Monday, April 10, 2017

Event Report: Brynne Peña Took Over Petco Park

The Event: a 3-day Conference in San Diego
Event Dates: March 19-21, 2017
Guest Count: 1400+
Our Tasks: we provided full production services for a series of events surrounding a conference, culminating in the Closing Night Extravaganza at Petco Park.

We had spent 2 years on planning this event, especially the Closing Night Extravaganza in Petco Park, in great detail.
And then Murphy's Law applied.
The weather forecast changed, TV announcers were aflutter, RAIN was in the Southern California forecast for event time. Our event was planned as an outdoor event.

Brynne Peña explains: "After two years of discussing, planning, drawing and sourcing the event we literally had to do a 180 with 48 hours to go. We went back to the drawing board, created new diagrams and put the whole event under cover.

The entire Field portion of the event had to be moved up off the field because of the impending rain.
We moved the bars into the locker room to create a sort of secret, "hidden" Speakeasy kind of bar, giving exclusive access to this area that normally the public would not be allowed entrance into.
We placed the interactive activities inside the stadium and set up the concert stage in a weather proof area. We did dress our band in baseball uniforms!
By the end of the night, the skies were dry. Our closing fireworks went off without a hitch! Yes, I drank even more coffee than usual!"

"Part of the fun was the unusual access to the stadium. Not many of us get to enter the field in our lifetime. Did I mention that this event took place two weeks before the season opening? A lot of diplomacy was involved in making the client's dream come true without damage to the Padres' lawn.

"Ron Burgundy" proved irresistible to all of us.
Lauren, Brynne and Debbie.

"We checked Twitter. Some commented on the unexpected 8-minute custom fireworks and guests shared their excitement.
We love to see great reaction!

We also got to stretch our creative muscles for a
beach-themed, indoors Welcome Reception.
We had the opportunity to fulfill our design
wish list, a lot of updated, modern,
fun beach decor.
Kate Brack designed, Carolyn Vasi sourced.
Manuel built and Frankie painted.
We delivered new customized pieces."

Wishing you a fabulous week now that the boys of summer are back! 

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