Monday, January 26, 2015

Event Report: We Do Football in "Sporty Sophistication"

Can a sports viewing event be classy and sophisticated? Yes!
The frigid winds - 7 degrees! - off Lake Michigan did not deter Account Executive Brynne Price from producing her dream: "Sporty Sophistication" at the W Lakeshore in Chicago on January 11th.

Brynne: "We had produced similar football watching events in previous years but this time we were tasked with the creation of a very upscale event! Instead of a sports bar or pub look and feel this needed to be a lot more chic and elegant."

The Premise:
A 3 1/2 hour long Football Watching Party hosted by our client for 285 VIP guests who were in Chicago for PCMA.

The Location: The W Lakeshore Chicago. The lobby had recently been modernized and remodeled. The event took place on the lobby level, in the lobby and the restaurant. It was essential to highlight the new features.

"We used Solo cups to create illuminated custom signage by suspending them on fishing lines around the dividing walls and attaching battery operated tea lights.
The primary focus of the event was Watching The Game. We made sure to set up the whole event with the television screens in mind.
We provided photo ops with the "locker room" backdrop in which we included the 9 brands of the client's hotel properties. We created football player cutouts for photo opps. The client had the great idea of adding cheerleader cutouts. The client had also created team shirts for servers and bar tenders.
We were happy to repurpose branded pennants to add a sportsy feel."

So now the big question is: who are you rooting for this Sunday coming?
Patriots or Seahawks?

We will make sure to catch the commercials! What a wealth of creative ideas!

Warm regards,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Event Report: Kenichi Ebina - AGT Season 8 Winner - on Our Stage.

We had a fan moment! A few weeks ago we had the chance to work with Japanese matrix dancer Kenichi Ebina!

Back in the summer of 2013 we had first been amazed by his dance style on "America's Got Talent". Yes, we watched the whole season and routed for Kenichi!

We made contact even before he won.

We finally had a chance to work with him a few weeks ago.

Location: Anaheim, CA.
The occasion: the final night Dinner Party for 160 Japanese corporate guests.

Kenichi was contracted for a one-man performance of 5 segments total in two separate stage appearances.

Janet Elkins: "He was the perfect choice for our group! Besides being an amazing performer, he is multi-lingual and very funny and charming in person. His performance got our guests off their seats but it was great that Kenichi Ebina connected with them in conversation as well.  The venue was a hotel ballroom and a chance to meet and see him up close. Everyone loved him! We know the guests won't forget this night!"

We had the chance and took it: we asked for a group shot.
Wishing you a lighthearted week!

Monday, January 12, 2015

TSE 2015 - Happy and Grateful to Have Won a GALA Award

Ted Bowers, Greg Holford, Kristen Rensch, Brynne Price, Janet Elkins, Kate Brack.

We are so thrilled and grateful to have been honored with a Gala Award for Best Event Entertainment Concept and Execution: Budget Above $100,000 for "the Sky is the Limit", the re-opening of the Pacific Ballroom in Long Beach, CA.

But we also had a wonderful time at last week's The Special Event Conference in Anaheim, CA, meeting colleagues, making friends, exchanging ideas, and learning about new trends and technologies.

Time well spend to recharge our professional batteries!

As Conference Ambassador I was happy to greet and welcome all of the attendees to a sunny, record-breaking warm Orange County, CA.

Thank you for attending our work shop, "Sales Strategies: How to Increase Sales and Maintain a Competitive Edge".
Our panel consisted of EventWorks' Janet Elkins and Kristen Rensch, Kathy Miller from Total Event Resources, Connie Riley from T. Skorman Productions who stepped in for last minute prevented Dianne Devitt, Sally Webb Berry from The Special Event Company and multi-tasking Harith Wickrema from Harith Productions, Temple University and Eco Serendib Villa and Spa.
We had fun sharing our experience and we were thrilled to meet our attendees in our "deep dives" where we got a chance to sit together as groups and get deeper into the questions and issues at hand!

Last but not least, we are very proud of the achievements of our Director of Floral and Event Design Kate Brack who co-chaired the After Party!

She had 30 minutes to turnover the room! A tough job that took an amazing crew!

30 Minutes in 30 Seconds Timelapse:

A true Before and After Situation!

I had a great time last week!
Can't wait to do it again! Meanwhile I am looking forward to staying in touch by phone, email and Facebook!
Warm regards,

Monday, January 5, 2015


Wishing you a Fabulous, Successful and Happy 2015!

Bringing it in with a bang: Phil Grucci's World Record Fireworks in Dubai one year ago.
The Guinness Book World Record was confirmed just this past October.
We found this video from Dubai Film on YouTube.
Truly stunning and amazing!