Monday, April 24, 2017

We Loved This Industry Retreat! #FTLOY2017

Can you imagine Janet in a dawn yoga class, relaxed and mellow at 7am?
We could not, either.
But it happened a few weeks ago when Ted and Janet attended TPG's Luxury Lifestyle Reboot in Napa Valley, For the Love of YOU 2017. Janet and Ted came back happy, relaxed and glowing. 

We were excited about TPG's invitation to attend the 3 day weekend at the luxurious Meadowood Napa Valley. A weekend of great wine and great food in the company of great industry colleagues sounded enticing enough. However, it turned out that the experience left us much more inspired than we anticipated. TPG allowed us to share details.


There's a sea change happening in today's uber-connected world.
Employees, colleagues, partners, and friends want more purpose, more daringness, less of the scarcity caused by our 24/7 bombardment of BS.
Together we'll become Life Ninjas, our phrase for rad folks who live authentically and with clear direction. 
(Miss) Stuart Patton, Communications Manager for The Performance Group Northern California,  was so kind to share this information with us.
FTLOY2017 was a full success, starting with guest reaction.

Attendees (without a hint of schmaltz) said things like “the weekend was life-changing!” and “I’ve been on a journey I don’t want to leave.”

Many carefully curated aspects made this weekend magical.

For starters, the location. Meadowood Napa Valley, with its oak trees and tucked-away cottages, offered a totally immersive “getting away from it all” vibe.  And get away from it all one had to; iPhones displaying “No Service” caused initial panic then lasting relief. And the conference rooms aren’t very conference-y. They’re more residential retreat, complete with crackling fire, than boxed in boardrooms.

The speakers were the A-List we have come to expect from TPG, known for curating amazing talent for its clients. This retreat was no exception.

Deb Parsons, President of TPG, opened the weekend by sharing exactly what motivated her to create this gorgeous and special event. She talked about the fact that 'For the Love of YOU' was years in the making. She was driven by an internal knowing that it was time to take all of TPG’s worldly event experience and create something of their own.  It was an opportunity to connect the dots and use all the levers that TPG has in their tool box to really move, change and inspire people. Deb explained how this event was conceived as a platform to help themselves, their clients and their partners slow down and listen to their souls.

We kicked off the event with Ayelet Baron, a former tech executive who’s committed to making an impact on business, as we currently know it. Her book, Our Journey to Corporate Sanity, argues that purpose and profit must combine to bolster our next generation of corporate leaders.
During lunch, we listened to Grammy-nominated songwriter and performer Ciaran Gribbin talk about his background in war-torn Ireland, and his belief that music has the power to bring people together. When he sang Brown Eyed Girl … well, let’s just say … few eyes were dry.

David Howitt, author of Heed Your Call and CEO of the Meriwether Group, discussed the merits of a personal hero’s journey — leaving what’s comfortable and tapping into the heart to manifest what you really want in life. Drawing upon the power of “and,” we learned we can be managers and artists, techies and yogis.

Laura Munson, author of This Is Not the Story You Think It Is … A Season of Unlikely Happiness and creator of Haven Writing Retreats, closed by giving us the time and guidance needed to sort out the weekend’s common themes. She began by describing her let-down after reaching her life’s dream — becoming a New York Times Best Selling Author. The experience taught her that success is a myth. And if success is a myth, failure is a myth. Laura realized that happiness cannot come from outside circumstances; contentment comes from following one’s heart (seeing the weekend’s BIG theme yet?). She then led the group through a personally moving writing exercise, helping new and experienced writers mine their own hearts. The session ended with guests checking their calendars (iPhone service restored) in hopes of attending one of Laura’s upcoming Haven Writing Retreats in Montana.

The Yoga instructor who impressed Janet and Ted to take up yoga - and stick with the practice ever since - was one of lululemon's carefully selected yoga ambassadors.

Jessica Micheletti, yogi extraordinaire, lead the group through a journey comprised of fragrant oils, crystals, and live music. A fire was lighted in the fireplace while she helped the group climb into an alternate head-space. Yes, live music and glowing fires during our yoga sessions.

We have been to many retreats but FTLOY really delivered: it was truly inspiring and the takeaway is of lasting value.

Happy to be Ninjas and looking forward to 2018.


All photos courtesy of The Performance Group. 

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