Monday, December 21, 2015

Best Wishes from Your Friends at EventWorks

Best Wishes,

Janet, Ted, Selena, Kate, Max, Dee, Brynne, Kristen, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Marcelo, Greg and Marion

Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Most. Customized. Private. Event. Ever!

We were so honored to be involved in the production of an important private family event with a philanthropic element for a very dear client recently.

We had a lot of fun creating and executing a detailed, completely customized affair for 250 guests.

The Concept:
A Carnival Reception followed by a Basketball Dinner Party.

The 90-minute Reception took place in two large red-and-white tents that were erected in the patio area of the venue.
We provided eight fun and inter-active carnival games and five booths, stocked with authentic carnival prizes.
An iPad caricaturists and a British iPad magician provided entertainment.

Kristen Rensch: "The client had created an event name and logo and all 250 guests were addressed in a very personal manner. Everyone received customized party favors!
At check-in all guests received a branded cloth bag with handmade name tags so that they could store their carnival prizes.
Our booths were stacked with a large variety of colorful plush animals, including 300 event branded and custom produced teddy bears!
Branded coat check tags were handed out to winners of the jumbo-sized plush animals so that they could pick them up easily just before leaving the party.
All young guests received branded and customized basketball team socks to take home."

 "We served a variety of locally sourced and popular snacks, all packaged and presented on customized displays like this popcorn table. Children could create their own custom flavored beverage at a soda bar. A wood-fire pizza truck served mini pizzas in custom boxes. A dim sum cart and a variety of passed hors d'oeuvres completed the reception offerings. All cups were custom designed with the event branding!"

 "As the reception concluded, guests were ushered towards the customized "Hall of Mirrors" that was designed to disguise the ballroom interior. As the passageway was opened and guests entered, the 5000 square foot Basketball-themed ballroom was revealed. We had created a 90' by 90' wooden dance floor with custom graphics that looked like a basketball court."

"We displayed custom basketball jerseys with the Guest of Honor's name and favorite number, decorated tables with basketball centerpieces and hired the Harlem Hoopster Trio for entertainment. Seating arrangements featured custom throw pillows. Dinner consisted of a fully customized menu displayed on five buffets that all received sports-themed treatments. Lighting and signage matched. And dessert cookies were branded! Table numbers were displayed on foam fingers. All wait and event staffers wear custom t-shirt uniforms. All guests received more party favors: custom t-shirts, branded rubber bracelets, LED glow sticks, sun glasses and a take-out box of mini-donuts."

 "It was a lot of fun to help bring together such a fun, colorful event. We were especially touched by the fact that the private family celebration also served as a fundraiser for disadvantaged local children and youth. Collection bins were stationed throughout the event and guests were asked to bring a donation in lieu of gifts! All the branded items and furnishings will be repurposed in the future for the family's foundation fundraising events."

 We are grateful for the opportunity to work for you!

 Warm regards,

Monday, December 7, 2015

No Longer Business As Usual?

Dear Friends,

We were literally in the process of creating our mail campaign about a very fun, colorful event we recently had the pleasure of producing as news service alerts started to flash across the computer screen.

"Mass Shooting in San Bernardino. 14 dead - 17 injured"

News of global terror attacks and senseless killings seem to now become a nearly daily occurrence. Paris, Bamako, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Baghdad,
Colorado Springs the week before last,  San Bernardino 5 days ago.....

So we are asking: how can we maintain a sense of normalcy?
While our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, we are nevertheless working on strengthening our positive attitude and sense of balance.
We do not want to give the attackers the satisfaction of "winning".

We asked a group psychology expert for advice.
Lorraine Aguilar, globally working owner of Working Harmony whose client list includes the United Nations and Merck:
"There's a lot that people can do to stay centered and not live in fear or go numb.
Workplaces can host honest conversations to inform employees about security measures and address employee concerns.
Individuals can take political and social action to increase regulation of firearms and mental health advocacy.  Empowerment is the way forward."

