Monday, March 13, 2017

Brynne Peña's Childhood Dream Came True: She Worked at The Academy Awards!

Just to clear one question up immediately:

Brynne Peña had absolutely nothing to do with the envelope mishap!
But Brynne did fulfill a childhood dream and worked behind the scenes at the
2017 Academy Awards!
Yes, it was all she dreamt it would be and she did fulfill several "bucket list" wishes in one evening!

Brynne, still glowing from the experience, explains how she ended up at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood's biggest night:
"One of my friends at church is also an event producer. Mary is specialized in award show production and I have helped her out in the past when she was short staffed. So when she called just four days before the show looking for experienced producers, I jumped with joy and said YES!"

If you watched the show you know, that host Jimmy Kimmel let candy rain on the VIP audience. The Candy gag was added just days before showtime, thus requiring 10 trustworthy event pros on very short notice. What you did not see on camera were the Candy Servers who distributed candy to everyone inside The Dolby Theatre during the commercial breaks.

Brynne's work title: Candy Server and Aisle Captain.
"After each of the three candy drops we entered the theater during the  commercial break immediately following the to distribute candy to all attendees. I was in charge of an aisle with 6 candy servers working under my wings."

 "As Aisle Captain on the stage right I wore one of the official radio head sets to be able to listen to all the director's queues. As the three drops happened we were stationed at the aisle doors - "Candy on Stand-by" - and, upon queue - "Candy Go", I had to make sure that all 7 of us entered "my aisle"  in order to surprise the attendees with a choice of candy. I presented my candy in a portable tray, like a cigarette girl. In order to make the candy serving work, we had priority to enter the theater. At times, we were allowed to dash past the winners and stars, who were waiting to get back into the auditorium.
It was so much fun!
I delivered candy to Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Viola Davis, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Lin Manuel Miranda, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Denzel Washington and MERYL STREEP!"

Faithful readers recall that Justin Timberlake is one of Brynne's favorite artists. Meeting JT and Meryl Streep while working at the Academy Awads: a dream come true.

"I still can't believe that I got to offer red vines and junior mints to all the stars. I accidentally brushed against Denzel Washington - and I talked to Justin Timberlake! Yes, we are used to celebrities in Los Angeles and in our business, but JT and Meryl Streep are among my childhood idols. It was really an incredible experience to meet them up close."

Early on Monday morning Brynne was back in her usual role as account executive for EventWorks, and on Amtrak heading down to San Diego where she is producing a series of events this month. With bucket list memories for a lifetime!

Wishing you a fabulous week!

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