Monday, February 26, 2018

Large Crowds and Large Spaces - How To Conquer the Challenges

We recently had the pleasure of transforming two large, blank spaces into exciting, themed event venues. We conquered some challenges in the process.

Here is our report.

Event Location: Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA.
Date: January 18, 2018, 6pm to 1am.
Guest Count: 1200
Event Theme: Nineties

Kristen and Alisa with client Eliza.

Kristen Rensch: "This group had experienced a number of events in the San Francisco area. The client wished to invite them to a fresh new venue. The waterfront Fort Mason, with gorgeous views of the Golden Gate Bridge, was selected.
We started with a blank space that was actually too large for this group.
Our solution: we pulled in the perimeter and created catering corridors. Next, we created intimacy through strategic placing of a variety of colorful seating areas and bringing in a central curved salon bar. Three more bars were placed on the sides to avoid lines.
Nineties themed decor and activities, such as a Bart Simpson donut wall desert station from our San Francisco based caterer and Hello Kitty food stations added ambiance and dimension. Both a DJ and live music kept the party going. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the night."


Event Location: LA LIVE Deck, Los Angeles, CA.
Date: February 6, 2018
Guest Count: 3300
Event Theme: Beach & Brew

Kristen Rensch: "Our challenge consisted of theming out such a high, large space to create the Beach & Brew event. We used all dimensions of the deck.. We brought in large, tall elements that played to the height, such as the palm trees and the photo trailers. 
How to you keep 3300 guests engaged? The LA All Stars and a DJ provided entertainment. Food and beverage stations served continuously fresh California beach fare. Furthermore interactive games and activities on the open air deck kept the attendees engaged."

"We applied detailed lighting packages in both venues to transform the blank spaces. We had the luxury of shoulder days for load-in and load-out for both events, a necessary luxury to ensure good audio. We ran numerous audio tests to make sure the levels will be perfect in a filled space. 
We love bringing trans-formative spaces alive. Our next large event will host 4500 guests. We will be happy to report about it."

Thank you for reading.

Photo Credit: LA LIVE Event photography by Lisa Bronitt.
All other photos: EventWorks

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