Dutch-German film maker Timm Hogerzeil created a highly successful series of de-stressing wellness videos that are so effective that the U.S. Armed Forces use them.
We hope you enjoy the soothing beauty of "Marine Aquarium".

I would love to hear from you!

How are you and your team adjusting to the new reality?
Do you think that our industry will change as a result?

Warm regards, Janet

Monday, November 30, 2015

Janet: Inspired by a Visit to Las Vegas

What happened in Las Vegas will not stay there!

Janet just returned from a truly just for fun, no-work-at-all trip with her Chicago Posse of Girlfriends to Sin City.

Having a chance to just enjoy Las Vegas, Janet came home inspired and full of ideas for event productions!

 What a difference the purpose makes!
We usually travel to Las Vegas for work and get to see the venue and our hotel room.
This time, I actually got to see new places, eat in new-to-me restaurants and attend a show just because it's a big hit.
All four of us loved Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace.
I also won a whopping $66.25 at the Wynn!

Most of all, I came home very inspired by Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque de Soleil!

His 80s hits still get guests on the dance floor at any event but Cirque de Soleil's extravaganza offers so much more!
It's 90 minutes of non-stop, jaw dropping, innovative, absolutely world best entertainment that encompasses updated musical arrangements, smart use of Michael Jackson videos as part of the story line, spine-tingling acrobatics and aerials, flawless choreography and dance and incredibly creative use of event technology.
LED costumes, special effects, innovative lighting, holograms, mixed media projections all add to the energy of the show - I regret that I never had the chance to attend a live Michael Jackson concert but ONE is inspiring.

Furthermore CdS designed the hall for a totally immersive experience, down to the individual stereo speakers in each seat. You are surrounded by a musical and visual feast that will have you on your feet!

I came back thinking about all these elements and how we can adapt them to the corporate event world.

Have a look at ONE.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wishing You a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Considering the sad state of the world at this time, we are especially grateful for a chance to retreat to the comforts of our homes for the holiday and hopefully we all get a chance to spend it with our loved ones.

We really felt the need for a good laugh and found this gem from SNL - an irreverent and funny take on daughters coming home.

 Yes, we love to spoil our kids!

Wishing you ALL a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Back from Sochi, Russia - the ВЕДОМОСТИ-­‐КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ Report

I just returned from attending my first Event Show in Sochi, Russia.

EVENT SHOW 2015 - RENOVATION spanned several days of meetings with participants from around the world.

Nearly 7000 miles each way and well over 40 hours in round-trip flights were truly worth it!

Here is my report:
First, a big Thank You to my Facebook friends who followed my Russian Adventure this past month – and a big shout –out and credit to Cindy Y. Lo for all those incredible photos and posts!  Thank you!

What an amazing opportunity!  A business trip to beautiful Sochi and a side trip with Cindy to Moscow since we were "so close" after the three day conference.

I am grateful to the organizers of EVENT SHOW 2015 and our liaison, Anastasia Abramova, for the invitation to present "Best Cases" on behalf of EventWorks.

One of the highlights was the opportunity to meet so many inspiring event industry colleagues from so many varied backgrounds. The conference was truly global and the chance to mix and mingle resulted in a real learning experience for all of us.

Coming from the land of the Space Shuttle, Google, Facebook and Apple,
I figured that we Californians had the technological future wired into our collective state-based DNA.  After all, we regularly apply advanced technology in our productions!

I was amazed, however, to see what the rest of the world is doing with technology! Events around the world have gone hi-tech and Californians aren't the only ones proposing futuristic ideas.

The biggest impression for me was how much we all deal with the same issues no matter what kind of event one is producing.  We all encounter the same challenges and must have the same passion to solve problems and deliver a wonderful event.
Seminars focused on the importance of corporate branding and how we get inspired.
One colleague has spent 18 years working in the Middle East and his report on cultural differences and sensitivity was a real eye-opener!

No matter the country, the culture, or the language, people everywhere have the same basic emotional needs that must be satisfied if you wish to deliver a successful event.
This is just another affirmation that we are really all just one.

