Monday, December 11, 2017

Our Thoughts Are With Friends and Family Affected by the L.A. Fires

As we are writing this six wildfires are raging in Southern California. 200 000 people had to evacuate their homes, including our former operations manager Dee Cannella. Life in the Los Angeles area has been turned upside down for the time being. Here is a list of useful links to keep Event Pros up to date.

It seems to be the year of natural disasters in large urban areas. We watched from afar as hurricane after hurricane slammed into Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, not to mention the neighboring Caribbean islands and Central America and Mexico and we worried about friends in Northern California when flames engulfed Napa and Sonoma Counties.
This time Southern California is making worldwide headlines. According to authorities it could take weeks to get all fires under control but as we learned from Houston and Florida, life goes on.
Our friends from the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board sent out a very useful website link that delivers all the information to our industry on one site:

To obtain updates via Twitter, please use the following links:

As horrible as the situation is some people's actions restore our faith in humanity. Many of our Facebook friends are offering their guest rooms to evacuees. And this video by RMG News has gone viral: a man saved a rabbit from the fire along Highway 1. 
All Rights RMG News/ The Dodo

There is hope in any situation.

To all of our local friends and family: be safe.

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