My team really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with the design and bringing together these global theme aspects and many entertainment acts and turn all these elements into one cohesive, fun, entertaining and inspiring night.
Thank you all for your hard work and the long hours on this job!"