It was great to realize that we are not bound by cultural or geographic boundaries but quite able and free to work anywhere

I have made new friends and promise I will attempt to be better about staying in touch via social media!

Warm regards,


Oh so different, yet so familiar: Babushkas and Vodka, Krispy Kreme and Apple stores in Moscow.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Entertainment Report: Jay Leno!

Two birds with one stone:
1) We had the pleasure of working with the former Tonight Show host and car enthusiast Jay Leno
2) for a really good cause: one of Orange County, California's longest running charitable events, the annual St. Joseph Foundation's Celebration 2015.

Location: the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa.
Date: Saturday, October 17th.
Guest Count: 520 seated dinner guests.

As you know Ted Bowers and Jay Leno share their love of classic automobiles and had worked together in the past.

Ted: "Jay Leno is well known for his big heart for charitable causes. He often donates time and effort to the Make-a-Wish organization and he supports several health and children related causes. So it seemed natural to approach him for the St. Joseph Foundation's Celebration 2015.

He really delivered - above and beyond! He entertained the guests with his 60-minute stand-up show and continued on to enhance the live auction until late into the evening.

The foundation had an award-winning professional auctioneer. Jay stepped in and worked in tandem with the auctioneer to help increase the bidding and excitement.

He did not stop there!
Jay also auctioned off private tours of his famous car collection at his Big Dog Garage, now shown on CNBC on Wednesdays at 10pm.
Jay kept pushing the donation level up, good-naturedly pressuring the guests to raise their hands. Jay's generous gesture raised an unexpected, large 5-figure amount!

We always love to work for this good cause.
This year, St. Joseph Foundation's Celebration benefited the St. Joseph Hospital Innovating for a Healthier Community campaign. The funds will be applied to the St. Joseph Hospital PET/CT purchase. More than a machine, this is peace of mind. One of only two of its kind anywhere in the United States, it combines CT X-ray scans with positron-emitting nuclear medicine scans to produce images of unparalleled detail.

We are grateful to Jay Leno for bringing in 100% commitment to entertaining the guests and supporting the cause!"

We have had the honor of providing design and technical production for the St. Joseph Foundation Celebration for many years.
Each year, we have the pleasure of working with celebrities who are giving their best.
We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of such a worthwhile cause.

Warm regards,


Warm regards,


Monday, October 26, 2015

Event Report: A Summer in San Francisco Bay

We are happy to share a new sizzle reel - Thanks to our wonderful client! - of our month long production in Alameda Harbor.

This event took place six times - the finale to a Chinese incentive travel program that visited the San Francisco Bay Area in May and June 2015.

The location: aircraft carrier museum USS Hornet in Alameda Bay.

We turned this historic Navy ship into a safe and memorable, spectacular event space and presented the more than 10,000 guests with a customized 4-hour gala program of non-stop action.

The series celebrated 20 years of company history, served as a launching campaign for a new product, and concluded with an exciting preview of the 2016 Incentive Destination: Bali.

The USS Hornet production included
  •     military fly-bys to honor the location.
  •     iconic historic characters added to the entertainment.
  •     the real USS Hornet Band welcoming the guests.
  •     a Canada-based Chinese star and an American who sings in Mandarin!
  •     a customized live choreography of the Chinese super dance hit "Little Apple".
  •     900 Alaskan crabs sourced directly from the fleet of "The Deadliest Catch".
  •     the aircraft carrier surrounded with close proximity fireworks.
  •     Special accommodations were made for the youngest group. We created a completely custom-branded Electric Journey.
Our friend and client allowed us to share this video of the event series.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you to Bert and his incredible team - Chi Chi, Phoebe and Rebecca -with whom we spent five wonderful weeks in San Francisco. We are glad you liked the North Face outlet just as much as we did!

