Monday, October 23, 2017

Event Report: The Elevated Open Air Board Dinner

The Challenge: We had to upgrade an exclusive event at a location that is outstandingly gorgeous and luxurious on its own.
Solution: We transformed the grounds.

The Event: The Board Dinner
Guest Count: 60
Event Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017
Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California.

Alisa Walsh: "The guests of this dinner were very VIP, the founders and hotel owners of our hotel group client. Consequently the Ritz Carlton made many exceptions for us and allowed us to hold this event on the lawn. We were allowed to bring in our own team to transform the space. We decided to bring in Bamboo Lantern tents because they provide such a wow factor and could be seen from all over the property. We had to truck in the tents in from Los Angeles, the only place where they are available."

Alisa: "The space allows for 300 guests so we used decor and tent spacing and placing to create a more intimate feel for the 60 VIPs. One tent was a bar, one tent was a lounge. We also built a clear span tent to provide work space for a kitchen. The culinary team of the hotel did a fantastic job offering a la carte dining for the guests in this unusual location."

The reaction: "The client loved it. We also noticed that many hotel guests took photos of our setup. We love using these gorgeous tents to transform a space."

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