Monday, December 6, 2010

We Say It With Music: Happy Holidays From Your Friends At EventWorks!

Dear Friends,
With the help of our DJ friend Matt Cornwall, we have produced our second annual verbal and musical greetings, sharing our most treasured family traditions, memories and recipes and our favorite tunes to celebrate the Season.
Please CLICK to enjoy the music.
Wishing You All The Best!
Love and Peace!
Janet , Ted, Chris, Katie, Dee, Melissa, Selena, Carolyn and Paige
and all Your Friends at EventWorks

DJ Matt Cornwall is known internationally for his outstanding work spinning records at events for clients such as star photographer David LaChapelle, R&B star Macy Gray, Starwood Hotels, Warner Bros., Fox, and of course... EventWorks! For more information about Matt, visit


Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Are Happy To Announce 3 Nominations for TSE Gala Awards!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
We are very proud, happy and thankful to share good news: our hard work on the 
Amway China Gala Dinner series has been recognized with nominations in 
three categories for Special Events' GALA AWARDS.

      Special Events Advisory Board Names 2010 Gala Nominees:
EventWorks, Los Angeles
"Amway China Gala Dinner"

EventWorks, Los Angeles, Calif.
"Amway China Gala Dinner"

"Amway China Gala Dinner"

For a complete list of all nominees, please click to link to Special Events' website.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Janet has become a "Shop-Anthropist"

We found out a while ago through"5in5" in Best Events Magazine that Janet and her friend Heather supported a Lao monk's studies.
We are very happy to report this update:
Sompheng has graduated successfully and he is now a full time employee at a large hotel in 
Luang Prabang, Laos.
Janet: "I am really really pleased that Heather and I could play a role in Sompheng's life. Conditions in his country are so much more difficult than here that without some assistance it is nearly impossible to escape the cycle of poverty."

Sompheng and Janet now stay in touch via email. 
Janet - who started her work career as a elementary school teacher in a tough neighborhood in Chicago - has found a new way to assist youth worldwide.
"My friend Corine Couwenberg came up with a fabulous idea called Shop-Anthropy. Corine's company creates and manages online shopping+giving. Basically it means that while you shop online you generate donations through corporate gifting programs from the retailers for a charity of your choice. I downloaded the EZ Shopper Widget for GAVI Alliance to my internet browser. Now, every time I shop online funds are being raised to help GAVI wih their mission of providing access to vaccines to children in Third World and developing countries. 
I am excited about ShopAnthropy because it allows any person who shops online to become a ShopAnthropist and raise funds without spending any of their own money. 
In this economy we can still be philanthropic at no cost to us. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

How To Celebrate A Centennial? EventWorks at U.S.Grant

How do you honor and celebrate the
of an iconic hotel?
 EventWorks was charged with
creating special elements to honor and
celebrate the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego.

We decided to span and honor the century by
including historic figures, location, art,
memorable events and interactive entertainment
to create a decor and ambiance worthy of the
iconic hotel in Downtown San Diego.


Three aspects were transformed into Living Portraits.

Capturing a Presidential Moment 

History was made nearly 50 years when
Senator John F. Kennedy made his speech for presidential candidacy from the 
balcony of THE US GRANT.
As a nod to the hotel’s presidential history, 
a living replica of the historic moment stood before hotel guests celebrating
THE US GRANT’S 100th year anniversary last weekend.

A Living Interpretation of the Primrose Centerpiece
Artist: Native American Artist, David Montour
Since its re-opening in October 2006, the Grand Lobby has featured a stunning 4-foot tall, white bronze centerpiece depicting a woman emerging from water with three primrose flowers. The centerpiece, honoring the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation’s correlation to THE US GRANT from ancestry to ownership, was brought to life during the celebration, as a life-sized replica of the centerpiece stood to be observed by guests roaming the lobby.

Ulysses S. Grant:  War Hero, 18th President 
Namesake of this Fine Hotel
Artist:  Urban Lawrence Gray
An artistic representation of the circa-1900 oil on canvas portrait of 
Ulysses S. Grant has graced the Grand Staircase of THE US GRANT since its opening. 
The portrait now hangs in the hotel’s lower level foyer.


We also used Ted Bowers' 1911 Cadillac as a decoration in the lobby 
and deployed many stroller performers in period costumes 
spanning the century in custom costumes. 
Guests ate from buffets offering historical menu items and 
sipped Aged Manhattans, specifically barrel-aged cocktails for this event.