And Thank You to our amazing, hardworking L..A. and San Francisco team:
Marie R., Scott Z., Rick T.,  Rick J., Dianne J., Doug J., Eddie M., Christa J., Jonny B., Eileen C., Wanting, Jim A., Todd R., Solomon R., Jon M., Elaine B., John B., Richard E.,  Pattie., Stephanie., Peter B., Dina R., Rebecca M., Isobel, Sean F., Susan G., Murray S., David F.,  Ron L.,  Robyn, Mickey, Zack, Asher.

And of course to the EW team of Ted, Kristen, GRH, Max, Carolyn, Leo, Edwin, Juan, Nick and Brook

Thank you for all your kind and professional work.

We would like to dedicate this acknowledgement to our friend and colleague Bob Walker.

Thank you for watching!

Warm regards,


Monday, October 19, 2015

Event Report from Sweet Home Chicago

You can get Janet out of Chicago but you don't get Chicago out of Janet! The American College of Trail Lawyers Conference took place recently in Janet's hometown. We had a wonderful time with longtime clients and friends - and lots of deep dish pizza!

Oh Home Sweet Home! We were really looking forward to getting a chance to celebrate the city with our very own Taste of Chicago.

We started and ended our week in Chicago with a crew dinner at Lou Malnatis' Pizzeria.
We met  friends Paula Marks and Michele Montgomery Giczewski at Gino's East for more deep dish pizza!

Ted and I were very happy to join our client and friend Dennis Maggi and wife Michelle for the best corned beef at Manny's Deli and I had a chance to have a lovely Michigan Avenue lunch with Chicago's Kathy Miller.
I caught up on all things Chi-Town with The One and Only Empress of Schmooze Audrey Gordon in Greek Town for some incredible ouzo wine and spanakopitas.
Last but not least, running into former EventWorks colleague Kristen Radakovich was truly a bonus.

We did work!
Our gorgeous location: The Field Museum.
Dave Calzaretta/Magnificent Events provided top tier local entertainment acts. MagEvents' Brett Ihde worked with us on site and took this photo.

Every evening featured it's own distinct entertainment.
Light jazz, a high energy cover dance band and - of course- the finest in Chicago Blues!

We are back in California and I am taking a break from pizza but I am happy to share great music!
Please enjoy the Matthew Skolar Band!

Thank you for indulging my moment of nostalgia!

Warm regards,

Monday, October 12, 2015

Design Report with Music! We Let The Good Times Roll

Les Bons Temps rolled in Southern California last week - we had the pleasure of creating design and florals for a series of occasions. 2000 guests for two breakfasts, two lunches and two Galas - we brought Black and White Elegance and 1930's New Orleans Jazz style to the evening events.
Director of Floral Design Kate Brack worked with our wonderfully creative new client to define the look and feel for the two day event. It was essential to create floral that stayed fresh and could be repurposed for several occasions.
Consequently, the breakfast, lunch and meeting decor consisted of succulents.
Floral artist Rebecca Motus and her team went to work.
"We used 5 varieties of organic materials, succulents, green dianthus, lotus pods , textured greenery, orchids. The decor took over 750 stems of black succulents called aeonium  arboreum Schwarzkopf commonly called black beauty or blushing beauty succulents. We added over 550 stems of aeonium green hybrid and over 1,500 stems of green dianthus and 560 stems of lotus pods. Almost 300 preserved boxwood spheres in different sizes, 400 blooms of white phaeleonopsis orchids, 850 stems of white lisianthus, 350 stems of white hydrangea."

Preparation and production on all of these items took about a week and a half with a full staff of five floral designers under Rebecca's guidance.
We produced 185 organic green arrangements for the breakfast and lunch,
85 sleek black and white arrangements for the dinner and almost 300 preserved boxwood spheres in different sizes , 4", 6", 8", 16", 22". 

White, black and green floral in black and white cylinders worked well for the overall look and they still looked fresh by the end of the second day! The final night transported guests from Anaheim to the Big Easy.

The client wanted to promote "Togetherness" and they had selected the theme and the band: an amazing 19-piece 1930s New Orleans Orchestra and Cabaret Show.
We had to include branding in decor and provide the right setting for the show.
We customized the center bar and added the company logo to our living boxwood bar. 

