Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Technology

We - especially Ted Bowers - are keeping an eye on CES in Las Vegas to figure out how we can best use the newest, latest technology to enhance our event productions. The developments and applications in the last years have changed expectations of our clients and their guests. They watch "Avatar" and "Tron" in the movies, we explore how we can keep up and incorporate new possibilities and looks into our world.

Ted Bowers just used 3D technology to maximum advantage for our client's annual meeting.

Ted: "We wanted to transform the meeting room into a virtual world that needed to engage the guests. To this end we used a new media system to create an exciting and completely immersive experience for the attendees.
The design of the general session room for Mohawk Industries featured a seamless 400’ wide projection surface including circular surfaces and 3D architectural scenery." 

          "The key to achieving crystal clear video projection was the integration of 3D video mapping system.  The video mapping system controls the Pandoras Box playback and configures the projection to cover large, complex installations. The Softedge blending and warping  techniques of the system mapped the environment and configured the 20 HD video projectors we used to cover the room. With this technology it is possible to project onto 3D surfaces like a dome or sphere and realize amazing 360° projections."
The system we use has a proven track record ranging from fixed installations to  touring productions like the Cirque du Soleil Delirium Tour and award  shows including the Emmy’s and CMA.

For this event EventWorks developed a landscape of video imagery conveying a Pantheon-like feeling within the ballroom. The arena was brought to life with the content-in-motion surrounding the spectator. 3D architectural columns throughout the room gave the set design strength.

"Our client wanted to energize their sales force. We pre-produced and created a custom opening media sequence for Mohawk’s General Session that introduced the audience to the theme “Spirit of the Entrepreneur”. Computer-graphics (CG) animation was integrated with actual video testimonials to convey the message. The video media was produced specifically for the surround environment. For example, using a realistic 3D graphic recreation of Mohawk retail space, we provided viewers with a 360 degree experience from within their seat in the general session. The audience moved from room to room within a store—with the surrounding left and right walls depicting what they would naturally view in the ideal retail environment —as if the meeting room itself is a central viewing point to the "outside" world. Overall, the production provided an unforgettable immersive experience for all in attendance."

We are glad to have Ted as our technical director and we want to give a shout out to the creative team... Marcelo Cruz, Greg Holford and Greg Russell. 

If you have as many questions as we do and need ideas and answers, call Ted!