Monday, February 19, 2018

What We ❤️ At The Winter Games Opening Ceremony

The talk around the water cooler - well, okay, we also texted about it - at our office this week: what was your personal favorite moment of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games Opening Ceremony?

Here is a list of the moments that moved and impressed us the most.

Brynne Peña, our in-house sports event expert and ice hockey fan:

"The Korean ice hockey players, scaling that huge flight of stairs with the Olympic Torch. Talk about a calorie burn! Go hockey!"

Ted Bowers:

"Shaun White's exuberance during the opening ceremony was infectious and reminded us that these are games. He posted really fun video clips on his social media channels. I'm also happy to see that he won the Gold medal again."

Elizabeth Brazil:

"I consider myself pretty patriotic and I loved that they used the LED lights mounted to each seat in the stands to depict each nation’s flag as the teams entered and that it traveled around with the team as they moved though the arena."

Kristen Rensch and Kate Brack agree:

"The world record setting, pre-recorded Intel drone show was absolutely stunning."

Alisa Walsh:

"It was really cool to see the stadium come alive through the video mapping and augmented reality components. A big Shout Out to ETC Audiovisuel!

Janet Elkins:

"I was truly moved by the Korean K-Pop stars' rendering of John Lennon's "Imagine". What a perfect way to start the games! Unfortunately the video has been blocked because of copyright issues."

Still hoping that we will all give Peace a Chance!

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