A huge thank you to our friends at E Plus Productions and 
Living World Entertainment/Key Artist Group, 
and to the US GRANT for having us!

Thank you for reading!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ted's Passion: The Permanent RM Auction Site in Auburn, IN

You may have noticed that there is little news from Ted Bowers on the blog.
There are really two reasons. 1. Ted is always working on productions and 2. and foremost, Ted is definitely the strong, silent type. More Gary Cooper than Quentin Tarantino!
But we finally have Ted News! Classic cars are Ted's passion. This past summer he realized a dream for EventWorks' client RM Auctions: 
the construction of a permanent auction block in Auburn, Indiana.

The Auctions America by RM Auction Block - Labor Day Weekend 2010

Ted: "RM purchased the 225-acre Kruse International Auction Park to create their first permanent auction site in the United States. Once the transaction was completed we had 45 days to transform the stage from concept to the new auction block. We started with this original."

and helped to create this dream.

45 days for a permanent installation is a very quick turnaround. At the same time, RM was creating the new brand for this event. We were starting from scratch. Thankfully, we have a long relationship with RM so we know what look, feel and quality they expect.
However, putting up a stage set for a weekend-long event is very different from building a permanent structure. This auction block has to look as good as new 10 years from now. In terms of construction it is more like building a house. We started with the existing structure but retrofitted and redesigned it completely. The structures, hardware and materials were chosen for longevity. Building something that will be there for decades was very satisfying!"

Ted's passion for cars started a long time ago. Ted's father collected classic cars and Ted grew up loving them.

This is his 1911 Cadillac! Mrs. Ted Bowers - Celeste - and Ted the proud drivers as their car was awarded "First in Class" in Pebble Beach. 
Ted: "My father originally purchased this car at the age of 15 from a junk yard and restored it. I recently re-restored the car and still have it today. We also have a 1911 Pope Hartford my father found in a barn in Porterville, CA, in the forties.
We have lots of fun with a new addition to the collection, a Ford Woodie."

A California Dream!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our "Gigantic Gala" Made It Into Special Events Magazine

We are happy to share that Special Events' current issue features our "Gigantic Gala".

Gratefully yours!
Your Friends from EventWorks

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brand New Floral Designer - Brand New Design!

Drum roll please! We are happy to present our new
floral designer, Kate Brack!
Kate joined the EventWorks team during the month of May and she and her
Boston Terrier, Beatrice have quickly become part of our office family!

Kate arrived from New York a year ago where she already had extensive
work experience in the event business. "My husband and I had long
dreamed of living in California. He secured a job and we made the
decision to make the leap. I was working as a lead designer at Floral
Art on Abbot Kinney in Venice but was missing the fast paced, creative
environment of the event design world. Then I heard that EventWorks was
looking for a designer and the rest is history!"

So what gets a New Yorker to dream about the left coast?
Kate: "Actually, the beauty of the California coastline has long been an
inspiration for my designs. There is so much variety in the local
vegetation, from fresh cut blooms to native plants, the landscapes in
California are like no other!
I am also really excited to be here because it is easier to explore and
discover new trends.
So many creative design ideas originate in Los
It did not take Kate long to start a new trend! "Like many designers, I
have long incorporated plants and succulents into my designs. On a
recent trip to the market I was inspired by the silvery, mystical shape
of the air plant. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate living
things into my centerpieces as a way of moving towards a "greener"
future for tabletop design."

Air plants are great from the organic aspect. They are versatile and
offer up alternative styling options for tablescapes because they don't
need to be placed in a container. Better yet, they can be repurposed to
your home or backyard after the event!

"People are being inspired by the otherworldly right now. Think Tim
Burton's Alice in Wonderland or Avatar. The look has a hint of mystery
and a sprinkle of goth. Airplants are the perfect topping."

You can reach Kate at EventWorks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Planes, Trains and Ferries - Katie's Misadventure in New York

Let me reassure you all, I am back in Los Angeles and I did not get into major trouble! I have been on the road a lot and - of course - I have adventure tales to share.
My last production was a wonderful affair on the venerable Ellis Island. To the left here you see a warning to visitors about the high security conditions that apply to all visits to the monument. Well, I am not a tourist so I was busily working away with my American collaborators to put this event together. Obviously, we were bringing in all the necessary equipment by truck. Mind you, you get stopped at something of a border before you cross the bridge to Ellis Island! Those of you who have heard me know that I sport an Australian accent. I have an American husband and a green card. I just don't customarily travel domestically with passport and green card, just my California driver license. I got stopped! And questioned! And politely asked to please take the ferry with all the other foreign visitors so that I could be properly searched before accessing the island. My worries about showing up late were unfounded - I took the ferry and got to enjoy the approach by water like so many immigrants before me. I am happy to report that 1) I am really legal and 2) the event was a very elegant and beautiful affair that went off without any other mishaps.

