Monday, May 8, 2017

A Mother's Day Story from EventWorks

As we all get ready to honor our moms this coming Sunday, we would like to take a moment to honor one of the hardest working moms of three amazing children we know, our floral assistant Aracely.

On her own, and as sole provider, with her three children (pictured here above with her children and nephew, EventWorks in-house artist Frankie) for over a decade, Aracely has succeeded in raising her two daughters and her son to be amazing achievers and goal-oriented, hard working young people we love. Asked what her secret is, she smiles and explains, that it was at times difficult, but that her kids all did their part. This is one tight, supportive family!

The EventWorks team is close knit and we have watched the children grow and thrive. We recently became aware how much these young people have already achieved when oldest daughter Alexxia, 22, discussed her college application progress with us.

Alexxia, 22:

Alexxia is bi-lingual English/Spanish and proficient in French. She is about to graduate from Cerritos Community College with an Associate Certificate in Business Administration this month, to go on to University this fall.

Described by her teachers and work managers as a "brilliant learner", this straight A student prepared her university admission applications last winter and sent off her letters in February to continue her education in accounting and business management in hopes of pursuing a career as CFO with a national accounting firm in the future.
The acceptance letters started to pour in quickly enough! So far, Alexxia has been accepted by California State Polytechnic Pomona, CSU Los Angeles, UC Irvine, CSU Long Beach. CSU Bakersfield,  Humboldt State, CSU Channel Islands and San Francisco State. She hopes to get accepted at her dream University: USC, which issues acceptances in June.

Alexxia pays for her education by working several jobs at the same time! She is a part time In-N-Out Burger Associate and she is also the part time accountant clerk for a roofing company while in school. During her vacation from school, she works as a full time accountant clerk at the roofing company.

Alexxia: "I hope to be financially healthy and in a career position to help my Mom retire in seven years."

Itzayana and Marco are well on their way to follow in their sister's footsteps.

Itzayana, 19,  is working a part time job at In-N-Out Burger while attending college to receive her AA in Administrative Justice. Her goal is to transfer and work as a DEA officer or as a gang unit officer.

Marco, 16, is in his junior year in High School, working to maintain his As and Bs to go to a four year college right after high school.

"Our Mom has taught us the importance of hard work. We appreciate everything our mother does for us, from working full time, to coming home to make dinner for us, and finding the energy to talk to us about our day. We thank her everyday for being such an involved mother and for always finding the time to talk to us about our goals and ambitions. Everyone who has ever meet our mother knows, that not only is she a great, loving person, but also a strong woman who always has a positive attitude, even when the day isn't going so well."

Janet: "We all know how hard it is to raise a family, but doing it so successfully, when you hail from an immigrant background and had no opportunity to access higher education, and are left to be the sole provider for three young children, really shows what an extraordinary woman and mother Aracely truly is. We have nothing but admiration for her. 

Fingers crossed for an acceptance letter from USC to Alexxia. They will be lucky to have her among their students."

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms this Sunday.

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