Napoleon Lounge settings framed the dance floor. 

Evergreen topiaries, lanterns and hanging baskets evoked the atmosphere of Congo Square. 

We are happy to say that our client loved the results - so much they shared on Facebook.
Our DJ Lee Dyson started off the evening with a motivational custom mix to promote "Togetherness". 

This song list will motivate your team this week!

Turn up the volume! 

 DJ Lee Dyson

 Thank you to my amazing team for turning this vision into reality!

Warm regards,


Monday, October 5, 2015

Well Deserved! Hollywood Celebrates Kool and the Gang!

We are feeling fan jitters!

Kool and the Gang will receive their well-deserved Star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard this week!

We are in the mood for a "Celebration"!

As we heard the good news announcing the October 8th ceremony, we could not help but reminisce about the countless events we worked with this iconic Celebration band.
The press release is an eye opener! They are celebrating 50 - FIFTY! - years on stage and they are still the hardest working band in the event industry. All of you who have experienced the guest response to Kool and The Gang understand why. It is simply impossible not to be infected by the pure joy of their performance and music. If you want to ensure a full dance floor, play "Celebration". This party anthem has survived on top of the list for four decades!
So we hope to put some pep into your step on Monday morning!

 If you happen to be in Hollywood, catch the ceremony:

Thursday, October 8th
7065 Hollywood Blvd, corner of Sycamore.
Robert "Kool" Bell, Ronald Khalis Bell, Dennis "DT" Thomas and George Brown will be in attendance.

Now Get Down On It!

Warm regards!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Please Meet Our New Project Manager: Max Blum

Max Blum

Max Blum
Project Manager

Office: 323.321.1793

Max is on Linkedin

Many of you may have spoken to or met Max over the past 12 months as he has been free-lancing with us as a producer.

We love his detailed-oriented, efficient work style and his calm-in-the-storm, positive disposition and we are happy to announce that Max Blum has joined the EventWorks Team as a full-time Project Manager!
Max will lend operational and event support to our team.

Things you should know about Max:

Max is one of those rather rare real Californians, born and raised in Los Angeles. However, he carries two passports thanks to his British "mum" and he has spent a lot of time in the United Kingdom.
Max holds a B.A. in Communications and Media Studies from CSUN and comes to us with an extensive background in television and video production.
He honed his skills on National Geographic, Travel Channel, Animal Planet and commercials productions.

So how does he remain calm and collected during the mad times of live events?

He gets rid of his stress! Max has been practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu for 8 years and recently earned his brown belt.

And he is a really nice guy!
Max is a member of the Young Literati and in his spare time he volunteers at the Los Angeles Library Foundation.
Both organizations support programs that provide low-income families with access to learning and technology.

The young lady by his side is longtime girlfriend Tania Verafield.

Max is looking forward to learning everything about corporate event production and to producing amazing entertainment!

Warm regards!


Monday, September 21, 2015

Set Your DVRs: National Geo October 4th on Steve Elkins' Honduras Project

Steve Elkins' Honduras Adventure continues!
We are happy to announce that National Geographic is currently featuring the story in both print and television.


It's been a long time coming - National Geographic is telling the story in a new documentary that will first broadcast on October 4th.
Please check their website for local times in your area.


