Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brand New Floral Designer - Brand New Design!

Drum roll please! We are happy to present our new
floral designer, Kate Brack!
Kate joined the EventWorks team during the month of May and she and her
Boston Terrier, Beatrice have quickly become part of our office family!

Kate arrived from New York a year ago where she already had extensive
work experience in the event business. "My husband and I had long
dreamed of living in California. He secured a job and we made the
decision to make the leap. I was working as a lead designer at Floral
Art on Abbot Kinney in Venice but was missing the fast paced, creative
environment of the event design world. Then I heard that EventWorks was
looking for a designer and the rest is history!"

So what gets a New Yorker to dream about the left coast?
Kate: "Actually, the beauty of the California coastline has long been an
inspiration for my designs. There is so much variety in the local
vegetation, from fresh cut blooms to native plants, the landscapes in
California are like no other!
I am also really excited to be here because it is easier to explore and
discover new trends.
So many creative design ideas originate in Los
It did not take Kate long to start a new trend! "Like many designers, I
have long incorporated plants and succulents into my designs. On a
recent trip to the market I was inspired by the silvery, mystical shape
of the air plant. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate living
things into my centerpieces as a way of moving towards a "greener"
future for tabletop design."

Air plants are great from the organic aspect. They are versatile and
offer up alternative styling options for tablescapes because they don't
need to be placed in a container. Better yet, they can be repurposed to
your home or backyard after the event!

"People are being inspired by the otherworldly right now. Think Tim
Burton's Alice in Wonderland or Avatar. The look has a hint of mystery
and a sprinkle of goth. Airplants are the perfect topping."

You can reach Kate at EventWorks.