Inspiration: The Red Line and Elements - Art Projects by Doron Gazit

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art - wrapped in The Red Line by Doron Gazit.
Since we last checked in with Doron Gazit, the artist and industrial designer has lined multiple locations in California with The Red Line and his art work is currently on exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art as well as The Loft at Liz's in Los Angeles. He is being mentioned in one breath with Cristo!

We look forward to working with Doron to wrap an environmentally themed event.

We were happy to report on The Red Line at the Dead Sea in September 2015. In the 8 months since, Doron has installed his environmental awareness art project in several locations in drought ravaged California. As always The Red Line concept highlights the impact of Global Warming on the environment.

In December of 2015, The Red Line snaked through the Pyramid Lake burn area, just North of Los Angeles.

Doron Gazit:
"After my Red Line installation in the sinkholes of the Dead Sea, I continued to draw the line north of Los Angeles among the burnt trees close to Lake Pyramid.  This is a continuation of my planned installations in locations around the world affected by global warming.  The black surface of the environment was a striking contrast to the Red Line. It was very sad to work in this devastation knowing that just a short time ago it was green and full of life. I did this installation together with my friend Jordan Dawes, who is an excellent photographer and videographer. I also received great help from CalArts Professor Michael Darling, who lives close by and helped me find a couple of sites containing burnt forests."

Next came an installation in Laguna Lake, CA.

"I brought the Red Line Project to the dried out Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo. Between the drought and constant silt build-up over the past 40 years, a huge portion of the lake has unfortunately dried up. The water-less land in the lake was extremely cracked and broken. I’ve seen many landscapes afflicted by the drought; this one seemed to symbolize dryness. It was very unpleasant to walk on this hard soil, there were no soft spots to be found.  Additionally, there were very strong winds – We had to change the placement of the Red Line so that the wind would carry it where it needed to end."

He followed up with an installation at the Salton Sea, an environmental disaster in progress in California's Coachella and Imperial Valleys as part of the Deborah Martin Exhibition "The Salton Sea- Lost in Paradise" at the Marks Art Center in Palm Desert, CA.

The Red Line Project art work is currently on exhibit at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art until the end of May.

Video: San Luis Obispo Museum of Art documented the California projects.

"Elements" - a group show in Los Angeles, opened this past Saturday and continues until June 20th.
Doron's work represents wind and air.

An outdoor installation of the Red Line in a Los Angeles area park is in the works - keep your eyes open this summer!        

"The fast success of Doron's work in the art world is very indicative of the timely relevance of his message. Furthermore Doron's dimensional inflatables give us a lot of creative freedom in event design. We have used them for many looks, such as these "ice flowers" for a winter event. I'd love to wrap a building and really get the communities' attention drawn to Doron's environmental art. 90% of California are still in a state of drought, even after the El Niño winter. We are not out of the woods and water use restrictions remain in place. It would be wonderful to blend art-with-a-message and event design."


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