And since I am in "sharing mode": I had a wonderful time in Boca Raton, Florida. We produced a large company event in a beautiful location and everything went really well. No mishaps, no passport needed but I just want to shout out and say THANK YOU to all my collaborators for making this event wonderful!

Katie Rogers
Director of Sales

Monday, April 12, 2010

Janet: Up In The Air Over Los Angeles

"I did not suspect anything until about 2 hours before we took off. My husband Steve had arranged the flight as a birthday and anniversary surprise and he had kept it completely hush-hush. Then he got the confirmation phone call about the departure time while I was sitting next to him."

"Steve hired Adventure Helicopter Tours to celebrate our special weekend.
Our birthdays and our anniversary happen on three consecutive days at the end of March. And I did not organize it that way so that it would be only a one-event-production! When we got married I was a teacher in a rough part of Chicago and I had no idea I would end up in the event industry in Los Angeles."

"Flying over our city was a beautiful experience. We had the perfectly clear Spring day. Here a view of Hollywood including our client Starwood's new W Hotel."

"It was the first time I got this overview of Downtown. We work here a lot but you never get to see it so serenely calm from the air."

"As usual, I could not help myself. Landing spots everywhere. Now that's an idea for a really impressive grand entrance to an event!"

Janet Elkins

Copyright all photos: Steve Elkins, March 2010.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Invite from Melissa: Come On Down To Our Hood!

By the time this gets published, I will be "Down Under" with my husband and daughter visiting our Australian family and friends. But rest assured, I will be back on April 12th.

While talking with some business friends recently, I realized that many of you rarely visit our offices. It probably seems like an industrial area, our offices are part of a large warehouse building. Actually, you'd be amazed at the attractions around here! I was when I started at EventWorks five years ago.

So let me take you on a tour of my favorite places.

You are seeing correctly! Meet our neighbors from down the street: El Fig Stables. 2000 horses and lots of urban cowboys. El Fig has been here since the 50ties, long before gangs and crime gave South Central a bad name. The stables rescue many young people from street life. You'd never expect this in the hood but according to Keyon, the young cowboy in the photos, there are three ranches around here! I just love the aspect of rural Wild West in the middle of the city. What a beautiful surprise!

Most important to me, though: FOOD! I am a self-confessed foodie. We usually don't have time for long lunches so we take turns running off to get take-out. The guys all love Fabulous Burger No. 11 on Gardena Blvd. They do make everything fresh from good ingredients. I love their French fries. They are crisp and not greasy and spiced with a secret seasoning salt.
We all shop with a passion at Guiliano's Delicatessen. Everything is delicious and their bread rolls are outstanding.

Some of our business friends and vendors are right around the corner. Here our friends Jason and Rodney Carr from Softline. The brothers started the textile business 10 years ago and supply us with amazing looking linens. According to Rodney the company grew from a little shop with two brothers to a large warehouse complex with 90 employees because they a) really love what they do b) offer great product at great prices (we can confirm that part) and c) treat their employees really well so the company is young, hip, cool and stable. They do a great job at showing their merchandise online but we can just hop over there and have a look at the linens in person. And in the process of preparing my faves-in-the-hood list I found out that Rodney did not know Guiliano's, yet, even though he loves Italian food.

Last but not least my shopping tip: Z Gallery's Outlet! Up to 70 per cent off their furniture and decorative items! Hardly anybody knows! Open only Tuesday -Friday from Noon to 4PM and Saturday 11AM to 3PM.