American author Doug Preston's print story is already available online and in the October print edition of National Geographic Magazine.
Steve Elkins is currently working with his team members and Honduran officials to return to T1, now known as part of the the Mosquitia Patrimonial Heritage Preserve.
"Modern technology has allowed us to prove there is much more to the history of the Mosquitia than previously assumed. This area has seen very little exploration. It is a relative black hole in the archaeological records. We are very excited about the possibility to learn more. Do I think that we found the famous Lost White City or the City of the Monkey Gods? They are legends and so far I think not. However, there is evidence of a sophisticated ancient culture in this area with more to come as research continues. As remote as it is,  deforestation is a real threat to the area and Honduran archaeologists fear that clear cutting could reach the area within 8 years. We already saw deforested sections not very far away during our helicopter flights. But we have hope! The success of our Lidar and ground exploration has had enormous resonance with the Honduran people. It is a matter of national pride. The findings strengthen their sense of cultural and natural patrimony. Honduran officials, with the assistance of the National Geographic Society and others hope to establish a scientific research station in the area. Even though T-1 is part of a protected national preserve it is still at risk. President Juan Orlando Hernandez has created a military task force called Operation Forest consisting of special forces soldiers who protect and patrol the area from potential looters. Many of the members of this task force are indigenous to the Mosquitia. They are proud and excited to have this assignment! I  hope that the project will have a positive impact on the preservation of this area. We hope to return  for more exploration soon."

For a long time, we did not dare hope that this project would go so far.
I am so very happy, not just for Steve, but also for the overall positive impact of his work and dedication.
Thank you for reading and watching!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Special Report: Doron Gazit's "Red Line" in the Sand

While we just fret about the drought some people are inspired to turn their concern into an amazing art installation!

Our friend Doron Gazit introduced his current environmental art project "The Red Line" a few months ago at the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts.

Less than three months later, he realized his first large-scale installation at the Dead Sea, Israel.

We all know him as the innovative industrial designer behind air dimensional design.
Doron is passionate about using his materials in environmental art installations to draw attention to issues close to his heart.
Doron: "As an Israeli I have water conservation basically embedded into my DNA. We all grow up very water conscious and we learn how to use it responsibly. Watching the California drought evolve is difficult because I know how much water goes wasted here every day. The Red Line installation is a long, inflatable “red line” to draw attention to lands that have been devastated due to drought and climate change, such as the receding waters of the Dead Sea which loses 3 feet of water annually."
Doron installed the first project in the Dead Sea at the beginning of July.

  "We actually installed two projects at the Dead Sea.

The first installation on July 3rd left me feeling somewhat dissatisfied because the location did not allow us to visualize the ravages of climate change as much as I would have liked.

Fortune had it that that very evening, when we returned to Kibbutz Ein Gedi, I bumped into Zabo. Zabo, a tour guide and resident of the Kibbutz, recognized me from a few decades before when I visited the Kibbutz for an art event.  This incredibly warm and resourceful gentleman offered to help find a better location."

When Doron came down again on July 24th, Zabo drove with Doron for a good part of the day, directing them to different spots. As is often the case, they came upon the best spot at the very end of their search, right before the sunset. This was an area further north that had many sink holes but was reasonably accessible.
A splendid evening was had with Zabo, his friends, and a very cold watermelon in the hot weather. Zabo’s hospitality was priceless.

The following day before sun rise, Doron had a new support team which included Zabo, his son, Uriyah, and Zabo’s friend Becky from New York.
As the images show, this area was not only dry, it also had a moon-like topography and was littered with sinkholes of different sizes and depths.
The images show this uninviting environment in detail. This terrain provided the impact that Doron wanted to achieve with the Red Line Project.

Wherever Doron visited and spoke about The Red Line Project, he was received with great enthusiasm. He was equally grateful to be embraced by the Israeli Drone Photographers Club, headed by Shay Shapira. Shay told Doron that he’d try to make it to the Dead Sea before sunrise, but gave no promise. It was an extremely pleasant surprise to see Shay there, and not only Shay himself but seven other club members, all with drones carrying cameras.
The footage shot by Shay and the other club members, which they so generously offered for the Red Line Project, give a fantastic perspective of the project within a wider landscape.

The 500 foot red tube of the Red Line Project is packed and ready to be reused at the next stop around the world. Doron is currently preparing a Red Line installation in the San Joaquin Valley, just North of Los Angeles.

We promise to keep you informed about dates and location on our Facebook page.

Warm regards,

  Acknowledgement: All photos and the video provided by Doron Gazit. More information about The Red Line and more art projects are available on