Click all the links and come visit! I'll take you on a tour of the hood.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Janet Elkins Answers "5 in 5" in Best Events Magazine

We are happy to share the recent article "5 in 5 with Janet Elkins" from Best Events Magazine.
"It is always an honor to be invited" exclaims Janet about the opportunity to answer five questions in five minutes that appeared on page 10.
We know Janet thinks about business a lot.
But who knew that Janet and friend Heather "adopted" a Lao monk two and a half years ago during a trip to South East Asia?! Janet and Heather sponsor his English, business and accounting education and help him get a job in a hotel.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Janet Elkins Joins The Blogging World

It took some convincing and encouraging but we are happy to report that Janet has overcome her aversion to new media. You now find Janet on Facebook and on the newly launched industry blog "The Strategic Business Value Of Meetings And Events" where she guest blogs to share her insider knowledge of the event industry.
Janet: "I was not always convinced that I needed to join in with all these new means of communication. But in the long run it is unavoidable. Luckily my husband and son are both very technically adept so I got secret training at home. It's a brand new world but I am excited to participate. I could not turn down Ed Graziano's kind invitation to join my esteemed colleagues on the Corporate Event Interactive Blog and I will be happy to share the blog on The News From EventWorks as well."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Touch Down! The Best SuperBowl Experience Thanks To Plan-It.

The Touch Down Dance

We love to include exciting experiences in events that involve the guests at a higher level. Why just stand there and watch if you can actually participate and experience an event as your own activity! Our friends at Plan-It Interactive are in touch with their inner child. They have the best ideas and the best equipment to create a virtual play world.
SuperBowl is upon us. All guys are indulging their inner Peyton Manning. So how do we create the best football experience without actually becoming Quarterbacks?

Jason Soporito: "We had enormous success with our Virtual Field Goal Kicking Game for a booth at the NFL Experience. Fans could not get enough of it and it was played for a full week before the real game. Players kicked the ball into the field and sensors were reading speed, velocity and trajectory to let you know how well you scored. The environment we created allowed fans of all ages to participate which was important because football is loved by men and women of all ages. With thousands of people attending the event we really needed something that created fun and excitement for everyone…even those who just watched."

Jason: "Here is another picture of the Touchdown Celebration Competition we created. We recorded each participant’s touchdown performance while we had commentators there discussing the dance moves, making jokes and getting crowd feedback. We used the monitors to replay each participant’s touchdown dance and question them on some hilarious moves. This was another activity that was great for all ages and offered fun for those participating or watching!"

The Field Goal

Plan-It offers an enormous variety of interactive gaming options that allow the creation of an interactive and fun atmosphere for any event.
You can contact Plan-It Interactive locally in Southern California at (310) 642 0929.
See them online at:

Have fun on Sunday, February 7!

All Photo Copyrights: Plan-It Interactive.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Visit With Brad Sherman from The Social Graces

We are starting off the new year with lots of energy and many good resolutions. We definitely want to keep you informed and entertained with our blog so we already thought about some really interesting stories, not always necessarily about ourselves.
We will bring you a series of "Visits" with people and places we admire and appreciate.

Our first "victim" is our friend and collaborator Brad Sherman from The Social Graces who graciously agreed to let us write about him. We chose Brad because we admire what he does for a living and how he does it! His work would be worthy of a Travel Channel show!

His company, The Social Graces, designs and creates invitations, award statues, event collateral and corporate gifts. That sounds pretty dry but click "corporate gifts" on their website and say "a-Ha!" There it is, Around the World and Eco-Friendly!

Part of Brad's work life are two annual trips around the globe to visit his artist friends in Africa, Asia, Italy and France to come up with new ideas and designs. All this schmoozing and traveling for the good cause of coming up with incredibly beautiful and unique art objects for corporate gifting.
Brad: "Many of our items come from Asia but nothing is mass-produced in China. I have been traveling for many years to visit longtime friends in the arts and to find new emerging arts and crafts people whose work we can bring back to the United States."

Once he returns with a suitcase full of samples and photos, The Social Graces creates a catalogue that gets mailed to Fortune 500 companies. Since the items are not mass-produced the turn-around from ordering to receiving can take up to six months depending on country of origin, type of art object and quantity required.

Some objects can only be made in fairly exclusive numbers.
Brad Sherman: "The capacity varies. It ranges anywhere from 50 to 1000 pieces but that is pretty much the extent of an order that can be filled."

The recession has naturally affected corporate gifting. "Currently, most orders come in for awards and recognition pieces. But we do keep traveling and sourcing so that we will have everything available once business picks back up.

While The Social Graces also offers the less impacted printing service, Brad feels a strong sense of compassion and responsibility towards his friends in far away places.
In order to be able to keep them working, his company is now making many art objects available for sale online at Your chance to pick up unique gifts much below gallery prices!

Contact Information:

Brad Sherman, President
The Social Graces, Inc.
7139 Woodley Avenue
Van Nuys, California 91406

(T) 818.783.3303 x 203
(F) 818.783.1982